MOH (UAE) Homeopathy

MOH UAE TCAM Question Papers

 Five Question Papers of MOH UAE Alternative medicine Examinations Instructions: 1) This examination paper consists of 9 pages and 100 questions. Please Check that you have all the pages. 2) Write your Examination Number on […]

United Arab Emirates

Homeopathy Practice Guidelines at UAE

No person is allowed to practice Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the UAE, without prior permission from the UAE Health Regulatory Authorities Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioners should abide by the following rules: The Complementary […]

United Arab Emirates

Prospects of Homoeopathy in UAE

Dr.Abdul Gafar BHMS UAE Government approved practice of Homoeopathy in the country in the beginning of 2001. A separate section was established under UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) for Complementary and Alternative Medicines. A qualifying […]