MD Homoeopathy Entrance Examinations in India

Dr K R Mansoor Ali MD (Hom)

Remember that there is no magic formula for success in a PSC exam. Good preparation, judicious application of common sense and self-confidence are the key factors that will help us in a competitive exam.

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion you must set yourself on fire”

Remember the famous words of swami Chinmayananda : “ You cannot get into the ocean without getting wet, you cannot get into the fire with out getting hot”.

Various PG institutions offering excellent higher education opportunities for young homoeopaths through their  PG Entrance examination. Selected candidates will be posted in concerned homoeopathic Medical Colleges with a monthly stipend of Rs.10,000/- 40,000 or above. Candidates from all over India can compete for these exam.

It  is high time for the aspirants to fine tune their strategy. We have opened a war room especially to guide candidates regarding the methodology of preparation. We have published here study materials, previous Question papers & Model Question paper for the examination. The war room will be managed by efficient faculty who cracked various examinations including MD Entrance. Candidates can contact with faculty who compiled the materials through mail or phone. It will be a unique opportunity for the aspirants to clear their doubts and to discuss how to prepare.

Dear friends the war is ahead…the war to cross.  We are living in an era of tough competition. Unless & until you have a well planned strategy you will miss the target. So sharpen the instruments In your armoury and be prepared for the final war to triumph in the examination… Thousands are appearing for the examination and from that a few will be called for interview. In previous occasions candidates amounting to 5-10 times of the reported vacancies were interviewed. The experiences of the author as well as many selected candidates show that you should have 200 or above correct answer out of 300 questions to get a call for interview depending on the examinations.

Analysis of previous question papers show that questions were asked from all the subjects of B.H.M.S course. But maximum questions are asked from Materia medica, Repertory and  Organon of medicine. So the candidates should give more time for these subjects. If you can score well in these subjects half the battle is won. But you should not  neglect other subjects also.

Plenty of MCQ type books and study materials are available especially for allied subjects. But lack of study materials is a major problem with regards to homoeopathic subjects. Students should read the authentic Text books

Previous question papers show that plenty of questions are asked from Allen’s Key notes. Candidates Should have a thorough knowledge of all medicines in Key note. Generally many questions are asked from Relationship part of the book. Candidates should recollect comparison that is given in the book. A detailed  understanding of Boericke`s materia medica is also expected. Questions regarding Common name of drugs  are also asked. Family wise study of medicine should be done. Students should know the source and family of common medicines (Clinical materia medica by Farrington & Articles regarding Family wise study given in materia medica portion of can be referred).

Questions regarding History of repertory, different repertories their philosophical background, year of publications, word meaning, grading of rubrics, Computer repertories, Card repertories are asked usually. Some rubrics with their chapters, rubrics in Kent’s repertory in which only one medicine is given are also asked

Questions regarding drug preparation, Pharmacopoea, source of drugs, rules& regulations are asked usually.

For other subjects prescribed text book of the  B.H.M.S  course can be used. MCQ questions of these subjects can be read from the post graduate entrance guides mentioned above.

This is a rough guideline for preparation that was found useful for many successful candidates.


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