Differentiating the medicines for a single symptom by Zomeo software

Differentiating the medicines for a single symptom of absentmindedness – utilizing zomeo software

Dr S Soundarya

Individualization is the one which distinguishes Homoeopathy from other medical systems. It acknowledges that no two situations or patients are alike, even though they have the same ailment. It asserts that a true therapeutic science must enable the physician to assess these disparities and determine the best course of treatment for each patient. These “differences” in clinical practice typically have a determining role in the treatment option. Homoeopathy is said to treat the patient rather than the disease. To put it another way, it individualizes. The author is intending to work on the theme of differentiating the medicines using a single symptom of absentminded through zomeo software suggested by different pioneers.

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Remedies by ADOLPH VON LIPPE Absentminded
Agnus castus Mostly in premature age.
Causticum Distraction of mind. Weakness of memory.
Kali-bromatum Had to be told the word before he could speak it.
Lac-caninum  Makes purchases and walks away without them.


Remedies by H.C.ALLEN Absentminded
Agnus castus Reduced power of insight; cannot recollect; has to read a sentence twice before he can comprehend.
Kali-bromatum Had to be told the word before he could speak it.
Lac-caninum Makes purchases and walks away without them and cannot speak correctly half the time.


Remedies by T.F.ALLEN Absentminded
Allium cepa By much business, forgot and twisted Everything in the utmost confusion.
He makes mistakes in spelling a foreign language.
Anacardium  orientale Every kind of intellectual labor is difficult for him, like a kind of absent mindedness.
Bovista lycoperdon  Impossible to pay attention to what one was saying or doing and makes mistakes in writing, leaves out whole syllables, and writes several words entirely wrong.
Cannabis indica Forgetful cannot finish sentence and unconciouss every few minute.
Causticum Distraction of mind. Weakness of memory.
Remedies by BOERICKE AND DEWEY Absentminded
Calcarea sulphur Sudden loss of memory; of consciousness.


Anacardium orientale There is forgetfulness of single names; cannot remember anything.
Cannabis indica Forgets what she is about.
Lac-caninum Absent minded and suffer from chronic “BLUES”.
Remedies by BOERICKE G.W Absentminded
Agnus castus  Forgetful and  lack of courage.
Anacardium orientale Brain-fag. impaired memory.
cenchris contortrix ancistrodon Forgetful and due to alternating moods.


Remedies by BOERICKE Absentminded
Agnus castus Forgetful and  lack of courage.
Apis mellifica Impaired memory ideas slow.
Bovista lycoperdon Sad and dejected feeling with absent minded.
Caladium seguinum Particularly in those persons who are mentally and physically prostrated by sexual excesses or from tobacco poisoning.
Cannabis indica Forgetful, he begins a sentence, but forgets what he intends to speak fixed ideas.
Carlsbad  Absentminded and aversion to all mental work.
Cenchris Contortrix He adopts a wrong route without realizing his destination or misses the real point where he had intended to get down.
  Guaiacum Absentminded in the morning.


Remedies by BORLAND.M Absentminded
Natrum muriaticum Tend to be forgetful and any extreme mental effort is liable to produce a headache


Remedies by CAROLL DUNHUM Absentminded
Rhus toxicodendron Inability to think of what one wishes to do or say, to remember even familiar circumstances


Remedies by CLARK.G.H Absentminded
Apis mellifica Impaired memory and absent-mindedness in elderly persons.
Lac-caninum Drops letters and words in writing; cannot concentrate
Nux moschata Loss of memory; thoughts vanish while writing; talking.


Remedies by CLARK.J.H Absentminded
Apis mellifica Impaired memory, and slow march of ideas and cannot concentrate thoughts
Cannabis indica Every few minutes he would lose himself
Carlsbad heedless, forgets names, great difficulty in expressing himself in writing, often omits letters
cenchris contortrix ancistrodon Took the wrong car without realizing where she was going. When riding in the car rode past the place she intended to get off at
Chellidonium majus uneasiness of conscience
Dirca Palustris Time seemed to pass slowly. absent-minded.



