PowerPoint Presentations & Lectures on Homoeopathy

Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali KR
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Autoimmune disorders and HomoeopathyDr Divya Parmar

Homeopathy Approach for Treating Migraine: A Comprehensive Guide – Dr.Prashant Sangade

Implication of biological model of health in Homoeopathy Dr.Samreen

Brousseau’S Method  of TreatmentDr Narayani N Walavalkar

Diabetic ulcer with Homoeopathic managementDr BS Jeen Stud

Gout and Homoeopathic managementDr Saleha M Alam

Ophthalmic diseases and therapeutics Dr Shahida 

My vision for  HomoeopathyDr Yogesh Kadam 

Warts and Homoeopathic TreatmentDr Sneha M Wagh. Ganachari

Covid 19 and HomoeopathyDr. Pratipal Singh Yadav

Acid peptic Disease and Homoeopathy Dr Uttam Das

Gall Stone And Homeopathy   Dr. Madhugandha Sachin Kabadage

Menstrual Complaints And Homeopathy Madhugandha Sachin Kabadge

Migraine And Homeopathy Madhugandha Sachin Kabadge

Psoriasis and Homoeopathy – Dr. Madhugandha Sachin Kabadge

Urticaria And Homeopathy Dr. Madhugandha Sachin Kabadge

Osteoporosis Homeopathic approachDr Mansoor Ali

Homoeopathy  in dermatological disorder with specific emphasis on Psoriasis – Dr L M Khan

Homoeopathic approach Rheumatological DisordersDr Mansoor Ali

Sinusitis & its Homoeopathic ManagementDr Shama Bano

Thyroid, its disorders & the homoeopathic treatmentGyandas G. Wadhwani

Pain and palliative care in Homeopathy – Dr Nisha C N

Neurospinal disorders and HomeopathyDr Mansoor Ali

ADHD and Homeopathic Diagnosis

Scope and limitations of Homoeopathy 

Homoeopathy in Public health  – Dr. K.S.Sethi Advisor (Homoeopathy) 

Homoeopathic Approach to Remedy Selection – Dr. Jyoti Mallick

Homeopathy and  Conventional Medicine: An Outcomes Study  Comparing Effectiveness In A Primary Care  Setting Dr Ayesha Naaz

Cardinal Principles of Homoeopathy Dr Rizwana A

Common Indian plant poison and homoeopathic remedies Dr Neha Shendre

American Institute of Homeopathy 

Scientific  method of  preparing homoeopathic nosodes

Relevance of homoeopathy in Rheumatological disordersDr Mansoor Ali 

Doctor or a Homoeopath- A Health care Practitioner Dr Rekha Srinivasan

Homoeopathic management of Endocrinological disordersDr Mansoor Ali

Opportunities for homeopathy graduatesDr RK Manchanda

Homoeopathy in geriatrics – Dr Jasmin

AUTOPATHY -an unknown area of homoeopathy

Cancer and its Homeopathy TreatmentDr Naval Kumar Verma

Dry Cough: Managing by Homoeopathy – Dr. Subhash Chaudhary

Homeopathic Management of Hypertension Cases – Journal review

Cure in Homoeopathy – Dr Anagha Nitin Kulkarni

The development of new sequence specific homeopathic DNA remedies for health promotion and disease protection. – Peter H Kay and Saqib Rashid

Meeting patient expectations through accreditations like nabh & jciDr.Vivek Gopalakrishnan

Pioneers of Homoeopathy –    Dr. Jyoti J. Mallick

Rare photographs of Dr Samuel Hahnemann – Dr Saira Fathima Hameed 

Relation of bacteriology to homoeopathy Dr.Nitesh Jangid

Role of Homoeopathy and Homoeopath in Multi speciality Centres Dr Anupam Sethi Malhotra

Stress and homoeopathy- some random reflections – Dr.Ajit Kulkarni

Tribute to Dr. Hahnemann – Dr RN Wahi

Want to Get your Child Vaccinated? Know the TruthDr Ronisha

Varicose Veins  and  Its Homeopathic Approach– Dr Namita S

VERTIGO Homoeopathic approachDr Abdul Jaleel

Amazing therapiesDr. S. G. Kane

Bach Flower remediesDr V Krishna Murthy

A guide to basic and advanced homoeopathic practiceDr Krishna Murthy

The Availability of Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products in the EU

