PowerPoint Presentations & Lectures on Obstetrics and Gynecology 


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Dysmenorrhea – leading cause of school absenteeismDr Yashasvi,Dr Neha, Dr Vijeta

Stress Urinary incontinence – Clinical overview Dr Yashasvi,Dr Neha, Dr Vijeta

Genital Prolapse and Homoeopathy – Chotaliya Anjali, Chauhan Priyanka, Shukla Rinal

Polycystic ovarian syndromeDr Dilip B Gadhavi

Influence of maternal health on the foetus

Antenatal Complaints  & It’s Homoeopathic ManagementDr Samarendra Prasad Mishra

Reproductive HealthDr Resmy

Substance abuse, teratogenicity, effects on pregnancy and lactation : Dr.Aruna

Homoeopathy during pregnancy  & before pregnancy – Soumya Mathew

Effects of homeopathic treatment in women with premenstrual syndrome Dr Sapna

A brief history of Gynaecology and Obstetrics – Dr Pawan Pareek

Homoeopathy in Infertility – Dr Jasmin

Still birth BMJ Review Dr Jasmin

Barren Womb Or Woman: Homoeopathic Approach In  Female InfertilityGyandas G. Wadhwani

Sharing experiences in management of gynaecological disorders through homoeopathyDr S K Tiwari

Hyperemesis gravidarum and HomoeopathyDr Remya K R

Breast Feeding in Special situations & Complementary feedingDr Midhun Ramesh

AbortionDr Midhun Ramesh

Chemotherapy in Gynaecology

Jaundice in Pregnancy

Contraception and lactation

Menopausal Syndrome & Post Menopausal HaemorrhageDr. Nilanjita Chanda

Puerperal Problems



Infertility and Homoeopathy – Dr Shiva Kumar

Infertility in female

Labour – Dr  Prema D’cunha

Contraception & lactation

Fibroids, leiomyoma miasmatic aspect

Leiomyoma – Dr. Shara Lobo

Leucorrhoea and its homoeopathic therapeutics – Dr Poornima G

Mother and Child Health – Scope & Limitations of Homoeopathic Medicines in hastening labour, smooth and uncomplicated vaginal delivery – Dr. P. A. Chowdhary

Polycystic Ovarian Disease Homoeopathy Therapeutics

Pregnancy related acts rules & regulations – Dr. Prashanth Hegde

Scope of Homoeopathic medicines for preventing complications during antenatal period –Dr.Shaila.M.Udachankar

Role of Homoeopathic constitutional medicine for maintaining normal pregnancy – Dr.S.M.Udachankar

Puerperal problems

Puerperial complications and Homoeopathy– Dr Shilpa Sharma

Recent advancement in diagnosis of pregnancy, general instructions, health check up,general management with modern investigations- Dr. N D shah

Seethalayam introduction – Dr Balachandran G S

Therapeutics of female infertility

Endometriosis Dr Shivakumar

Gender identity disorders

Seethalayam Calicut Inauguration

Antepartum haemorrhage

Hyperemesis gravidarum

Laws relating to women of india – Seethalayam Kerala

Homoeopathic Approach on Infertility– Dr. Vilma D’ Souza


Chemotherapy in Gynaecology

Antenatal care – Dr.Prashanth Hegde

Correlation of Mother’s History during Pregnancy with the State of Health of the Child – Dr. Jayesh Dhingreja 

Homoeopathy for Mother and Child, a Study in Reference to MCH Camp – Dr. Mala Manna

Pain management in labor – Dr Abhay Talwalkar

Scope of homoeopathy in promoting, protecting & maintaining health of mother & child an overview – Dr. Dinesh Rao

National campaign on Healthy mother happy child – Experience sharing – Dr.  Malini  Vijay Desai

Campaign on Homoeopathy for Healthy Mother & Happy Child (Experiences of Delhi State) – Dr. Surender Verma

Breast feeding methods

Breast feeding – complimentary feeding

Repertorial  approach for carcinoma of cervix

Carcinoma Cervix – therapeutics

Complications during 1ST,2ND And 3RD trimester of pregnancy – Dr. N D Shah


Seethalayam – modus operandi – Dr Jessy uthup

Common  Complications After Delivery – Dr Latha Sharma

Dysmenorrhoea and Homoeopathy

Endometriosis and Adenomyosis – Dr Aisha J Hassan

Fibroid with Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Homoeopathic management of complications after delivery

Classification by American Fertility Society – Adia K Hamza

Clinical features in Gynaecology – Afisa Rahman

Therapeutics of Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy – Athira.A.R

