MacRepertory and RadarOpus jointly organising Homeopathy One Conference in Belgium

Homeopathy One Conference on 13-15 October 2017.
Venue: Old St John Congress Centre
City: Bruges, Belgium
The two most successful homeopathic software companies MacRepertory and RadarOpus have joined forces to unite the homeopathic community in unparalleled fashion and you can be part of it!
Homeopathy One Conference – Merging of Methods – 
The focus will be on dialogue and understanding each other, 9 speakers will have one hour to present their approach, followed by half an hour of dialogue during which other speakers will express how they would have looked at the case(s)s presented. We feel this is a unique formula which will create a very interesting and in-depth interaction.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Rajan Sankaran, President Homeopathy One
Dr. Frederik Schroyens, Co-President Homeopathy One
The following world class homeopaths and teachers have agreed to present:

  • Frederik Schroyens (Belgium)
  • Jan Scholten (Netherlands)
  • Jeremy Sherr (Tanzania)
  • Jonathan Hardy (England)
  • Laurie Dack (Canada)
  • Marcelo Candegabe (Argentina)
  • Massimo Mangialavori (Italy)
  • Michal Yakir (Israel)
  • Rajan Sankaran (India)

Master of Dialogue: Misha Norland (England)

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