The powerful drug Cedron and its periodicity

Dr Meera P Ambaliya

Abstract: Homoeopathy is a growing field in terms of experiments and results. We have all the homoeopathic medicines which are proven on human beings, it produces symptoms and we collect it in our materia medica. But when the question has been asked about why is the symptom produced we don’t have enough proving and a sure sort answer. But If we read between the lines there are answers given about such questions. We just need either to believe that answers and speak confidently about that or do re-experimentations about the same things. Here is the powerful homoeopathic medicine – CEDRON.

Key words: Cedron, Snake bite, Antidote, Periodicity, Intermittent fever, Pain

Introduction :

  • About the tree: A small tree, a native of Columbia and Central America, remarkable for the properties of its seed. The Cedron of commerce is not unlike a large blanched almond – it is often yellowish, hard and compact, but can be easily cut; it is intensely bitter, not unlike quassia in taste and has no odour. Cedron is particularly useful in tropical or in damp, warm, marshy countries. Cedron is derived from the plant — Simaruba ferroginea, also known as Simaba cedron. It belongs to family Ericaceae. To obtain this medicine the seeds of this plant have to undergo potentization. It is a process of preparing homeopathic medicines which arouse medicinal properties out of their crude form. After this process, it is converted into a magnificent cedron. The seeds from panama has accounts of antidoting snakebites when chewed immediately after being bitten. It also heals snakebites and the stings of insects, with tincture of pure bean being scraped on the wound.

Teste reported a case in which Hellert was bitten by a coral snake. “During the few seconds which it took him to take the antidote out of the little bag which he wore suspended round his neck, he was siezed with violent pains at the heart and throat; but he had scarcely chewed and swallowed a small portion of Cedron, of the size of a small bean, when the pain ceased as by magic. An oppression and general prostration remained. He chewed another portion of the same fruit, and applied it to the wound externally, and in another quarter of an hour all he felt was a slight colic, which disappeared after eating a little. This colic was followed almost immediately by a copious evacuation of a substance that looked like curdled milk, white, with a slightly yellowish tint”.

Halbert – A case of malarial fever in a soldier. Chills and fever were clock-like in regularity of recurrence.  Liver and spleen were much enlarged. Anaemia was extreme; and there was this additional peculiarity: intermittent gastralgia occurring with the febrile crises.

  • Prover :Teste and Petroz
  • Constitution: Adapted to persons of an excitable nervous temperament (allen’s keynote), especially female.hysterical women.
  • Periodicity: .Time is very prominent feature in accordance with Cedron. Everything occurs at clock-like precision. Meaning thereby that the problem arises at the exact time every day like clock timings.

Head- Orbital neuralgia, pain over whole right side of theface, coming on about 9am.

Nose- point of nose cold with chilliness and yawning , 9am.

Lungs- difficult respiration with partial loss of voice, recurrent at different intervals. Suffocative fits reccurring regularly everyday 10 to 12 o’clock. Troublesome cough every morning at six, lasting two hours.

Malarial fever- Quotidian(everyday ) or tertian (every second day). Regular paroxysm of fever coming at same hour everyday. Commencing everyday 6.p.m. by chills in back and limbs, cold feet and hand. Excitement before chill.

Intermittent fever-  Commencing the same hours every day or every other day.

Modalities- Worse from periodically, at the same hour, open air, lying down, before storm after sleep. Mental symptoms are worst at night.

  • Sphere of drug Action

The predominant action of this medicine is on the nerves. Its action is marked on the eyes, head, face, and female genitals. Lastly, its action is seen in the limbs and the joints.

Neuralgia (nerve pain), malaria, headache, supraorbital neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia, epilepsy, joint pain

DR J H CLARKE MENTIONED:  In conjunction with these conditions there was a manifestation of choreic symptoms, involving face and shoulders mostly, the twitchings being troublesome in the interfebrile state; often there were debilitating hysterical spasms; the heart became irritable and sometimes irregular. After other remedies had failed to make any impression, Cedron. cured in three weeks, the improvement setting in immediately. Rapidity of action appears to be a characteristic as with Bell. The great predominance of nervous symptoms will be evident in the symptoms of Cedron, also the strong sexual excitement it causes. Numbness, enlarged sensation, malaise, sensation as if paralyzed. A large number of symptoms appear on one side, but right side of head, face, right elbow, and right deltoid are affected.

