Homeopathic Education in Pakistan

Prof. Dr  Mahmood Ahmad
Dean Faculty of Pharmacy and Alrternative Medicines.
Email : drmahwish_834@yahoo.com

Firstly in Pakistan the only course available is diploma program with the name of DHMS (Diploma in Homoeopathic Medical Sciences) comprises tenure of four years in Urdu as medium of teaching in private institutions monitored and regulated by national homeopathy council, the supreme council of state for profession of homeopathy. Later on Peshawar University started a two year degree program which is replica of the program already stated in Indian universities.

After considering the importance of this profession, the Islamia University Bahawalpur started a two year condense degree program in year 2000 on experimental basis and in order to full fill the needs of homeopathy experts in society as well as in industry. After realizing the facts, IUB extended this program to four years fulltime degree course named as BHMS in the year 2002 (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medical Sciences). After this, four years course is extended to five years course in the year 2004 to make it compatible with international standards of education and as per guidelines by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.

The Islamia University, Bahawalpur is the only public sector university in Pakistan which is offering a full time five years degree course and one year house job is integral part of the degree. The department of homeopathy is well equipped with all types of necessary facilities which can make this department a prestigious homeopathy department.

B.H.M.S Degree program has been recognized by Federal Government of Pakistan and Degree Holders of B.H.M.S students can apply to NCH for Registration to practice in clinical settings.

There are a lot of opportunities for B.H.M.S graduates to join Higher studies like M.Phil and P.hD in any Medical Discipline.

Job opportunities

B.H.M.S graduates of this university are working in Government & Private sectors and are performing efficiently and effectively to meet the requirements of Clinical challenges and are Promoting Homoeopathic way of treatment among the Pakistani community.
They are working in BPS-17 grade in Pharma-industries and BPS-18 Grade in Government Teaching Institutes all over the Pakistan.

An OPD (Outdoor Patient Dispensary) is set up within the department run by Qualified Homoeopathic Doctors and Consultants successfully. A number of patients are the regular visitors of this OPD, which proves the efficiency of staff members involved in its day to day business. It also shows the trust of patients in homeopathic way of treatment.

Number of patients of following problems have been cured by Homoeopathic Medicines successfully under this Free OPD with limited resources in khwaja freed railway campus, university college of conventional medicine ,faculty of pharmacy and alternative medicines, the islamia university of bahawalpur:

In this OPD patients of Psychiatric Disorders also cured by Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis along with Homoeopathic Medicines.
This OPD also give opportunity to the community for “Personality Assessment”, & IQ level under Qualified Homoeopathic Physicians and Consultants.

Courses Outlines:
Paper 1 Anatomy–I = 100
Paper 2 Physiology–I = 100
Paper 3 Biochemistry–I = 100
Paper 4 Philosophy of Homeopathy-I = 100
Paper 5 Computer = 60
Paper 6 Islamic Studies/Ethical Behavior = 100
Pakistan Studies
Paper 7 English = 100
Paper 8. Anatomy–I = 100
Paper 9. Physiology–I = 100
Paper 10. Biochemistry–I = 100
Paper 11. Computer = 40
Total = 1000

Paper 1. Anatomy–II = 100
Paper 2. Physiology–II = 100
Paper 3. Biochemistry–II = 100
Paper 4. Philosophy of Homeopathy-II = 100
Paper 5. Pharmacognosy–I = 100
Paper 6. Materia Medica-I =
Paper 7. Anatomy–II = 100
Paper 8. Physiology–II = 100
Paper 9. Biochemistry–II = 100
Paper 10. Pharmacognosy–I = 100
Total = 1000

Paper 1. Pathology = 100
Paper 2. Microbiology & Parasitology = 100
Paper 3. Bioinformatics = 50
Paper 4. Materia Medica–II = 100
Paper 5. Pharmacognosy–II = 100
Paper 6. Philosophy of Homeopathy –III= 100
Paper 7. Bioinformatics = 50
Paper 8. Microbiology & Parasitology = 100
Paper 9. Materia Medica–II = 100
Paper 10. Pharmacognosy–II = 100
Paper 11. Pathology = 100
Total = 1000

Paper 1 Gynecology & Obstetrics -I =100
Paper 2 Ophthalmology & E.N.T =100
Paper 3 Homoeopathic Pharmacy =100
Paper 4 Materia Medica-III =100
Paper 5 Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry =100
Paper 6 Homoeopathic Therapeutics-I =100
Paper 7 Preventive & Community Medicine =100
Paper 8 Gynecology & Obstetrics-I =100
Paper 9 Homoeopathic Pharmacy =100
Paper 10 Materia Medica-III (Viva-voce) =100
Paper 11 Ophthalmology & E.N.T =100
Paper 12 Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry =100
Total Marks= 1200

Paper 1 Clinical Methods & Diagnostics =100
Paper 2 Case Taking & Repertorization =100
Paper 3 Materia Medica-IV =100
Paper 4 Homoeopathic Therapeutics-II =100
Paper 5 Forensic Medicine & Toxicology =100
Paper 6 Pediatrics =100
Paper 7 Surgery (theory 60+prac. 40) =100
Paper 8 Clinical Methods & Diagnostics =100
Paper 9 Gynecology & Obstetrics – II =100
Paper 9 Case Taking & Repertorization =100
Paper 10 Materia Medica-IV (Viva-voce) =100
Paper 11 Gynecology & Obstetrics – II =100
Total =1200

Seats & Admission Criteria:

Internship/House job:
• The academic studies are followed by one year of compulsory internship in hospital attached or affiliated with U.C.C.M.
• At present internship is done in Rafi Qamar Hospital, Bahawalpur

Academic Annual Planner:

  • Start of Session October
  • Welcome Party December
  • One Day Tours February
  • Qirat, Naat Competition March
  • Sports Day April
  • Farewell Party May
  • Study Tour for Plant Collection May
  • Final Examination August
  • Supplementary Exams March

Teaching Aids
White Boards
Overhead Projectors

• Laboratories
• Class Room Aids
• Library
• Computer Lab
• Prayer Room
• Girls Common Room
• Cafeteria
• Students Driven Societies & Discussion Forums
• Sampling Room
• Animal House

Total no. of titles available : 820
Total no. of books available : 3820
Computers with Internet Facility.
Peaceful environment for study.
Internet Facility
Sufficient books available on various disciplines of B.H.M.S.

Hostel Facilities:
Abu-Bakr hostel in Abassia campus for boys
Johar Hall on Rafi Qumar Road
Rabia hall in Abassia campus for girls
Ayesha Hall in Baghdad-ul-jaded campus

Faculty Development Program.
Commencement of M. Phil. and Ph.D. Degree Programs.
Efforts to make Teaching Hospital for indoor and outdoor treatments.
To organize conference of national and international standards.
To establish a Quality Control Lab for Homoeopathic Formulations.
To develop and maintain research of international standards.

Written and prepared by:
H/Dr. Mahwish Nosheen
H/Dr. Ahmad Tauseef Nauman

There are 2 Universities awarding BHMS level degrees in Pakistan:

1. Islamia University Bahawalpur :    www.iub.edu.pk

2. University of Peshawar :   http://www.upesh.edu.pk/ 

Moreover there are also affiliated colleges, helping to provide education at BHMS level. You may find a list here:

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