CCRH invites Expression of interest in collaborative research

Research (1)Central Council of Homoeopathy New Delhi under the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and family Welfare  Govt. of India invites expression of interest from interested organisations/Scientists affiliated to reputed Organisations to undertake basic, fundamental and high quality research in Homoeopathy in collaboration with CCRH in the following areas

1. Fundamental/Basic research

2. Clinical research

3. Veterinary research

4. Drug development and standardisation

5. Agro Homoeopathy

Details are available at

Send Completed application to

The Director General
Central Council of Research in Homoeopathy
61-65 Institutional Area,Opp. D Block
Janakpuri. New Delhi.110058

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  1. Comparison of the attributes of existing potencies

    Centesimal scale

    1. These potencies as said contain too much large (?) a dose of the medicinal substance to be employed as a remedy, especially, in the very low attenuations; namely, 1c to 12c etc., thus, they aggravate; otherwise, these are very fine for the acute disorders. But, if they do not put into play as per footnotes 133-4 of the aphorism §246-7, they always aggravate and confuse the situation.
    2. The lower potencies of substances in this scale have extremely low magnitude naño energy or potential thereof, which is extremely necessary for the medicinal memories to penetrate deep into the core of life; so that they offer extremely superficial plane of action and rather shorter duration of amelioration; especially, when they utilized in the chronic disorders. So the hyper-activated substances at lower magnitude neither reaches to the mental level nor stimulate expressions thereon, due to above reason, nor do they affect expressivity of the genes to a great extent. They don’t offer lasting relief or with the help of such lower potencies alone the causes of manifestations cannot be wholly de-rooted.
    3. On account of comprising higher magnitude naño energy sowed within these medicines and potentialities thereof, the higher to highest range of these potencies offer too much profound stimulations to the contributory mutant genes of corresponding sickened individual entity. Consequently, they competently ameliorate expressions of the chronic diseases using several body mechanisms and eliminate manifestations thereof very effectively. But, if they do not given as per footnotes 133-4 of the aphorisms §246-7, they always severely aggravate and confuse the cases.
    4. During the course of medication with higher to highest range of potencies, the fatal consequences may often appear in chronic sufferer of the diseases. The circumstances may often become grave, if such medicinal operations will be kept ongoing uncontrolled, without any proper antidote in due time.
    50 millesimal scale

    1. Even if these potencies have quite immeasurable amount of the substance, the minute dose; yet, besides aggravation in manifestations of the disease they also produce manifestations of Sac. l.. Since potentialities of the Sac. l. always remain present within LM potencies; the expressions provoked by Sac. l. unknowingly get mingled with the existent natural expressions of the disease and unnecessarily complicate the condition of patient. Thus, in long run, if they oft repeated, they may prove hazardous to the patient and fatal consequences may appear undoubtedly.
    2. These potencies are only available in low magnitude, that is to say, 0/1 to 0/30 level of hyper-activation. So that, in want of high magnitude, despite infinitesimal form of the doses, they operate superficially. They may superficially eliminate expressions of the acute diseases; but, if the expressions stimulated by Sac. l. do not get mingled with the natural expressions of disease and complicate the case. I found that the expressions of chronic disorders can’t be wholly de-rooted with the help of these potencies alone; which can apparently be eliminated with little effort with those medicines that have higher magnitude in other scale.
    3. On account of restrictions of the Govt. and control over preparation procedure and production of the Homœopathic medicines; which is though against the dictas of ‘Organon’, described by Hahnemann himself, there is no higher range of potencies available in the market to practice Homœopathy. On account of same reason, as such nobody can prepare or test-out any medicine openly; thus, the progress and advancement in this most unprivileged faculty of the medical science has restrained unnecessarily and already fallen short faculty of the medicine is going to be extinct in the absence of testified research work.
    4. These potencies if employed in the chronic cases, instead ameliorating sufferings of the patient they also aggravate. But, unlike centesimal scale, the aggravations would be of comparatively lesser in magnitude and extent. Possibly after a little bit transient mitigation of the original expressions of disease, they may also come back again. It means that, as has claimed, the long-lasting amelioration in expressions of the disease or elimination cannot be bring into effect.

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