DR H C ALLEN : In his key notes mentioned,  it is particularly useful in tropical or in damp, warm, marshy countries.

  • Clinical Indications

1.Mind: Restlessness, as driven from place to place. Fear of falling a sleep- lectophobia. Body feels heavy. Mind feels depressed. Nervous excitement, followed by depression. Mental symptoms worst at night.  Predominance of nervous symptoms. Trembling. Numbness of whole body.

2.Eye Complaints (Supraorbital Neuralgia, Eyeball Pain, Eyelid Twitching)

Cedron shows magnificent action on the eyes. It has given great clinical improvements in cases of supraorbital neuralgia (nerve pain in the forehead above the eyes). Here the hallmark indication is that this neuralgia is periodic that repeats itself at regular intervals. Mainly severe shooting pain occurs over the left eye. It is an excellent medicine to manage pain in the eyeballs. This pain radiates around the eyes. It is attended with scalding lachrymation (eye-watering). Further, its use is considered in cases of eye redness and burning sensation in the eyes like fire. Lastly, it can be given in cases of twitching (brief, involuntary contraction or jerking of muscles) of the upper eyelid.

  • Supraorbital neuralgia (nerve pain in the forehead above the eyes)
  • Supraorbital neuralgia occurring periodically means repeating itself at regular intervals
  • Severe shooting pain over the left eye
  • Pain in the eyeballs with radiating pain around the eyes with scalding eye- watering
  • Twitching of the upper eyelid.
  1. Headache

It is a wonderful medicine for managing cases of headaches. The most prominent notable symptom of using this medicine is bouts of headaches occurring with clock-like precision. It means the headache returns at a specific time every day like a clock. In cases needing it, the pain is felt deep in the orbits that force the sufferer to shut the eyes. The pain may extend to the back of the head (occiput). It is also indicated when pain traverses from one temple to another across the eyes. Pressure may be felt on the top of the head (vertex). Mostly the headache gets worse in the open air and when one wakes up.

  • Attacks of headaches occurring with clock-like precision
  • Pain in the orbits forces the sufferer to shut his eyes
  • Pain traverses from one temple to another right across the eyes.
  1. Facial Concerns (Trigeminal Neuralgia)

Its action is further noted on the face. It is prominently indicated to help cases of trigeminal neuralgia (sudden severe pain in the face resulting from pressure over the trigeminal nerve or from its damage/injury). For those who need it, pain occurs mainly on the right side of the face. It occurs at regular intervals at a fixed time with a clock-like accuracy. It is accompanied by distortion of the face from spasm of muscle on the affected side. Usually, it comes at 7 or 8 pm and lasts for about two to four hours. It is also indicated for nerve pain in the face that spreads from a decayed tooth. It is characteristically pressing and tearing pain with shooting pain sometimes.

Trigeminal neuralgia, pain on the right side of the face at a fixed time in a clock-like accuracy

Nerve pain in the face spreading from a decayed tooth. Toothache every night during menses with bleeding gums. Sudden toothache in left molar. Sensation as if cold air touched the teeth on inspiration.

5. Roaring in ear

Cedron removes roaring in ear. Tinnitus and hardness of hearing especially at night.

  1. Arrhythmia and Dyspnea

irregular pulse, quick and full with animated, red face. Palpitations and hurried breathing with headache. Difficult respiration with loss of voice. Episodes recurrent at different interval. Suffocative fits recurring regularly every day at 10 to 12 o’clock. Suffocating fits, worse after sex, sleep, better by eating. Troublesome cough every morning at 6 o’clock and every 2 hours. Respiration much affected after sex. Breath cold.

  1. Post coital symptoms

In male, after sex pain over left eyes. Gonorrhea like discharge, lasting three days. Gleet with formication over whole body. Desire with firm erections, all night, on waking.

In female, many symptoms appear after coition. Genital excitement at daybreak, with leucorrhoea like discharge. Swollen breast with pain.  Many symptoms appear during menses like, epilepsy during menses, leucorrhoea in place of menses.

