Homoeopathic case taking format – Case record format

Dr  Mahwish Nosheen

It is important that you must read this before giving record:
I try my level best to cure you with proper care. As it is just to inform you that in Homoeopathy it is necessary to select a best remedy for you, I need your full co-operation and support. As in Homoeopathy remedy selection depends upon the “Totality of Symptoms” so I will ask many questions to you during this time period and you have to answer me for best prescription. Because Homoeopathic system of medication depends upon “Individualization” so I will consider even a very minute and even common symptom, might be I will help me out to select the best one. And all this include your “Reactions to environment, Family history, personal history, past history” and relevant to above mentioned data etc. so it is important that you should understand each thing that belongs to you as an individual.

So, this information and your co-operation will enable me to select your best possible single remedy.

Regarding this one thing is most important that you should frank with me, and freely answer my questions, and don’t think that this is useless question or this is not relevant to you, because might be this one minute thing leads towards best prescription. And read everything in this Performa and try your level best to answer of every question or even you can consult this with your any closed one to complete this.

At the most important thing that keep it in you mind that whatever you are telling me or writing in this Performa will be remain confidential.

Parts of questionnaire:

This questionnaire consists following parts:

1. History regarding your chief complaints.

2. History regarding your present illness

3. History and questions regarding you past history and family history.

4. Environmental factors relevant to your illness, so please think about each question carefully and then answer.

5. Mental illness, this is very important portion regarding your history, so think carefully and answer because sometimes in homoeopathy remedy selection depends upon “Psychology”

6. Dreams

7. Sleep

8. Especially for children or you are as a child

9. This portion is very important because in this portion you are given the instructions on how to report each of your complaint, so 1st only read the given instructions and then make a list of your complaints and then describe the each complaint according to the instructions.

Download the case taking format : www.homeobook.com/pdf/case-taking-format.pdf

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