Remedies by COMPILATION Absentminded
Arnica Montana Inability to perform continuous active work
Calcarea carbonica Confusion in the use of words or syllables.
Lachesis mutus Rarely absent mindedness, fancies or unconsciousness
Mercurius solubilis Distracted – cannot fix mind on one subject
Pulsatilla nigricans Often absorbed in thought


Remedies by COWPERTHWAITE Absentminded
Anacardium orientale Vanishing of thought, deficiency of ideas
Apis mellifica Loss of consciousness
Cannabis indica Inability to recall any thought or event, on account of different thoughts crowding on his brain
Graphities Unable to make up her mind about anything
Naja tripudians Insensible; loss of consciousness
Platinum metallicum Absentminded and forgetfull
Sepia officinalis Dullness of comprehension. Stupid. Heavy flow of ideas; language coming slowly and unable to collect thoughts


Remedies by CYRUS MAXWEL BOGER Absentminded
Apis mellifica Foolishly suspicious and absentminded


Remedies by DOUGLASS M.E Absentminded
Apis mellifica Sopor interrupted by piercing shrieks.
Cannabis indica He could not read, partly on account of dreamy spells
Carlsbad Indisposition to read, and to all exertion of mind
Kali-bromatum Especially in low spirited children
Natrum muriaticum He never accomplishes what he undertakes, but remains standing in one place
Platinum metallicum Very forgetfull and absent minded
Sepia officinalis Inattentive, absent – minded. Indolent mood. Heavy flow of ideas. Language comes very slowly. Weak memory.


Remedies by DR.K.N.MATHUR Absentminded
Anacardium orientale Alternations of moods and understanding
Apis mellifica Cannot concentrate; are listless
Caladium seguinum Prostration of mind. Loss of memory. Inability to perform intellectual work
Calcarea sulphurica Absent minded, irritable, easilicea terraicea terray angered, vexed, aversion to answer question
Kali-bromatum Loss of memory; forgets how to talk had to be told the word before he could speak it
Lac-caninum Very forgetful; makes purchases and walks away without them. In writing uses too many words or not the right words; omits final letter or letters in a word
Lycopodium clavatum Reduced power of insight, cannot recollect; has to read a sentence twice before he can comprehend
Natrum muriaticum Especially in irritable child
Nux  moschata Absent minded people, chilly people, who are worse from cold and damp and better from warmth



Remedies by DR.R.H.GROSS Absentminded
Ammonium carbonicum Seriousness with absentminded
Causticum Weak memory – Melancholy – Ailments from mortification or disappointed love.
Colchicum autumnale Rarely absentminded
Helleborus niger Absentminded-fancies
Lycopodium clavatum Changing mood; gentle: distrustful; avaricious; haughty; malicious – absent – mindedness.
Natrum muriaticum Changing mood – Amativeness with absentminded
Nux vomica Changing mood – Amativeness
Pulsatilla nigricans Unconsciousness – Melancholy
Silicea terra Dejection with absentminded
Sulphur Mental excitability predominant – Rarely absentmindedness – No unconsciousness.
Veratrum album Amativeness – absent mindedness – Mental excitability more frequent than mental dullness – Fancies – Insanity


Remedies by EDWIN HALE E.M Absentminded
Cannabis indica Very absentminded
Kali-bromatum Low – spirited and childish


Remedies by FAHNESTOCK JOSEPH.C Absentminded
Agnus castus Absentminded especially low spirited, sadness, fear of approaching death.
Cannabis indica Extreme forgetfulness and absent mindedness; forgets what he is about to do or say or what he has just said. Unconsciousness every few minutes.


Remedies by FAROKE J MASTER Absentminded
Clematis erecta Impractical type of person. Bemused, ; absent minded; They may become inattentive, dreamy and absent-minded and appear to be in a world of their own, oblivious of what is going on around them


Remedies by GLADWIN. F.E Absentminded
Cocculus indicus Quiet absentminded
Phosphorous They might be wildly mirthful or absent minded and averse to answering questions.


Remedies by GURNSAY.H.N Absentminded
Agnus castus Forgetful, finds it difficult to read or keep up the train of thought
Apis mellifica  Absent minded and slow march of ideas
Causticum Slow march of ideas and absent minded
Chamomilla Especially in irritable child
Pulsatilla nigricans Affections of the mind in general and absent minded


Remedies by HAHNEMANN.S Absentminded
Alumina Great absent-mindedness and irresolution
Causticum A sort of absent-mindedness; while doing one thing, he always felt as if he had to do something else, more important, and yet he knew not what; he reflected about it, and yet thought nothing
Kali carbonicum He finds it difficult to fix his attention on any special subject
Manganum Weak memory and absentminded
Mezereum He could not long confine himself to one subject, his thoughts carried him away with them.
Natrum carbonicum Absent-mindedness, in the morning
Platinum metallicum She listens to conversations, but at the end she knows nothing about them
Sarsaparilla Inability to do mental work
Zincum metallicum Failure of the eyes, with lachrymation and burning, after dinner and frequently while writing, The eyes are immovable (they fail), with absent mindedness.


