Physiology & Biochemistry – PowerPoint Presentations & Lectures  

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Erythropoiesis – Dr Jasmin

Urine formation – Dr Jasmin

Plasma Lipoproteins – Dr Jasmin

Autoimmunity Dr Namita S

Fluid and electrolyte balance  – Dr Midhun Ramesh

Sensory pathways Dr Nisha C N


Adrenergic and Dopaminergic Receptors and Actions

Carbohydrate metabolism – Dr Deepthi P K

Minerals in the body

Nervous system – basics

The nervous system

Nervous System Part.2

Nervous system- brain and reflexes

Peripheral nervous system

Neuro anatomy & Neuro physiology

Respiratory system

The nervous system

Carbohydrate digestion, metabolism and glucose tolerance test – Dr Nisha C N

Fluid and electrolyte imbalance

Glycogenesis,glycogen storage diseases, gluconeogenesis,cori cycle,hmp shunt – Dr Jitin Rajan

Histology of nephron &urine formation – Dr Sruthy V M

Hyper natremia – management

Immune response

Potassium disorders – Dr.Shiva

Acessary nerve, hypoglossal nerve – Dr Jitin Rajan

Pyramidal and extrapyramidal tracts – Dr Ansha John

RNA – Ribonucleic acid

Sensory pathways – Dr Nisha C N 

Disorders of Calcium Metabolism

Fluid and electrolyte management – Dr. Sr. Binymol Aney Kurian

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Peripheral Nervous System

Disorders of Neuromuscular Transmission

Heme Degradation & Hyperbilirubinemias Beth A. Bouchard

Arterial blood Gas

Autonomic nervous system

Circulatory Disturbances

Corona radiata

Facial nerve

Heart as a pump

Anatomical and Physiological Basis of Understanding Neurological Diseases

Brain and Cranial Nerves

Cranial Nerves

Cranial Nerve Disorders

Movement and Cerebellar Disorders

Acid base disorders – Dr Shiva

Adrenal cortex – Histology & synthesis of hormone

Carbohydrate Metabolism – Dr Shalinin G Unnithan

The Autonomic Nervous System

Nerve fiber – classification

Central nervous system

DNA – Dr Mridul

Errors of metabolism

Carbohydrate Metabolism – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Lymphatic system and body defense – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Basal Metabolic rate

Haemoglobin – Dr.Preethi John

Liver function test – Dr.Asha V Sasi

Sensory pathway

Vagus Nerve– Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Cell biophysics and biochemistry – Dr.Anuraj

Portal Circulation – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Respiratory system – Dr.J.Adline Jerald Paul

Renal function test – Dr.Jayadeep.B.P

TCA Cycle – Dr.Anoop.P.V

The lens – Dr.Sujeesh.S.S

Trigeminal nerve – Dr.Smitha R Menon

Trigeminal nerve – Dr.Joby.J

Vertebral artery – Dr.Smitha R Menon

Vestibulo Cochlear nerve – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Bile and its clinical application  Dr.Soumya.U.S

Visual pathways – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Gastrointestinal system – Dr.Asha V Sasi

Renal System – Dr.Divya

Acid base balance and Fluid balance – Dr.Pramod Nair

Micturition – applied physiology  Dr.Pramod Nair

Glomerulonephritis – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Pineal gland and Melatonin

Lungs – essential organs of respiration – Dr.Divya.V.K.T

Pancreas – Dr.Asha V Sasi

Sense of smell

Spinal cord and nerves  Dr.Sharika.K.U

The Kidneys

Cell biophysics and bio chemistry

Central nervous system

Cerebellum and its connection

Cerebrospinal fluid – Aruna Parvathy

Importance of hemoglobin – Dr.S.P.Sinhasan

Erythrocytes applied physiology – Dr.Soumya.U.S

The parathyroid gland and calcium balance – Felix E Grissom

Ventricular system of brain – Dr.Sharika.K.U

TCA Cycle – Dr.Suja Pillai

BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate

Cranial nerves

Cranial nerves 11 & 12 and its applied aspects – Dr.Smitha Velayudhan

Digestion & absorption


Physiology and applied aspects of red blood cells

Physiology & applied aspects of Heart sounds

Physiology of renal system

Pituitary gland

TCA Cycle – Dr.Suja Pillai

How much water do you need a day

How to Quickly and Easily Understand Your Blood Tests

Blood tests in day to day practice – Dr Nazarulla

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