Interesting Cases treated and cured by Homeopathy

Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali|
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A case of telogen effluviumDr Khyati Dodiy

Homoeopathic Management of Pyoderma Gangrenosum Evidence based case study Dr.Karuna Patil

Homoeopathy in Skin and Cosmetology Cases Dr Mansoor Ali

Psoric expression progressing to sycosis- a case studyDr Vineeta Neeraj Kumar

Alopecia areataDr. Devika Chaturvedi

Diabetic ulcer with homoeopathic management Dr BS Jeen Stud

Difficulty and incurable cases palliation Dr KentDr. Himani N Soam

Advanced pathology cured by homoeopathyDr Mansoor Ali

Homoeopathic cosmetology – success storiesDr Mansoor Ali

Alopecia case

Case studiesDr CRG/Sujit/Chandrabhan

Blocked Fallopian tubes cured by HomoeopathyDr RK Singh

A case of warts Dr Neeraja

A case of alcohol withdrawal state Dr Chandrabhan Sharma 

A case of gastropathy cured by homoeopathy – Dr Anutosh Chakraborty

A case of Interstitial lung diseases

IVDP cured by Homoeopathy Dr Rumsheed

A case of Multiple CornsDr. Farhan Nadaf

A Case of psoriasisMashida K

A Case of RhombencephalosynapsisDr Midhun Ramesh

A case of pediatric – discussionDr Midhun Ramesh

A Rare case of developmental delayDr Midhun Ramesh

Child with Ventricular Septal Defect and absent left upper limb pulsesDr Midhun Ramesh

Histiocytosis syndromes of childhood : a case series Dr Midhun Ramesh

A Case of Progressive Pseudorheumatoid ChondrodysplasiaDr Midhun Ramesh

Neonate with urea cycle disorder Dr Midun Ramesh

Unusual presentation of small vessel vasculitis Dr Midhun Ramesh

Seethalayam cases Kottayam

Metastatic adeno-carcinoma of Gall BladderS Banerjea

Sethalayam casesA T Sukumari

Chand – Homeopathy in multi drug resistance TB

Duodenal  Ulcer With Bulbar Stenosis Dr Ambrish P

Case of terminal, metastatic, small cell cervical cancer

Gastroesophageal reflux/ Reflux in a newborn babyDr. Didier Grandgeorge 

A case of aseptic necrosis of femur head treated with Aurum Metallicum

Homeopathy in malignant Urinary Bladder Prof. Dr.Alok Pareek M.D

Homoeopathy in Nephrotic Syndrome Prof.Dr.Alok Pareek

Uterine fibroid  cured with medorrhinum Dr Sayan Dutta Ray

Infective Endocarditis – case report

Chondrosarcoma of the occipital bone -a case presentation

Effectiveness of homoeopathy – cases

A case of dyspnea

A case of scurvy

A case of haemorragic ovarian cyst – Dr Lubna Kamal

Seethalayam – Cases

A case of bronchial asthma with behavioural problems with unhealthy skin – Dr Farokh J Master

A Case of Anal Fissure–  Dr. K.Shiva Kumar

A Case of Eczema  – Dr. K.Shiva Kumar

A Case of Multiple Warts – Dr. K.Shiva Kumar

Cases by Roberto Petrucci

Case of diabetic ulcer

Case of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – Dr. Rabiya. Bashri

Homoeopathic approach on infertility

Seethalayam – Cases

A case of renal function impairment – Dr.Bimal Gosain

Homoeopathic medicine and its result in a case of squamous cell carcinoma – Dr. Amal Kumar Bhattacharjee

Terminal cancer treatment by Homoeopathy – Dr Sashikant K Gupta

Case of Guillain barre syndrome – Dr Sunil Parse

Magic of Homeopathy in Non Healing Chronic Ulcers with Pictorial ExperiencesDr Hiralal  Agrawal