Vulval infections – Bettina S Pratap

Breast feeding – an over view – Dr.T.D.Hemachandran

Efficacy of homeopathy in pregnancy care – Dr.B.Venu

Healthy mother and happy child programme (malayalam) – Dr.Janardhan

Common gynaecological disorders – Dr Kakoli Basu

Complaints during post natal period & scope of homeopathy – Dr Roy Zachariah

Reproductive growth in females – Dr P Thankamma

Endometriosis – Sadam nava, Adiya etc


Management of endometriosis – Akhila G S

Polycystic ovarian disease and homeopathy – Dr. Preethi A John

Postnatal care & complications during post natal period – Dr Sarita Umadi

Endometriosis – diagnosis & differential diagnosis – Ajeesha Vasudevan

Metrorrhagia & homeopathy – Rina C P

Uterine fibroids – Jomon, Lubna, Roshini & Arifa

Healthy mother and child through Homeopathy (Malayalam) – Dr. Jemuna Director of Homoeopathy

Hyperemesis gravidarum & Homoeopathy – Janani Tamilnadu

Homeopathy in habitual abortion

Mental aberrations due to women harassment & Homeopathy management – Dr.S.Gopinadhan

Mental health problems of women  Dr.L.Krishnaprasad Sreedhar

Gender based violence & Bhoomika Project Kerala – Dr.A.Reghu

Relevance of Gender in planning – Dr.Mridul Eapen

Seethalayam – women health care centre – Modus operandi – Dr.Balachandran Nair

Women welfare programmes in Kerala – C.K.Raghavan Unni 

Ante partum haemorrhage – Dr.Usha Sadashivan

ARDS in obstetrics – Dr.Pramodhyni.D

Avoiding complications at laproscopy – Dr.Ambarisha Bhandiwad

Diseases of the cervix including tumors – Dr.Bettina S Pratap

Caesarian section – merits & demerits – Dr.Elizabeth Iype

Surgery of ovarian cancer – Dr.K.Chitrathara

Management of breech – Prof.Valsamma Chacko & Dr.Anupama.R

Conduct of labor – Dr.N.Syamala

Management of intrauterine growth retardation – What is new? – Dr.P.Balachandran

Urological injuries in Gynaec practice – Dr.N.P.Sasikumar

Caesarian section – changing trends – Dr.Shyam Desai

Update on medical management of menorrhagia – Dr.K.Latha

Un explained infertility – Dr.Meera Nair

Assessment of ovarian reserve – Dr.Santhamma Mathew

Current trends in management of PIH – Dr.P.K.Shyamala Devi

Pre term or premature rupture of the membrane  Dr.V.M.Jayasree Thankachi

Role of ovulogens in PCOs – Dr.Priya.D

Monitoring of labor by partograph & value in dysfunctional labour – Dr.N.Shyamala

Carcinoam Vulva – modification in management – Dr.N.Shyamala

Conservative surgical modalities in the management of menorrhagia – Dr.Ullas Prasannan

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding & homeopathy – Dr.Preethi John

Adolescent functional uterine bleeding – Principles of management

Fibroid uterus and homoeopathy – Dr.Resmi.R

Gonadotrophin releasing hormone analogues in PCOs

Backache during pregnancy

Twin pregnancies – Dr.Hema.S.Nair

Induction of labor and cervical ripening – Dr.T.L.Sujatha

Infection prevention in every day obstetric practice – Dr.Nirmala.C


Intrauterine growth restriction – Dr.Prasannakumari.B

Intrauterine growth restriction  Dr.Krishnapriya

Early pregnancy termination – a comparative study – Dr.C.P.Jishabai

Kerala federations’ role in maternal mortality review – Dr.V.P.Paily

Lunelle – Monthly contraceptive

Misoprostol in first trimester abortion – Dr.Sheela Shenoy

Laproscopic ovarian surgery reviewed in the modern era of PCOs

Instrumental delivery – pit falls – Dr.Vasanthakumar.K.P

Polycystic ovarian syndrome – an overview – Prof.Ajitha Kumari

Postpartum haemorrhage  Dr.B.Laila

Gonadotrophin in PCOs – Dr.Lekshmi.R

Preterm labor & PROM – Dr.Sujamol Jacob

Reviewing maternal death & complications to make pregnancy safer – Dr.V.P.Paily

Eclampasia – an overview

Screening for ovarian cancer – Dr.Sulekhadevi.P.B

Uterine fibroid embolisation – Dr.Radhamony.D

Vaginal birth after caesarean – Dr.Sangeetha Menon

The funeral of an unfertilised ovum – Dr.Divya Sanal

PCOD treatment, analysis and case study – Dr.Shabna

Polycystic ovarian syndrome – threatened feminity

Partograph – Dr Sheela V.Mane

Ante natal care – Systematic supervision of a woman during pregnancy

Complications after delivery, auxillary treatment and Homeopathy

Role of homeopathic constitutional medicine in maintaining normal pregnancy – Dr.Anita Fernandas

