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Scope of Homeopathy in Saudi Arabia

Government of KSA started secretary level office for giving approval to complementary and alternative systems of Medicine. This will offer immense job opportunity to homeopaths. Many allopathic hospital like Al-Saad already started recruiting homeopathic doctors […]

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Scope of Homeopathy in Bahrain

Immense opportunities for talented homeopathic practitioners at Bahrain Those who wish to practice at Bahrain- the rich and beautiful Arabian Island, Ministry issuing license certificate Official Contact: The Office of Licensure and Registration Ministry of […]

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Homeopathy Hospital at Bahrain

The KIMS Bahrain Medical Center WLL (KBMC) is the first GCC franchisee of Kerala Institute Of Medical Sciences, India. KBMC provides quality outpatient, diagnostic and personal primary care to the population of Bahrain. In addition, […]


A New Film about Homeopathy

Reality Check for Homeopaths Homeopathic projects highlighted in this DVD include those in Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, Nepal, UK, and various African countries: Ghana, Benin, Kenya, Swaziland, Tanzania. Other projects mentioned are in India, the Solomon […]

United Arab Emirates

Homeopathy Practice Guidelines at UAE

No person is allowed to practice Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the UAE, without prior permission from the UAE Health Regulatory Authorities Complementary and Alternative Medicine practitioners should abide by the following rules: The Complementary […]

United Arab Emirates

Prospects of Homoeopathy in UAE

Dr.Abdul Gafar BHMS UAE Government approved practice of Homoeopathy in the country in the beginning of 2001. A separate section was established under UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) for Complementary and Alternative Medicines. A qualifying […]

Republic of India

Homoeopathy in 2011 @ India

indiaRegistered practitioners, hospitals and education Number registered homoeopathy practitioners has gone up to 246,772 from 239,285 in 2008. In 2007 it was 217,860). Compounded annual growth rate for the period 1993-2010 is 2-5%. Homoeopathic doctors […]

Republic of India

Homoeopathy in India

Dr Mansoor Ali India has the largest homeopathic infrastructure in the world – better called as a Homeopathic Hub of the world 2,46772 qualified homeopaths UG Colleges : 180 (12371 admissions) PG Colleges : 35 (1040 […]