Successful practice of homoeopathyDr Krishna Murthy

Laws relating to women of India

Accidents and Rescue

Experience – Epidemics and HomoeopathyDr Jun Alas

Arambula – Profundización de lo miasmático por las vacunas su tratamiento homeopático

Dengue Fever Epidemics Rio de Janeiro 2008

Is Similimum is enigma – Dr Aruna

Understanding of the processes of thought and methodology in the therapeutic decision in homeopathy – Fernanda Benitez Cardenas

An Overview of the Regulation of Homeopathic Drug Products in the United StatesJ.P. Borneman

Homeopathic proving methodologiesDr Botha         

Protea Cynorides proving Dr Botha

The presentation of history of medicineDr.Ambrish

Women’s Welfare- through Homoeopathy

The Rocky Road from Efficacy to Effectiveness: New Research Directions in CAM in the US.

Family Friendly Health Initiative an in house certification systemDr Shama bano

First aid and HomeopathyDr Tejasvi K P

First aid patient report form

The role of the pharmacist in homeopathyFruzsina Gábor

The role of the pharmacist in homeopathy(ppt)Fruzsina Gábor

Patient experiences from distance homeopath- telemedicine

Liga 2010 congress schedule of lectures – India

Esclarecimiento y lenguaje linico clinico—nosologico

Modern medication and the homoeopathic principlesDr Gazala Shaike

Interferon Alfa homeopathic doses A possible novel approach in Hepatitis C treatment

Cosmetology: Effective use of Homeopathy & Adjuvant therapyDr.Smita Nambison

New insight in treating cancer:an integrated homeopathic approach Dr K M Nisanth Nambison

Blood Protein Electrophorerius & Homeopathy

Healing through homeopathy Some success stories Dr D P Rastogi

Homeopathy proving- down the rabbit-hole 

Homeopathy protocol disease efficacy 

The Homoeopathic Drug Proving of Strychnos henningsii its Relationship to Existing Loganiaceae RemediesAshley Ross Melanie Naidoo

Objective Blood Measures in Hahnemannian Provings

The Banerji Protocols: Disease Specific Homeopathic Medicines

Second prescriptionDr Gazla Zhaike

Homeopathic remedy Vertigoheel in field practice of the rescue service

Gripp-Heel®-induced interferon type I release might mediate its antiviral activity

Lifestyle  disorders & its management  in homoeopathy Dr. Shivang Swaminarayan

Sociology of Homoeopathy

Comparative Study of Medical Holism of Zhang Zhongjing and HahnemannSteve A. Xue

Homeopathy in edodoncia

Post trauma – Homeopathy & acupuncture

Public awareness on Homoeopathy

Homeopathic Medicine is Nanopharmacology  Dana Ullman. MPH

Can homeopathy learn something from psychoanlysis

Male and Female Remedies, A View – Dr Shiv Dua

Stages as a Universal Principle for Differentiation – Jan Scholten

Is JUNK DNA same as CHRONIC MIASM – Genetic Research Explaining Fundamentals of Organon

Life threatening situations, various methods of treatment and heamodynamic stabilization– Dr. Leo Francis Tauro

Logic of homoeopathy

Homoeopathy prophylaxis – methods and techniques

Homoeopathy in cardiology

Homoeopathy in cardio vascular diseases

Homoeopathy in hematology

Homoeopathy in joint diseases

Migraine and Homoeopathy

Osteo arthritis and Homoeopathy

Osteoarthrosis and Homoeopathy

Osteoporosis – Homoeopathy approach

Rabies – Homoeopathic approach

Pneumonia and homoeopathy

Monsoon awareness classes

Stroke – Homoeopathic approach

NABH standards and elements

Origin and spread of homoeopathy in India

Acupressure and acupuncture – Ammara Saiyed

The association of cravings, aversions,  aggravations, ameliorations – Journal review