Complications of pregnancy – minor & major

Primary postpartum hemorrhage and its management – Dr.Arun Rao

Strengths of Homoeopathy and National Campaign on Homoeopathy for Mother and Child Health Care –  Chaturbhuja Nayak

MTP and the Law

Normal Delivery – Dr.Arun Rao

Obstetric procedures – Dr.V.P.Paily

Scope of antimaismatic remedy for mother for delivering healthy baby – Dr.Jyoshna Shivaprasad

Shock in obstetrics – Dr.Arun Rao

Antenatal care – Dr.A.K.Radhakrishnan

Toxemia of pregnancy – homeopathic approach – Dr.R.Rejikumar

Relationship of OBGY with relation to anatomy – Early development- Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran

Relationship of OBGY in relation to anatomy Development of Female Reproductive System Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran

Relationship of OBGY with relation to anatomy – Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran

Relationship of OBGY with relation to anatomy – UTERUS – Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran

Relationship of OBGY with relation to anatomy – Vagina Dr.ESJ Prabhu Kiran

Mother’s health Child’s too – Dr.N.K.Thulaseedharan

Complaints of Children,Nutrition for women & children – Dr.Jemini.M

Introduction to Maternal and Child health

Benign Neoplasm of the Female genital tract – Dr. Vilma D’ Souza

Role of homeopathy in promotion of breast feeding – Dr.M.Premachandran

Role of Homoeopathy in antenatal care intra natal care and post natal care – Dr Suchita N. Pawaskar

Family Planning – Dr. P. K .Jameela

Antenatal complaints – Dr.Manoj Thomas

Normal purpeurium – Dr.Maya

Complications in Pregnancy – Dr Nibi Chandra

Complaints during pregnancy & complicating pregnancy – Dr.Esmail Sait

Postnatal care & complaints during postnatal period – Dr.Subadra

Antenatal Complaints – Dr.Sugantha Kamath

Case presentation on antenatal complaints – Dr.Sugantha Kamath

Homeopathy for mother and child care – Dr.Shailakumar

Physiological basis of Obstetrics and Gynecology – Dr Deena M Monteiro

Leucorrhoea – Dr. Shilpa Sharma

Menstrual Cycle

Experience IPD care in obstetrics & gynecology Dr. Dinesh Rao

Miasmatic & reportorial approach in Gynaecology

Role of Materia Medica in Antenatal care – Dr.Shreepad Hegde

Normal Labor and Childbirth – Advances in Maternal and Neonatal Health

Nutrition for women and Children – Dr K Sandeep

Approach of homeopathy in ovarian disorders – Dr.Vilma D’ Souza

Female and pregnancy

Prevention in maternal and child health – Dr. Anuja.U

Collapsing FSGS Karunan Kannampoyilil

RCH – Reproductive and Child Health Programme

Role of pathology in relation to obstetrics & Gynaec . Part.1 – Dr Hilda D’souza(nee Fernandes)

Role of pathology in relation to obstetrics & Gynaec . Part.11 – Dr Hilda D’souza(nee Fernandes)

Morning sickness and hyperemesis in pregnancy Arti maria

Repertory In relation to Obstetrics & Gynecology. Part.1 – Dr.Shaila.Udachankar

Repertory In relation to Obstetrics & Gynecology. Part.11 – Dr.Shaila.Udachankar

Conduct of normal labour – Dr.Sreeja

Concepts of Primary Health Care

Constipation and haemorrhoids during pregnancy

Role of OBGY in relation to psychology & homeopathic philosophy – Dr.Shivaprasad

Role of Homeopathy in Infertility

Delivery of Mother and Child Care Services- present scenario – Dr.Sanil Kumar

Hyperemesis gravidarum – homeopathic management – Dr.R.Reji Kumar

Toxemia of pregnancy – homeopathic approach – Dr.Reji Kumar.R

Lactation disorders and homeopathy – Dr. Subhas Singh

Homeopathy in Pregnancy & Child birth– Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Research on healthy mother & happy child – Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

MCH care – Homeopathic perspectives – Dr.Sanil Kumar

Homeopathy for healthy mother and healthy child – Dr.T.N.S.Kurup

Long-term consequences of Polycystic Ovarian syndrome – Samir F Abdel Aziz

Plan for Maternal Health & EMOC in RCH II – Dr. H. Bhushan

Role of Homoeopathy in RCH -II – Dr.Sanil Kumar

Homeopathy for safe motherhood – Dr. S. S. Babar

Gynaecology and Homeopathy

AYUSH movie on Healthy Mother & Happy Child

Health Mother & Happy Child – Tamil nadu

Managing Obstetrics  Problems  Homoeopathically

Management of Ectopic  Gestation – Recent Trends

Morning sickness – Dr Geetha Jose 

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