Remedies by HERING.C Absentminded
Aconitum napellus Weakness of memory; cannot remember dates
Agnus castus Absentminded due to reduced power of insight
Ammonium carbonicum Confusion and dullness of the head
Apis mellifica Impaired memory with absentminded
Arnica Montana Absentminded with thoughts wonder from their object and dwell on images and fancies.
Belladonna Absentminded with forgetfulness
Cannabis indica Inability to recall any thought or event, on account of different thoughts crowding on his brain.
Causticum Weakness of memory with absentminded
Ignatia mara Absentminded due to grief
Kali carbonicum Absentminded , Dullness, confused, stupid, as after intoxication
Lycopodium clavatum Absent minded and thinks he is in two places at the same time.
Natrum muriaticum Distracted, knows not what to say. Awkward in talking, with absent-mindedness
Stannum metallicum Forgetful and absent-minded.
Platinum mettalicum Forgetful, absent-minded; melancholy; fear of dying, thinks himself above others
Caladium seguinum Very forgetful; he cannot remember if what he ought to have done and written during the day is really accomplished until he convinces himself of it.
Calcarea carbonica Absent minded after nausea in afternoon
Allium cepa Confused and absent-minded, in afternoon after wine and coffee.
Cicuta virosa Suddenly consciousness returns, and she remembers nothing of what has occurred. Periodical ecstasy. Very absent-minded.
Daphne indica He walks about the room, cannot make up his mind to anything.
Graphites Slow in thought and absentminded
Kali bromatum Loss of memory, forgets how to talk
Lac caninum cannot speak correctly half the time
Natrum muriaticum Never accomplishes what he undertakes, but remains standing in one place, absent-minded; appears quite changed to his companions.
Pulsatilla nigricans Great difficulty in speaking to find the right expression and absent minded
Sepia officinalis Felt all day as if he did not care what happened; no desire to work, inattentive, absent-minded; indolent mood.


Remedies by HUGHES.R Absentminded
Carbolic acid He frequently got into an absent-minded state, with starting and trembling on being spoken to
Agnus castus Incapable of any occupation, quite insensible to external things, and absent minded over work
Arsenicum album Listless and absent minded
Bovista lycoperdon Makes mistakes in writing leaves out whole syllables and writes several words entirely wrong ; absent that she cannot, even with great exertion pay attention to what is being said and done
Cannabis indica Absentminded and dreamy
Moschus Felt moderate confusion of head passing on after I hour to slight headache, and accompanied by absent-mindedness
Juglans cinerea Forgets what he is about


Remedies by JOHN SCHOLTEN Absentminded
Alumina Absentminded and confused, doubts
Argentum nitricum Dull, confused, thoughtless, dreamy, forgetful, lost in well known places
Stannum metallicum Lack of concentration, dreamy, confused, uninspired, insane.
Platinum metallicum Confused, dull, rigid, confuses ideas and objects, empty, forgetful, insanity, mania.
Plumbum metallicum LeArnica Montanaing difficulties, late leArnica Montanaing to talk and write, absentminded confused, slow, rigid, imbecile, insanity, dementia.


Remedies by JESSEN .H.C Absentminded
Kali carbonicum Absent – minded; confused; great dislike for labor


Remedies by J.T.KENT Absentminded
cenchris contortrix ancistrodon Took wrong car without realizing where he was going and my teeth chatter for some time before I begin to realize that I feel cold, took wrong car without realizing where was going
Caladium seguinum  It may come on in an acute state, with unconsciousness
Calcarea sulphurica Absentminded and irritable
Carbon sulphuratum Absentminded and so irascible that he breaks things that happen to be in his hands
Guiacum Absentminded in the morning
Helleborus niger He simply makes motions, like one moving in an absent minded state. The Helleborus patient is benumbed everywhere.
Mezereum Absentminded and no rest in alone


Remedies by N.M.CHOUDHURI Absentminded
Lac caninum While speaking, he unconsciously and inadvertently substitutes objects seen instead of objects thought of. This is due to absent-mindedness
Mercuris solubilis Weakness with absent minded
Stannum metallicum She cannot master sufficient courage and is forgetful and absent-minded.


