Deceptive ‘Homoeopathy Specialists’ in India

specialists_homeNow a days some Homoeopathy doctors displaying many additional qualifications in their board and prescription which are not approved by the CCH or State Medical Registrars.

Many of the clinics especially clinic chains using ‘Specialist doctor’ board’ – as Homoeopathic Cancer specialist, Homoeopathic cardiologist, Homoeopathic endocrinologist, Infertility specialist etc. in their cabin, premises and advertisements and even putting board as Homoeopathic Research Centre or Cancer Hospital.

According to Central Council of Homoeopathy (CCH)
Claiming to be a specialist without having put on substantial number of years of study and experience in the subject concerned or without possessing a special qualification in the branch concerned is illegal. [Source]

As per law all doctors using unregistered degrees or additional qualification of any specialty with their names which are not registered with Registrar, will be dealt with strict disciplinary action.

As per central and state acts all registered practitioners have been advised to write only those qualifications against their names which have been duly registered by the Council/State Registrar in their registration certificate on the board and prescription.

According to Kerala TCM Council
No person shall add to his name any title, letters or abbreviations which imply that he hold a degree, diploma, licence or certificates as his qualification to practice any of the systems unless approved by the concerned central council or state medical registrar.[Source]

Positive side but illegal
This is a good means to attract patients who always want a specialist doctor rather than a general practitioner.

Now a days they are in search for super specialist doctors even for minor ailments like throat pain coryza etc.

More over patients may get an idea about the types and variety of Homoeopathy treatment available at your clinic or hospital.


  1. Right decision by authorities though very late.
    But who will bell THE CAT (multi – chain clinics). Put the defaulters behind the bar as early as possible. It will give good face to the system.
    Let us hope for the best from our new govt.

  2. Such false degrees are being given under very nose of the authorities there are so called institution who are imparting these , they are not only fooling the lay person but young Homoeopath coming out of the colleges.
    Homoeoapthic system at Ayush has one drug inspector in most of the states, these could be corrected by our associations IIHP /HMAI, in fact each state should be having more than 3-4 association

  3. It is right not to write any deceptive degree or qualifications after the name of a qualified doctor. It is also a matter of fact, there are many fake homoeo doctors with fake homoeo degrees practicing throughout the country illegally and their numbers are increasing day by day. These are the challenges of qualified legal practitioners specially private practitioners. It is necessary to take legal steps against these fake homoeo doctors to secure the profession. Homoeopathic Medical Association should provoke the administration in this regard.

  4. By writing a positive comment on the last part, are you supporting this kind of absurdity…?
    This kind of conduct by RMP’s are regarded as professional misconduct, moreover this is a kind of fraud.. Misleading patients and cheating them by RMP ‘s may be challenged by Consumer Protection Act

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