How to do patch work in tuberculosis with homeopathy?

D. Rakesh gohel

As we all are well aware with this dangerous “White Plague”, “Captain of Death of Man” – TUBERCULOSIS. There is no need to explain what happens in it, but it is worthy to note what as a Homoeopath we can offer to such persons who are3 suffering from Tuberculosis.

Is it curable with Homoeopathy or not? If curable then how? If incurable then what to do? These all are the basic questions one need to ask for treatment of tuberculosis in Homoeopathy.

Let us focus on what the legend like Dr. KENT said about TUBERCULOSIS.

In  other words: What must be discovered, to lead to the cure of cancer?
All  curable  diseases make themselves known to the  intelligent  physician  in signs and symptoms.” (Hahnemann.) Pathological conditions, as also the  patient, are incurable when there are no signs and symptoms, and so long as there are  no signs  and  symptoms  these remain incurable. In  proportion  as  the  pathology progresses  the  signs  and  symptoms decrease. 

This is  marked  in  cancer,  in TUBERCULOSIS,  in  diabetes,  in Bright’s disease, and in  all  of  the organic conditions of the body. In some instances, the remedy that was once indicated by mental and physical symptoms will cure even in moderately advanced  patho. conditions; again, such a remedy will soon reveal that the patient has been sick too long and the pathology has progressed too far, and the reaction is so feeble that he sinks rapidly and the remedy must be antidoted.

The patient must have the reactive ability when the similar  remedy  is administered, or become worse after  such a remedy than before.  Therefore,  it  is a homoeopathic remedy when the  patient can  react  from  it, otherwise it is only a similar  agent and not a remedy.

It  is never such when the patient lacks  that reaction which is always depended on and so  promptly   noticed  in  all curable cases. 

So we can see what we need in order to cure is a good GUIDE in form of well developed SIGNS & SYMPTOMS.developes which lacks not only in advanced cases of Tuberculosis but also in other advanced pathological conditions of diseases. 

Dr.Kent says in lectures on homoeopathic materia medica, in drug calcarea carbonica
It  corresponds  to  just  such constitutional  weakness as precedes, or is present in the  first stages  of phthisis. It stops the patient taking cold,  which  is the  very beginning of it. The patient will begin to feel  better after taking Calcarea, and it improves his general state, and  it will even encyst tubercular deposits.

It turns them from  caseous into  a calcareous form, and cysts have been found in  the  chest long  afterwards.

Do not  believe or think favorably of cures for  consumption.  Every little while we have some one coming out with something or  other that  cures  consumption, a new cure. Every one  who  knows  much about the real nature of phthisical conditions, cannot have  much confidence  in such things, and I certainly lose respect  for  an individual who has a consumption cure.

He must either be crazy or something  worse. Generally he is after the money that may be  in it. Hardly anyone who knows anything about it can conscientiously present a consumption cure to the world. 

So Dr. Kent has well said that those who says about cure of Tuberculosis are definitely mad.  

Dr. Kent further says in lectures on homoeopathic philosophy – kent. Chap:maintaining external causes and surgical cases 

They will also tell you that a bacillus is the cause of  tuberculosis. But if the man had not been susceptible to the bacillus he  could not have been affected by it. As a matter of fact, the tubercles come first and the bacillus is secondary.

It has never been found prior  to  the tubercule, but it follows that, comes  then  as  a scavenger.  The  cause of the tubercular deposit rests  with  the psora,  the chronic miasm. Bacilli are not the cause of  disease, they never come until after the disease.

So Dr. Kent has well said  PSORA being the evil root prior to infection.

Now lets see what kent has said in various remedies useful notes for Tuberculosis.

In lectures on homoeopathic materia medica. Onsumption and polycrests – kali carbonicum
It  will  very often ward off future sickness  where  the  family history  is tuberculous. Do not be afraid to give the  antipsoric remedies  when there is a history of tuberculosis in the  family, but  be  careful when  the  patient  is  so  far  advanced  with tuberculosis  that  there  are cavities in the  lung,  or  latent tubercles, or encysted caseous tubercles. Your antipsorics  might rouse  him into a dangerous condition.

Phosphorus is  a dangerous  medicine to give very high in some cases of  phthisis, in  the  last stages of phthisis. In this case they  should  have received  Phosphorus when they were yet curable. In  these  cases Phosphorus 30th may sometimes be used with safety and it will act as  a  test  in doubtful cases to see  whether  reaction  can  be brought about. 