Scope and Limitations of homoeopathy

The causes of failure in   homoeopathy – Dr Poornima G

The discovery of homoeopathy  Dr. Shama bano

Yoga in asthma – Dr H Victory

Vaccination & homoeopathy  – Dr Chaithanya NSK

Homeopaths are against vaccination because

Vaccine reaction – Dr Aji Singh

Diet and regimen in Homoeopathy

Cellular pathology and homoeopathy – Dr.Sunirmal Sarkar

Colour and sound remedies to complement the similimum – Dr A.S.Mridul

Concept of diet – practical guidelines

Dietary Prescriptions during Homoeopathic Treatment: A Prospective Discussion –    Dr. Amit Kumar Agrawal

Influence of social and cultural factors in an individul’s health & illness – Dr Sunny Mathew

Significance of constituition and temperament in homoeopathy – Dr. B. Vidya Priyadharshini

Nanotechnology and Homoeopathy

Pre-requisite for successful homoeopath – Dr Vivek

Quality Assurance – An Introduction for HealthCare Professionals – Dr Shama Bano 

10 Biggest Brain Damaging Habits

Development of Homoeopathy in India – Dr Pranesh Kumar Singh

Quality for fitness for use – Dr Joseph Juran

A Complete Handbook of Nature Cures

Innovations in Electronic Banking System: RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) – Dr.Narinder Kumar

Ayurveda basic concepts – Dr Shalni G Unnithan

Integrating AYUSH in Health Research, Teaching and Practice –Dr. D. D. Sharma

Concept of man in health – Prof. Sunder Lal

Institutionalizing use of ICT for better health care –  Dr Pankaj Gupta

Contribution of Dr Baburajendralal dutta to Homeopathy

Ensuring Essential Medicines for All 212

Dynamic science – Homeopathy & cancer – Dr Shaji V Kudiyat  

Successful Homeopathic management of COPD – Dr Sheeja

Healthy living and Homoeopathy – Dr. B. C. Nath

My Clinical Experience in Paediatric Practice -Dr J D Dayani

ADHD and its homoeopathic management Dr. Deepti S. Nathani

Genus epidemicus in the management of HIV Infected Persons

Lancet – The Alarm for Homoeopath – Dr. Anupam kumar srivastava

Allergy a Homoeopathic insight – Dr Sreevals G Menon

Medicine of 21st century and  Homoeopathy – Dr Ajay Dahad. 

Homeopathy for all – Dr Vikram Chaouhan  

Management of acute exacerbations of bronchial asthma from homoeopathic perspective –Dr.Mahesh Chevva

Therapeutic Management of Sub-Clinical mastitis using homeopathic formulation C. K. Patel ,R. M. Patel , K. M. Jadhav and H.H.Panchasara

Acute exacerbations of chronic bronchial asthma – Dr Brender Sharma

Common hazards observed during dispensing resulting in disbelief in doctor or in whole system of medicine – Rahul Tewari

Clinical Management of Thelitis with Homeopathic Drugs in Cows and Buffaloes – Dr. J. P.Varshney

Homeopathy or immunopathy – Dr S Harimann

Homeopathy in CNS tuberculosis – Dr Sudir Batra

Case history: Individualized homoeopathy and non-specific duodenal infiltration with gastric outlet obstruction – Dr. Rashid Akhtar

Homeopathy in public health – Dr Eswara Das

Biochemic tissue salts in mother and child health care – Dr S.K Vashisht

Homeopathy in family practice –Léon Sheepers Sheepers

Tele‐homoeopathy – A viable public health model to outreach the inaccessible population in India – Dr. Eswara Das

Practice Management in Homoeopathy – Dr B S Mohan

Analysis of Borland’s Children’s Type – Dr. Anu Kapoor,Dr. Neerja Korey,Dr. R. K. Manchanda

Hemorrhagic disorders in livestock and their treatment with homeopathic medications– Dr Goswami Amiya; Verma Divya; 

Fusion approach in rheumatology cases – Dr Nimish V Mehta

Law of Synergy for homoeopathic therapeutics – Dr P V Venkatraman

Crushed hand repaired and treated by homeopathy – Dr.P.V.S.N.Prasad

Suppression with Homoeopathy – Dr Jaswant Patil

Homeopathy treats the patient but disease pathology corrected – Dr Anil Singhal

Plutonium Nitricum in a patient with Cacchi Ricci disease– Dr Chantal Chemla Boucara

