Question Paper of UPSC Homoeopathy Medical Officer Exam 2014

red-question-markQuestion Paper of UPSC Homoeopathy Medical Officer Exam 2014

Here are some of the questions with probable answr

Candidates are requested to post the questions with choices and answers.

Compiled by Dr Ashish Kr Jha

1.Rubric ‘ONYX’ is found in which chapter of Kent’s Repertory.
Ans: Eye

2.Rubric ‘SYNCOPE’ is found in which chapter of Kent’s Repertory
Ans: Vertigo

3.Boger’s work Boenninghausen’s characteristics and repertory is based on the following fundamental concept:
Ans: PATHOLOGICAL GENERAL, Complete, Concordance
1. Doctrine of complete symptom and concomitant, 2. Doctrine of pathological general,3. Doctrine of causation and time, 4. Clinical rubrics, 5. Evaluation of remedies, 6. Fever totality, 7. Concordance

4.What Pulsatilla is at puberty, Graphites is at Climacteric.

5.Neuralgia pains like a long thread in face, head, neck and chest…
Ans: Allium Cepa

6.Pain in small spots, can be covered with point of finger.
Ans: Kali Bichromicum

7.Urticarial Rashes, especially after violent exercise ……
Ans: Natrum mur.

8.Leucorrhoea acrid, profuse running down the heels…worse during daytime and ameliorate by cold bathing.
Ans: Alumina

9.Pain burning stinging, sore, oedma bag like, puffy swelling under the eyes……
Ans: Apis Mel.

10. Nux Vom—-Loganiacea
Colocynthis – Cucurbitacea

11.Colic from Cucumber….
Ans: Allium Cepa

12.Bad Effects from mechanical injury with bruise ……
Ans: Sulphuric Acid

13.Rovsing’s Sign can be seen in………Pancreatitis / Appendicitis / Peritonitis
Ans: Appendicitis

14.Which of the following is not a sarcode…Adrenalinum / Cholesterinum / Medorrhinum / Thyroidinum.
Ans: Medorrhinum—-Nosode

15.Homeopathic Medicine prepared from Neem….
Ans: Azadirachta Indica

16.Mesmerism is given in which Aphorism—
Ans: Aphorism 293-294

17. How many chapters are there in the Kent’s Repertory-
Ans: 37 Chapters

18. Garth Boericke has divided symptoms into—–
Ans: Basic & Determinant.

19.‘Aggravation is quick, short and strong with rapid improvement of the patient’ is there in Kent’s Observation?
Ans: Kent’s 3rd Observation

20.Koplik’s Spot is seen in:
Ans: Measles

21.Rose spot is found in Typhoid on
3-6 Days / 7-10 days/10 -15 days/18-20 days
Ans: 7 – 10 days

22.Leucorrhoea acrid, corrosive, offensive: worse between periods; has the odour of green corn; stiffens like starch, stains the linen yellow…….
Ans: Kreosote

23.Itching without eruption:
Ans: Dolichos

24.Always better when occupied—-
Ans: Helonios

25.Match the following:
Ans: Ardent- Nux vomica
Hypocrisy- Phosphorus
Benevolence- coffea

26.Cough has a gurgling sound, as If water was being poured from a bottle. —-
Ans: Cuprum Met.

27.Drawing pain through chest from breast to scapula……
Ans: Croton tig

28.Horse Chestnut is the common name of —-
Ans: Aesculus Hip

29.Haemorrhoids blind, painful, purplish, rarely bleeding
Ans: Aesculus Hip

30.Which of the following is the symptom of Actea Racemosa—-
Chorea < Right Side
Increase of mental symptom during menses
Illusion of mouse running under her chair

31.Complaints appear diagonally ; upper left and lower right side
Ans: Agaricus Muscarius

32.Aeuthusa cynapium
Intolerance of Milk—-True
Eyes turn upward—-False
Features expressive of pain and anxiety…..True
Ans: Eyes turn Downward during epileptic spasms with clenched thumb.

33.Takes cold easily without knowing how or where; seems to take cold every time he takes a fresh breath of air. …
Ans: Tuberculinum

34.Common cause of bleeding per rectum in children
Rectal Polyp/Ulcerative Colitis/ Fissure in Ano/Piles

35.No. of carpal bones
Ans: Eight

36.Lesion in Radial nerve……
Ans: Wrist drop

37.Hahnemann classification of Intermittent disease

38.Homoeopathic aggravation….
Ans: Aphorism 157-160

39.Therapeutic law of cure:
Ans: Aphorism 29

40.‘A weaker dynamic affection……is very similar to the former in its manifestation’
Ans: Aphorism 26

41.Mesmerism is given in which Aphorism
Ans: Aphorism 293-294

42.Sand and Filtration
Ans: Water Treatment

43.Luna is a——-
Ans: Imponderabilia

44.Dimorphic Anaemia is found in ……Malaria/Kala-azar/Systosomiasis

45.Which of the following is Not a plama protein…..Feutin/Ig/Xanthine/Serulo plasmin.

46.Toothache > by cold water and cool air & Diarrhoea sudden, urging, on first rising and standing on the feet….. Natrum sulph / Coffea / Puls
Ans: Natrum sulph

47.50 millesemal potency is given in which Edition of Organon of Medicine.
Ans: 6th edition

48.Drug proving is……
Ans: Primary action

49.Ketonuria/ketosis is found in …..
High protein diet/high fat diet/DM/DI

50.A chronic autoimmune disease in which the body’s white cells destroy the exocrine glands, specifically the salivary and lacrimal glands, that produce saliva and tears, respectively.
Sjogren Syndrome/Dry eye syndrome
Ans: Sjogren Syndrome

Vertigo kneeling, ascending, menses, pregnancy

52.Koplik’s spot
Ans: Measles

53.Menses, leucorrhoea, stain the line yellow:
Ans : Kereosote

54. Rose Spot in Typhoid—-
Ans: 7to 10 days

55.A boy swim in the Pond whole day and later develop meningitis—-sarcopedes / entamoeba histolytica/other
Ans: Parasitic Meningitis —Entamoeba histolytica

56.Diabetes Mellitus?