Evidence based pathological cases – Dr. (Mrs.) Leena A. Dighe

A Case of Giant Molluscum Contagiosum in AIDS Patient  Dr Pawan S Chandak

Carcinoma tongue –  Dr Subina

Hemangioblastoma case

A case of tonsillitis – Dr.Arpana S Pareek

A case of CSOM – Dr. Arpana S Pareek

A case of diabetes mellitus – Dr.Arpana S Pareek

A case of nasal polyp – Dr.Arpara S Pareek

A rare case of tuberculoma – Dr Jyotish R Nair

A rare case of Headache – Dr Aquil Kalanad

A fatal bleed – Dr Shanu P M

Understanding case taking in pediatrics – Dr.Salini.G.K

Psychological disorders cured by homoeopathy – Dr.Gopi Krishnan

Magic through homeopathy – Dr.Sayan Dutta Ray

A case of cushing’s disease managed with homoeopathy

A case of allergic rhinitis – Dr.S.A.Bohra

A case of bronchial asthma with pulmonary collapse – Dr.Deepa.A.S

A case of bronchial asthma – Dr.Smitha.K.Mohan

Lobar pneumonia managed with homoeopathy – Dr.Mridula Gopinathan

A rare case of bleeding – Dr.Shriphal Vijayan

APD and Homoeopathy – Dr.Sophy R Das

A case of cancer esophagus

A case of filariasis – Dr.Dinesh.R.S

A case of nephrotic syndrome

A case of urticaria

Tubercular arthritis and homoeopathy – Dr.Asha.R

A case of depressive psychosis

A case of dysphagia

A case of severe dyspnoea treated with homeopathic medicine

Evaluation of a case of epiphora – Dr.Sujith.S.S

A case of pneumonia – Dr.Mridula.R

A case hepatocellular carcinoma – Dr.Sreereka.S

An interesting case presentation – Dr.Sebastian Varghese

Hyperthyroidism managed by homoeopathy

A case of rhinosporidosis

A case of renal failure – Dr.S.Sajeev

Another case of rhinosporidosis

Cervical spine injury and homeopathy

Chronic sinusitis and homeopathy – Dr.Jyothisai

Varicose ulcer and homoeopathy

A Case of Anal Fissure – Dr.Shivakumar

A case of IVDP – Dr.Shivakumar

A case of multiple warts – Dr.Shivakumar

A case of cancer of lung – Dr.Shivakumar

Carcinoma Pancreas – Homeopathic approach – Dr.Aji Punnen

A case of sacralisation of lumbar vertebrae

Obsessive Compulsive disorder of childhood

Recurrent LRTI

A case of motor neuron disease  Dr.Arun Krishnan

Suppression leads to Diabetes Mellitus

A case of cerebral atrophy – Dr.K.Shivakumar

Cerebral palsy – Homeopathic approach – Dr.Aji Punnen

A case of familial tremors

Reactive depression with retinal artery thrombosis

Two cases of acute poisoning – Dr.Arun Kumar.M.V

A rare case of GUTB in a child – Karunan KANNAMPOYILIL

A Case of Post Encephalitis Syndrome – Dr.G.Srinivaslu

Managing an aggressive patient

A case of brain necrosis

A case of cerebral edema

A case of circulatory edema

A case of inflammatory edema

A case of lymphatic edema

A case of myocardial necrosis

A case of Baker’s Cyst

A case of congestive cardiac failure

A case of dengue fever

Casus Hahnemann and pulsatilla – Dr.Roger Von Zandervoort 

A case of Sepia

I like to paint the town red

A rare remedy in a common case – Dr.S.Praveen Kumar

9 year old sexy girl

X-ray with wonderful cures

A case of dengue fever

A case of psoriasis

Diabetes mellitus with knee joint

A case of dysthymia – Dr.Bipin Jain

Evolving Materia Medica Portraits through cases – Dr.Bipin Jain

Evolving Materia Medica Portraits: Staphysagria as an example – Dr.Bipin Jain

Repression, denial and somatisation

Evolution of a psychiatric case

Case of a diabetic ulcer

Turmoil of a sensitive youngster

UMN lesion with hypertension

A case of major depressive disorder

Disgusted and hatred towards in laws

Allergic URTI, CSOM, Mastoiditis

Cellulites of Right foot with gangrene of little toe.

A case of enteric fever

A case of somatisation

A nux.vomica case

A case of second degree burns – Dr.Navin Pawaskar

Finds fault with teacher

Hypersensitive Interstitial Alveolitis

Infertility cured with Arg. Nitricum

Large pituitary adenoma cured with homeopathy

A case Lachesis

A case of grief reaction – Dr.Bipin Jain

Chondrosarcoma of the occipital bone – Dr G.K.Swethadri , Dr. C.K.Ballal

Management of violent and agitated patients

A case of a reactive arthritis

Two female cases

A case of paranoid schizophrenia

A case of staphysagria  – Bipin jain

Ferrum met case 


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