Integrative Medicine”…Future of Healthcare?– Dr Vijay Mohan Kohli

Wonder of LM – 0/30 in Psoriasis

Experience at the Bedside: Meningitis and Montana – Prof . L. M. Khann

Homeopathy in the implementation of the municipal of health service vitoria, espirito santo, Brazil

The scientific method of curing chronic diseases

Using of a IGNATIA in dyslexia and speech pathology  – Mrs. Maryvonne

My experience with keynote prescribing in a case of parkinson plus syndrome – Gyandas G. Wadhwani

LMHI representation to President of India

Solving difficult fevers fusion approach – Dr Nimish Mehta

Experiencing the significance of homoeopathic ‘specific remedy’ in a case of uterine fibroma Anupriya

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy for Natural Disasters and Calamities : A Global Health Initiative –Dr. Srinivasa Rao Nyapati

How to treat patients in remote areas – Mind Technologies

Discussion Inputs from cross- cutting theme of Human Resources for Health

Boericke, Phatak & The prescriber  Dr Victory

Homoeopathy the science of therapeutics – Dunham

Homoeopathy in Common Diseases/Ailments – Dr . Gurudev Choubey

Sleep and dreams – Dr A S Mridul

Evidence Based Medicine – Dr. Donald Christian, Dr. Suresh Rathi

Hahnemann advices  on diet, hygiene and  environment

Concept of health by H A Robert

Hering – Journal

Hering law of cure – The controversy – T K Kasiviswanathan

Homoeopathic aggravation

Homeopathic aggravation – concepts

Homoeopathy and dreams – Dr luc de schepperd

Prospects of  Homoeopathy   – Dr Mansoor Ali

Dr. Adolph Lippe

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and his works

Dr.Henry C Allen

Dr.Cyrus Maxwell Boger

Dr. Alfred Pulford

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Integration of Different Systems of Medicine – Dr. Dinesh R S

Introduction to homeopathic palliative care – Dr Dinesh R S

Drug proving – the investigation – Dr Divya Sanal

National campaign on Homeopathy (Malayalam)

Alopecia and homeopathy – Dr Shivaji Gaur

The Uniqueness f Homoeopathy – Dr.B.P.Panda

The other song – Dr Rajan Sankaran

Display this slide in your clinic (Malayalam)

Legislation in relation to homoeopathy  Dr.Vivek

Panchakarma & Rasayana  Dr.M.R.Vasudevan Namboodiri

Gender based issues – Dr.Indu.P.V

Immunity and Homoeopathy  Dr.R.Pramod Kumar

Basic things about homeopathy – Dr.T.D.Hemachandran

Stress and its management – Dr.Kathika Chatterjee

Thirst the reality – Dr.Divya Sanal

Clemens Maria Franz von Boenninghausen – life & works

Dr.Constantine Hering – father of homoeopathy in America

Life and works of Dr.J.T.Kent – Dr.Joby

Life and works of Kent

Application of miasm in clinical pediatrics – Dr.R.Sarath Chandran

Saga of legendary Dr.Samuel Hahnemann – Dr.Vinu Krishnan

Why our science took 200 years to reach to present understanding?

Dreams and the Interpretations – Dr.S.M.D’souza

Infrastructure status, regulation & quality control of Indian Medicine – Dr.S.K.Sharma

Five finger management of homoeopathic profession  Dr.S.G.Biju

Life Cycle of butterfly

Disease, person, patient = individulaisation – Dr.S.G.Biju

Dr.Hahnemann’s contribution to therapeutic principle – Dr.Muralidharan.K.S

Homeopathic approach towards vaccination – Dr.Anisha.P.J

Propagation and opportunities in homeopathy in Kerala in next 15 years  Dr.Abdul Lethif

