Journal of Medicine and the Person -Homeopathy and integrative medicine

Journal of Medicine and the Person -Homeopathy and integrative medicine: keeping an open mind

Some physicians have incorporated some forms of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) or related medicinal products in their clinical practices, suggesting that an unconventional treatment approach might be seen as an integration rather than as an alternative to standard medical practice.

Among the various CAMs, homeopathy enjoys growing popularity with the lay population, but it is not acknowledged by academia or included in medical guidelines.

The major problem is to establish the effectiveness of this clinical approach using the strict criteria of evidence-based medicine.

This issue of the Journal of Medicine and the Person collects contributions from some of the most prestigious centers and research groups working in the field of homeopathy and integrative medicine. These contributions are not specialized information but are of general interest, focusing on this discipline as one of the emerging fields of personalized medical treatment.

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