In such cases where reaction can be brought  about the  administration later of a still higher potency may be  found useful, but in the beginning with Phosphorus in phthisical  cases far  advanced  it  is better not to go higher than  the  30th  or 200th.  Phosphorus  very  low  will act as  a  poison  in  really Phosphorus  cases and the only safety some patients have had  who have received Phosphorus so very low was due to the fact that the Phosphorus was not similar enough to either kill or cure.” 

Sulphur,  like  (Silicea,)  is a (dangerous  medicine)  to  give (where  there  is structural disease) in organs that  are  vital, especially  in the lungs. It is a dangerous medicine to  administer in  advanced cases of phthisis, and, if given, it should  not  be prescribed  in the highest potencies.

Do not  suppose,  however, that  it  is dangerous to give Sulphur because one’s  father  and mother have died of phthisis. Sulphur might be just the remedy to prevent  the  child from following the father  and  mother.  

So Dr. Kent has focused on the danger as well as good aspect of the polycrests along with mode of application , how and wnen to use it. 

Now lets see what has been said regarding those incurable cases of tuberculosis. 

CONSUMPTION & PALLIATION – In lectures on homoeopathic materia medica . 

ARSENICUM SULPHURATUM FLAVUM – It  is  a  most useful remedy in phthisis  in  all  stages,  when incurable it is a great palliative.

ARUM TRIPHYLLUM – It has been found useful as a palliative in phthisis 

DROSERA ROTUNDIFOLIA –It is a great palliative in spasmodic cough that occurs in consumption and all along the course of the tuberculosis of lungs.

RUMEX CRISPUS – This is a great remedy to do patch  work with in phthisis.

SANGUINARIA  -Sanguinaria  is a surface remedy;  it  does  excellent palliation.   Its ability to palliate phthisis is very well known.   There is a class of remedies that suits these phthisical patients better than (Sulphur, Silicea) and (Graphites;) remedies such  as (Pulsatilla,) Sanguinaria, (Senecio gracilis) and (Coccus cacti,) which  palliate, mitigate his sufferings, and may even build  him up  so that he could take a medium potency of a deep remedy.”

SENEGA – Especially is it suited in the advanced cases of phthisis when those symptoms that I have mentioned are present. It acts as a palliative.

STANNUM METALLICUM – Stannum is useful in warding off  phthisis, and is a wonderful palliative in that disease.  

So Dr. Kent focused on nice patch work that we can do with remedies like A.S.F., ARUM T., SANG., SENEGA etc.

Now lastly we see is there anything written in order to provide immunity to the children of tubercular parentage what we term in modern terms as BIOGENETICS Yes, Definitely Dr.Kent also focused on Biogenetics in that era also by giving following guide lines for tuberculosis.

CONSUMPTION AND IMMUNITY – Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica
TUBERCULINUM BOVINUM – If  Tuberculinum  bovinum  be  given  in  10m.,  50m.  and   cm. potencies,  two  doses  of each potency at  long  intervals,  all children and young people who have inherited tuberculosis may  be immuned  from  their  inheritance and their  resiliency  will  be restored.  

Lastly I hope you may enjoy these guide lines of our master, your queries as well as suggestions are welcome, THANK YOU. 

D. Rakesh gohel
HOD Repertory
V H DAVE Homoeopathy Medical College Ananad Gujarat


  1. stich in time saves nine,esp start homeopathy infant stage till life end vital force will look after and no disease will remain in body as chronic form a sort of compromise between vital force and disease this type disease acts as opposition to ruling party.DM Foubister Borland have not kept any secret of their practice all is in print available now free on net.repeated infections starting with frequent colds is setting a stage for tuberculosis in future.Kent said chronic tonsils adenoids with blocked nose must use Tuberculin as constitutional treatment, child loses weight tubercular cervical adenitis is main symptom as said by Foubister.catarrhal chest plus some skin eczema type bacillinum.these work in high not use high potency unless experienced as some experts notes are tuberculin lowers the temperature within hours.clinical expert homeopaths advice Jeremy type do not drive on slow and fast lane be safe with 30 c and 200c.very low potency and very high potency phosphotus esp not be used unless highly experienced.

  2. It is not only informative to the student & practitionar but to those who criticize THE HOMOEOPATHY……..

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