Hair Problems answered with Homoeopathy Book review

Hair Problems answered with Homoeopathy Book review

Author Dr Shivakumar K

Book review by Dr Mansoor Ali KR

Hair problems answered with Homoeopathy is a complete handbook of trichology and homoeopathy by Dr Shivakumar BHMS, MD (Hom). Which is the first reliable and authentic book in homoeopathy that covers the major hair disorders with general and homoeopathic management.

Currently trichology is a fast developing but expensive field, but the fact is that majority of the hair disorders can be easily and permanently managed with homoeopathy and there is no recurring expenditure.

This book covers anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of hair, investigations, diagnosis of different types of alopecia and effective management of dandruff, premature greyness, hirsutism, and evaluation of hair fall. There are interesting sections like, cosmetic tips, latest developments in the field of trichology, syndromes that include hair abnormalities, interpretation of findings in alopecia and differential diagnosis of alopecia by investigations.

He also incorporated findings of “A study on alopecia aerata and its Homoeopathic management” which was conducted  at Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College Calicut during his postgraduation.

Dr Shivakumar tried his level best to include detailed homoeopathic therapeutics, miasmatic approach and a concise repertory abstract of various disorders related to hair that will be a great help and support to practitioners of homoeopathy.

Major Chapters 

  1. Anatomy of skin
  2. Embryology of hair
  3. Anatomy and physiology of hair
  4. Basic types of hair
  5. Biochemistry of hair
  6. Hair colour
  7. Different categories of hair
  8. Alopecia and its classification
  9. Congenital alopecia
    10. Telogen effl uvium
  10. Anagen effl uvium
  11. Androgenetic alopecia
  12. Alopecia areata
  13. Scarring or cicatricial alopecia
  14. Alopecia in chemotherapy
  15. Interpretation of fi ndings in alopecia
  16. Differential diagnosis by investigations
  17. Homoeopathic therapeutics of alopecia
  18. Therapeutic materia medica of alopecia
  19. Miasmatic interpretation of alopecia
  20. Dandruff
  21. Premature graying (canities)
  22. Head lice
  23. Split ends
  24. Hirsutism
  25. Syndromes that include abnormalities of the hair
  26. Evaluation off hair falling and general management
  27. Nutrition and hair
  28. Homoeopathic approach
  29. Cured clinical cases

xvi Hair Care and Homoeopathy

  1. Repertory on hair and its disorders
  2. Advanced investigations in trichology
  3. Hair care
  4. Hair cosmetics
  5. Testimonials from celebrities
  6. A study conducted on alopecia areata

The author had gone through the major standard dermatology literatures and websites to collect authentic literature about hair disorders.

The book also reveals advanced clinical investigations to arrive a t correct diagnosis and follow up – since trichology is not simply applying medicine externally and giving internally.

Miasmatic interpretation of different types of hair disorders and proper remedial measures also included.

The chapter on evaluation of hair falling and management deals with common conditions which lead to hair falling and suitable nutrients that promote hair growth.

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