How Homeopaths effectively managed fever epidemics in Kerala

DOCTORDr Mansoor Ali

Study reports and facts
In the last 3 – 5  years, homeopathic medicines were found to be more effective both as a preventive and curative in epidemic fevers of Kerala – like viral fever, chikungunya, dengue, hepatitis etc.

Many of the Govt. homeopathic hospitals and private clinics are packed with patients suffering with various viral fevers.

Majority of the Kerala population now depending mainly on homeopathic medicines for PVF Squeal – post viral fever arthritis  and related symptoms and disabilities.

Homeopathy medicine offers effective cure with in the shortest time without any side effects comparing to other systems of medicine in viral fevers.

At Govt. Homeopathic Medical Colleges separate  OP and  IP departments started for treating Viral fever for children, male and female with required lab facilities, x-ray, ECG, USG etc..A separate PVF Squeal ward also started with Physiotherapy Unit.

All the OPD have separate facility for fever patients. Doctors are available round the clock.

Preventive medicine were distributed to more than 1.5 lakh people.

If chikungunya caused many deaths in Kerala, which it did not in most other places, the state had the unique opportunity to investigate the biology of the disease and reasons for death to contribute to medical science.
Obviously, medical science in Kerala is not prepared to investigate anything new.

Why should every ruling party go into a defensive mode when it is the collective problem of all political parties?
Why can’t all parties discuss this and make diseases the common enemy?
Why more deaths in Kerala compared to other states?
Was it mainly due to over medication at allopathic hospital?
Is homeopathy is effective as a preventive & curative?
Was the current upsurge of fever the unusual clustering of several diseases or was there a single cause for the outbreak?

Was there any hidden agenda by pharmaceuticals & media behind this panic?

If you would like to know How Homeopaths effectively managed fever epidemic in Kerala?
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