Practice of Medicine

Last moment revision in Vitamins and Minerals

Last moment revision in Vitamin and Minerals Dr.Kamaljeet Kaur Sidhu {BHMS}  Deficiency diseases and Sources of Nutrients: Nutrient Constituent Deficiency Diseases Sources Daily Requirements Vitamin A Retinol, Retinoic Acid, Beta-Carotene Night-blindness Carrots, Papaya, Milk, Cheese, […]

Clinical Tips in Homoeopathy

Single dose cures by Homoeopathy

Dr V Krishnamurthy  This is a report on Lesser Known Medicines after forty-two years of rigorous and vigorous search, study and clinical verifications. The findings and teachings in this book are inconceivably beyond everything on […]

Organon and Philosophy

Stress and constitution

Dr Puneet Kumar Misra Aim – The aim of article is to present the depth and width of stress/strain of stimuli on Constitution /Structure of human body Need of subject – This is traditional concept […]