Remedies by NEATBY.E Absentminded
Carbolic acid Absent-mindedness, with starting and trembling when spoken to are also “general” symptoms, though not very “leading.”
Aesculus hippocastanum Mental state varies but it is mainly a not unusual combination of dullness or gloom, absent-mindedness and lack of power to concentrate the thoughts
 Causticum Mistakes in speaking occur
Elaps corallines Mental effect of elaps is to produce loss of memory and absent-mindedness
Naja tripudians Forgetful, confused and absent- minded
Natrum muriaticum They have difficulty in concentrating the mind on anything
Platinum metallicum There is depression, anxiety and apprehensiveness, coupled with absent-mindedness and forgetfulness


Remedies by OTTOLEESER Absentminded
Petroleum Absent minded with the particular: “loss his way on streets well known to him


Remedies by S.R.PHATAK Absentminded
Agnus castus Absent minded. Despairing sadness with impression of speedy death
Anacardium orientale Absent minded; as if in a dream
Apis mellifica Awkward drops things and laughs either due to nervousness, or absent-mindedness
Bovista lycoperdon Ineffective. absent minded. Weak memory
Causticum Mistrustful; absent minded
Lac caninum Absent minded. Imagines that he wears someone else’s nose
Natrum muriaticum Drops things from nervous weakness. Absent minded. Scattered thoughts.
Stannum metallicum Forgetful and absent minded. Uneasy, knows not what to do with himself


Remedies by PULFORD Absentminded
Cannabis indica Inclined to be foolish and absent minded
Carbon-sulphuratum Absent minded and irascible, surly, morose
cenchris contortrix ancistrodon Is dreamily absent minded with marked alteration of moods
Sulphur Absent minded, a sense of disgrace


Remedies by RAJAN SANKARAN Absentminded
Anacardium orientale Anacardium orientaleardium orientaleardium has a marked absent-mindedness
Graphitis Absentminded and easilicea terraicea terray confused


Remedies by ROBIN MURPHY Absentminded
Agnus castus Absentminded and forgetfulness
Alumina Forgets things, loses their way. Alzheimer’s disease. The consciousness of reality and judgment is disturbed
Anacardium orientale Senile dementia
Apis mellifica Cannot concentrate mind on attempting to read and write
Arnica Montana Forgets the word he is about to say
Bovista lycoperdon Ineffective. absentminded. Weak memory
Cannabis indica Memory, weak and absent minded
Carbolic acid Absent minded starts when spoken to
Carlsbad forgets names
Causticum Memory fails. Confounds letters and syllables
cenchris contortrix ancistrodon Took the wrong car without realizing where she was going. When riding in the car, rode past the place she intended to get off
Daphne indica Walks about room and can’t make up his mind to anything.
Dirca palustris Time passes too slowly with absent minded
Elaps corallines Absent minded and buried in thoughts in daytime
Graphites Absent-minded. Unable to decide
Juglans cinerea Dull feeling, cannot remember anything that was read
Lac caninum Cannot concentrate her thoughts or mind to read, wants to leave everything as soon as it is begun. absent-minded. Very forgetful, makes mistakes in writing, speaking. Makes purchases and walks away without them.
Ledum palustre Difficult thinking and comprehending. Confusion of mind, as if intoxicated, after eating
Magnesia carbonica Concentration difficult while writing
Moschus Sudden loss of memory. Confusion of mind
Natrum muriaticum Extremely forgetful. Scattered thoughts. Mistakes in speaking, what he doesn’t intend to.
Naja tripudians Very forgetful. Stupid and confused feeling
Platinum metallicum Absent-minded and forgetful
Stannum metallicum Forgetful on waking in morning. Thinking makes her feel wretched
Sulphur Very forgetful. Weak memory, especially for names. Misplaces things, words, cannot find proper words when talking or writing


Ammonium carbonicum Makes mistakes in calculating, speaking, writing
Carbon sulphuratum Absent-minded, dyslectic, amnesic, apathetic, indolent.
Kali carbonicum Finally brain fag, slow ideation with absent minded
Oleander Absent minded and distracted. Sopor ; coma


Remedies by M.L.TYLER Absentminded
Arnica Montana Forgetfulness with absent minded
Cannabis indica Very absentminded
Natrum muriaticum The state varies from a bewilderment, in which the surroundings are strange, dreamy, or fanciful, to a condition of absent-mindedness, sleepiness, and finally deep stupor, with loss of motion and sensation


Remedies by WILLIAM.H.BURT Absentminded
Arnica Montana Thinks rightly but uses the wrong word; sits as in a waking dream
Kali-bromatum Forgets how to talk, absent – mindedness.

To go forward in the sea of Homoeopathy, differentiating the medicine is a required process. Homoeopathy is not only the science but also an art. Our art is to differentiate the medicines and to find the simillimum. This was easily assessed by zomoeo software and confirmed by many sorts of Materia Medica books.


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