Vision homoeopathy 2020 at Kerala – a project

Immunisation in the real sense – homeopathic heritage – Dr.Mridula Gopinathan

Treating cancer with homoeopathy

Palliative care and homoeopathy

Rapid Action Epidemic Cell Homeopathy  Kerala

Right to information act – Obligations & Responsibilities

Safety measures in homeopathy  Wayane B Jona

Easy way to genetic constitutional remedy – Dr.S.G.Biju

Scientificity of homeopathy

Angels of prescription to prove the scientificity of homeopathy – Dr.S.G.Biju

Hahnemannian case management based on Luc De Schepper’s ‘ similimum Marc Van Wijk

AYUSH Keralam – Dr.Rejikumar

Life style disease – Dr.K.Sandeep

On the choice of family physician

Aetiological consideration in Homeopathy – Dr.Nalini Prava Nayak

History of Medicine – Dr.Arunkrishnan

Mainstreaming of AYUSH in managerial issues – Dr.U Dutta

Contributions of Dr.J.H.Clarke – Dr.Ranjith Chandra

Concept of dynamism, application of philosophy in health disease and cure – Dr.A.Rajender reddy

Homeopathic approach on infertility

Siddha System of Medicine – Dr.Senthilvel

Importance of physical features in homeopathic prescription – Dr.Kannan

Management of complex disease states in Homeopathy – Dr.Dinesh Rao

Mainstreaming of AYUSH – ASHA training – Dr.A.Raghu

Male sexual disorders and homeopathic management – Dr.Shivakumar

The scientific basis of homoeopathy

Common ailments and home remedies – Dr.Sushmita Sharma

AYUSH in Puducherry

Strength of Ayurveda – Dr.Manoj Nesari

Comparative study of Systems of Medicines & Scope of Medicine in 21st Century – Dr.Subhas Singh

Purchase of medicine and legal aspects of homeopathic practice – Dr.S.Suresh

Panchakarma in Ayurveda

Mainstreaming of AYUSH – training modules

Geriatric health care – Dr.Durga

General Examination

Dispensary management and accounting – Dr.P.Haridas

Dispensary management – Dr.Roy. Y

Genus Epidemicus – Homeopathic preventive for prophylaxis

Health systems in Kerala – Dr.K.Sandeep

Epidemic prophylaxis – Dr.B.S.Rajashekaran

Attendance register – Dr.Ajith Roy

Introduction to Unani – Dr.M.A.Qasmy

Vision Homeopathy IHMA

National workshop on emerging fevers and chikungunya – Dr.R.Rejikumar

Diagnosis in Homoeopathy – Dr.Saveesh Kumar 

Side effects of homeopathic medicine – Dr.Cyriac Thomas

Time management – Dr.M.Premachandran

Travancore- Homoeopathic Convention – Vision 2020 – Dr.M.Premachandran

AYUSH in India – Dr.S.S.Mishra

Concept and Potentiality of Homoeopathy

Departments in a homeopathic medical college

Status of Homeopathy in India – Dr.Eswara Das

Status of Homoeopathy in Tamilnadu

Potentiality of Homeopathy

Strengthening of monitoring & evaluation in Tamil Nadu

Positive attitude towards public

Homeopathy in General Practice

Homoeopathic Excellence – Dr King Narcius

The Science and art of Healing by homeopathy

Mainstreaming of homeopathy with modern medicine

Assignments for PG students in Repertory

Therapeutic environment – Mrs.Jothis Bhanu

Why cancer incurable?? – Dr.Jerald Jayakumar

Homoeopathy – Its Principles and Doctrines – Dr.A.Shanthakumar

Mode of action of homeopathic medicines – Dr.Mahwish Nosheen

Role of Homeopathy in clinical practice – Dr.DP Rastogi  

Protect yourself and others from H1N1 – WHO

Effective management of viral fever epidemics by Homeopathy – Dr.Aji Punnen

Chikungunya & Dengue Fever – Dr.Rumshhed Necholi

Epidemic viral fevers in Kerala – Dr.Suja Pillai

Swine flu – General information

A tribute to Dr.Samuel Hahnemann – Dr.Vijay Patel

Preparedness for Avian influenza (bird flu) – Dr.Abdul Gafar

Chikungunya – A homeopathic prospective – Dr.Sunila.R

Concept of disease in Homeopathy – Dr.P.Sampath Rao

Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann – Dr.R.Rejikumar

Developmental history of homoeopathy – Dr.Rita Chakraborty

Important Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy in acute cases – George Loukas

