Homeopathy Research Institute Projects Published

research8It has been a busy time for our projects with many nearing completion and giving rise to to high quality publications. For example, Dr Robert Mathie’s programme of systematic reviews has published latest meta-analysis findings of non-individualised homeopathy and Dr Petter Viksveen’s clinical trial of homeopathy in self-reported depression. HRI is committed to supporting high quality research in homeopathy and we are delighted to see that our projects are bearing such high calibre fruit. For full details of the projects that HRI supports and for more information on the ways that you can support them

We are currently supporting a range of projects both in the UK and overseas, either by providing academic support, financial support or both. These projects are in line with our overall research strategy and cover three key areas:

More details : https://www.hri-research.org/hri-research/

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