  1. Temperature

The use of this medicine is highly recommended to manage malaria fever. The key indication to use it is that there is a marked periodicity of fever that comes at the same hour every day. It starts at 6 pm with chills in the back and feet or with cold feet and hands. Before the onset of fever (about 20 to 40 minutes) mental excitement occurs with the sensation of heat. During the heat stage head feels heavy along with a red face, burning in the hands, and a desire for warm drinks. In some cases, chill starts at 4 am followed by sweat at 4 pm. During chills, congestion in the head occurs along with icy coldness of the hands, feet, and nose. Profuse sweating occurs every evening.

Fever occurring with a marked periodicity that comes at the same hour every day

Fever starting at 6 pm with chills in the back, and feet or with cold feet, and hands. In fever there is: Red face in hot stage; thirst with desire for warm drinks. Profuse perspiration. “Excitement before chill” is peculiar to Cedron. Fevers of low, marshy regions in warm seasons and tropical countries. General debility, languor, and fainting. Malaise. Trembling. Complaints after coition (chorea in women; neuralgia in men). Epileptiform convulsions during catamenia. Swollen sensations; numbness of whole body. Adapted to persons of a voluptuous disposition, and of an excitable nervous temperament; especially to females. < After sleep; lying down; night; (objects appear red at night, yellow by day); in open air; before a storm; chills in persons returned from tropical climates. > Standing erect.

  1. Female Problems (Leucorrhoea, Epilepsy)

This medicine is very suitable for managing certain female problems. Here it is a beneficial medicine to manage cases where vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea) occurs in place of menses. The next characteristic feature of its use is epilepsy (fits) occurring during menses. Besides these, it is indicated for the excitement of genitals at daybreak along with vaginal discharge and swollen, painful breasts. Toothache every night during menses with bleeding gums.

Vaginal discharge in place of menses. Epilepsy (fits) occurring during menses. The excitement of genitals at daybreak along with vaginal discharge and swollen, painful breast.

  1. Joint Pain

If we talk of the limbs, it proves effective in cases of joint pains. It is most helpful for sharp or lancinating pain in the joints, especially in the feet, and hands. Another main indication for its use is pain from the ball of the right thumb up to the shoulder and from the ball of the right foot to the knees. This medicine can manage well elbow pain on both sides. It is a sharp cutting pain in nature. The last indication of its use is the icy coldness of the limbs.

Sharp or lancinating pain in the joints especially the feet and hands.Pain from the ball of the right thumb up to the shoulder and from the ball of the right foot to the knees. Sharp, cutting pain in both the elbows.

  1. Genito-urinary system

Constant dripping of urine from urethra.

  • Modalities

Worsening Factors: Complaints get worse periodically, at the same hour, upon lying down, after sleep, and in the open air.

Relieving Factors: Complaints get better from standing erect

  • Dosage: In mother tincture form. In low potency, it can be used often but in high potency.
  • Relationship with Other Remedies:

Antidoted by: Belladonna and Lachesis

CEDRON SIMARUBA- Antidote to snake bites and stings of insects. (DR H C ALLEN’S keynotes)


3 mark symptoms of cedron from kent’s repertory of materia medica.

  • Generalities, periodicity
  • Perspiration, profuse
  • Fever, tropical
  • Chill, periodicity regular and distinct
  • Chill, time, 4 p.m
  • Chill, time, 4 a.m.
  • Chill, predominating
  • Chill, exposure, tropical countries
  • Chill, exposure, after
    Chill, exposure, malarial influences
  • Chill, morning, 4 a.m., followed by sweat
  • Chill, coldness in general
  • Face, pain (aching, prosopalgia,
  • Face, pain, evening, 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Head, swollen, distended, feeling
  • Head, pain, shooting, forehead, over eyes
    Head, pain, shooting, forehead, over eyes, left
  • Head, pain, forehead, eyes, above
  • Head, pain, periodic headache


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PG Scholar, Part 2, Department of Case taking and Repertory
Baroda homoeopathic medical college, Vadodara, Gujrat.


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