Homeopathy potentisation vs e-biology – Dr.M.V.Ramanamurthy

Homeopathy and nano technology – Dr.Manoj Kumar.T.G

Honey and Cinnamon – a mixture for cures

The International Homeopathic Medical Students Competition – IHMSC

Infertility and Homeopathy – Dr. Nikunj Trivedi

Is Homoeopathy Bleeding To Death? – Dr.O.G.Vinod

Mental health and Homeopathy – Dr. B.P.Sharma

Migraine and Homeopathy – Dr.Tiwari

Skills in treating the new born

Pediatrics – A Repertorial approach – Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Sensation in Homeopathy

Effective & Instant Prescriptions through Repertory – Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Swine flu – what it is ? – Dr.Suja Pillai

Homeopathic approach in swing flu – Dr.Aji Punnen

Target Acutes – management of acute diseases with homeopathy – Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Geriatrics – diseases of aging – Dr.Manoj Kumar.T.G

A journey through the life of Hahnemann – Dr.Shiva Kumar

Introduction to Classical Homeopathy

Common Indian snakes

Suicide in Kerala-psychological implications

Best teachers in medical colleges – Dr Muhammed Shan

Recurrent dangerous hospitalisation

Snake bite management

Integrative medicine and health tourism

Chicken Pox – Poster 1

Chicken Pox – Poster 2

Chicken Pox – Poster 3

Chicken Pox – Poster 4 

Dental Homoeopathy

The Constitutions in the Prophylactic Treatment at the Children Dentistry Clinic –Prof. Gloria André Feighelstein 

Periodontals diseases -homoeopathic view – Prof. Gloria André Feighelstein

The perspective of homeopathy applied to community oral health

Effective treatment of Homeopathy in dental  disorders – Dr.Mahesh Chevva

Homeopathy in Dentistry- A Holistic Approach – Dr Priyanka Chopra

Homeopathy in dental practice – Dr Sachin Arora

Dental health education – Dr.Manju Ranjith

Homoeopathy in endodontia – Prof. Gloria André Feighelstein

Homeopathy in the endodontic technic

Veterinary Homoeopathy 

Managing Arthritis in Pets by Homeopathy – Dr. Surjit Singh Makker

Use of Homoeopathic Remedy in Anoestrus condition in Dairy animals –Dr. Vikram S. Jani

Homeopathy in Veterinary  Dr. Sanjeet Kumar

Exploring new dimension of homoeopathy in veterinary in science  Dr.Prakash S Thakor 

Animal Behavior & Veterinary Homeopathy- Richard Pitcairn

Diagnosis and Management of  Atrial Paroxysmal Tachycardia in Dogs with Homoeopathic Digitalis – Dr.J  P.Varshney

State and Central Projects 

Ayush training for ASHA

RAECH modus operandi 

Legislation of health care facilities in Tamil Nadu – Dr. P. Padmanaban

National Rural Health Mission – Dr.Sourav Arora

RAECH – Its Organization and Modus Operandi – Dr.Rajasekaran

Hospitals and dispensaries – Centrally sponsored scheme

About RAECH – Rapid Action Epidemic Cell Homeopathy – Dr.B.S.Rajashekaran

Schemes under AYUSH

NRHM & AYUSH – Dr.R.Reji Kumar

AYUSH Programmes in Kerala

Mainstreaming of AYUSH – Dr.S.K.Panda

Challenges of convergence under NRHM

Rapid action epidemic cell homeopathy – Govt. of Kerala

NRHM Operational Guidelines – Dr.Ajit Prasad

Role of NRHM doctors in Homoeopathy department – Dr.Balachandran nair.G.S

AYUSH Keralam – Dr.Rejikumar.R

NRHM Kerala – an overview – Dr.P.K.Jameela

Seethalayam – Gender based Homeopathy clinics in Kerala – Dr Sreelekha

Seethalayam (Malayalam)– Dr Sreelekha T Y

Seethalayam – Cases

National health programs – Dr.N.S.K.Chaitanya

Seethalayam introductionDr Balachandran

Seethalayam Calicut Inauguration


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