57.1st heart sound?

58.QRS wave?

59.Atrial Systole?

Hodgkin Lymphoma/Benign Hypertrophy of Prostate/Carcinoma of Penis/

61.Dryness of tonge with thirstlessness is a
Peculiar/Uncommon/Contradictory/All of the above

62.The commonest site Pelvic Fracture is..
Ale of Illeum/ Ischial Tuberosity/Acetabullam

63.IUL- ossification –Illeum ….?

64.Hypokalaemia is deficieny of

65.Major Criteria of Rheumatic Fever
Carditis/Subcutaneous nodules/ESR/Chorea
Ans: ‘ESR’ is a minor criteria

66.Iodine in Plasma

67.Which of the following is not true in Acute Appendicitis
Tenderness & Rigidity is absent in the Rt. Iliac fossa when the appendix is retrocaecal position
Tenderness & rigidity is absent in the Rt. Iliac fossa when the appendix is pelvic position
Pain preceded by vomiting
Vomiting preceded by abdominal pain
Ans: Tenderness & Rigidity is absent in the Rt. Iliac fossa when the appendix is retrocaecal position

68.Bleeding during cough, expectoration in morning, purulent, profuse
Ans: Bronchiectasis

69.Sugar is usually present in urine despite normal blood sugar level in’
Renal Glycosuria/Diabetes Mellitus/ Diabetes Insipidus/Hypertension
Ans: Renal Glycosuria

70.Emphysema is chiefly caused by….
Ans: Cigarette smoking

71.Hoarseness of Voice and persistent cough for fortnight should be suggestive of, unless it is diagnosed.
Tuberculosis/Clergyman’s voice/Carcinoma of Larynx

72. Symptom of Latent Psora
Ans: Quick and Active, but easily tired
Lack of Concentration
Weeping ameliorate
Fits of anger

73.For Easy delivery during labor this remedy is prescribed….Causticum/Caulophyllum/Pulsatilla
Ans: Caulophyllum

74.Casoni Test is used in : Hydatid Disease/ Cysticercosis/Other
Ans: Hydatid Disease

75.Smile and social recognition of mother by the Infant:
1 Month/2 Months/6 Months/9 Months

76.Pregnacy test of urine is positive in:
Hydatiform mole / Chorecarcinoma / Both / None
Ans: Both

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  3. syncope – found under generalities chapter of kent as rubric and then differentiated into subrubric by cross refrence faintness ,whereas in chapter vertigo given ONLY as SYNCOPE WITH——————-source=
    kent repertory in RADAR

  4. 1.Drosera belongs to- i.animal, ii.plant ,iii.nosode, iv.mineral Ans-ii
    2.match following
    list A list B
    i-cina a-cevadilla
    ii-cinchona b-peruvian bark
    iii-sabadilla c ——— cinae
    iv- d- options are A-iii-a,ii-b i-c d-iv
    3-dragging pain through the chest from breast to scapula-i.croton tig ii-gels iii.nat mur iv.— Ans i
    4-feels better while he does something-i.kali brom, ii.kali bi..iii.helonias iv.—-Ans-iii
    5- following- i.merc affects lower lobe of rt.lung,stiches throughbto back ii.medo can exhale but can’t inhale iv…ledum rheumatism begins in lower limb and ascends iii.——–correct one is A-1234, B123, C12 D only1 Ans 1
    6-enuresis from nervous irritation;urine pale copious after catheterisation-i.mag c, ii.mag phos, iiicina iv– Ans-ii
    7-modus operandi i.26, ii.29 iii.36 iv 17 Ans ii
    8-prothombin time prolonged in i.brain disease ii.renal disease iii,heart disease ,iv.liver disease obstruction Ans iv
    9-Haufbaur cells are present in–i.stomach ii.placenta .iii.kidney iv liver Ans ii 10-symptoms not present during proving but often freqently found in clinical practice- i.clinical symptoms ii.eliminating symptoms iii.—iv.– Ans -i
    11-Hodgkins disease is char by- i-schikata cells ii .Reed-Sternberg cells iii.—iv.— Ans ii
    12-child urinates painlessly with thin stream or dribbling–i.paraphimosis, ii.phimosis with pin hole meatus, iii.renal stone iv— Ans ii
    14-gastroduodenal artery is branch of–i.coeliac artery ,ii hepatic a,iiisup mesenteric artery iv– Ans-2
    15-proteinuria with RBC cast i acute glomerulonephritis ii.chronic GN iii.renal stone iv— Ans i
    16-enlargement of renal calyces due to outflow obstruction–i BPH ii.renal stone iii.injury to spine iv—
    17-not a feature of Charcot’s triad i .vomiting ii colic iii.jaundice iv.fever Ans i
    18-not a complication of herpes zoster- i.segmental paralysis ,ii.pain iii-gingivostomatitis iv…..
    19-cold blooded in Kent’s rep-i.chilly ii.heat vital lack of iii.coldness sensation iv—
    Ans ii

    • 14) Gastrodeodenal artery is a branch of coeliac artery.
      16) Enlagement of renal calyces due to outflow obstruction is due to renal stones.

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