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Comparative study of the miasmatic background of natrum group of remediesDr J Vaisjali

Non-Repertorial Way of PrescribingDr. Mahavir B. Ghiya

Phosphorous homoeopathic remedy – Dr T Surekha

Sulphates “A Characteristic Study”  – Dr Divya Mehul Bhatt

Small remedies in homoeopathy

The acid group remedies in Homoeopathy – Dr Jasmin

Psorinum – master remedy in Homoeopathy – Dr Jasmin

Bothrops Lanceolatus – case and remedy study

Carcinosin – life sketchDr Remya AC

IODUM- a comprehensive study – Dr Muhammed Rashid

Magnesium  Muriaticum  Mental Picture – Dr Rahi Nagda

Homeopathy materia medica capsules slide show Similimum Ultra Homeopathic Software

Natrum group of remedies – Dr Anju C Raj

Platina Dr Remya

Stramonium- mind – Dr Rahi Nagda

Tarentula Hispanica – Dr Remya

Thuja occidentalis – Dr Namita S

Phosphorus drug pictureDr sayed Shoeb Ahmed Sageer

Learning from rare remediesDr Arun Ghosh

AgaricusDr K R Ramya

Capsicum annum Dr K R Ramya

Child behaviours-Materia Medica Dr K R Ramya

Fungal group of HomeopathyDr Shamseer P

Fungi in HomoeopathyDr Remya K R

Iodum in HomeopathyDr Ramy K R

Legumonosa family group studyDr Remya K R

MelanthaceaeDr Remya K R

UmbulliferaDr Remay K R

Veratrum albumDr Remya K R

Natrum Group of Homeopathy Medicines Dr Nisha C N

Staphysagria Dr Nisha C N

Aloe socotrina Dr Guruprasd MN

Araujo – Lachesis understanding

Carbon group of Homeopathy medicineDr Subina

Clinical verification of materia medica Dr Manasa rao

Psychoanalysis of Homoeopathic DrugDr Ambrish P

Guess-Calcarea Silicata

Bothrops in Cerebro vascular accidentDr Faroke J Master

Materia medica drugs for pg study – Dr Smita S Undale

Trios of Convulsion

Morrison-Organic Medicines

The magnesium group – Dr. K. Alamarselvan 

Solanaceae – Bell,stramonium,hyoscyamus

Intercurrent remedies in chronic diseases – Dr. Luc De Schepper

Key note prescribing in Homoeopathy –  Dr. Smitha Brahmachari

Kali muriaticum

Kali mur – chloride of potassium

Kali sulphuricum

Materia Medica of Lithium carb 

Kali bromatum

Kali bromtaum- potassium bromide 

Justicia adathoda

Joanesia Asoka

Ledum palustre

Liliacaea  family

Lithium carb in Homoeopathy

Lobelia inflata


Introduction to plant kingdom – Dr Hitesh Purohit

Loganaceae – Dr Shivakumar

Lycopodium and tuberculinum bovinum – Dr.Sr.BinymolAney Kurian

Magnesia muriaticum

Ignatia amara and magnesium – Dr Victory

Magnesium group of Homoeopathy remedies


Melilotus alba

Mercurius corrosivus  Hg Cl2

Mercurius sulphuricus HgSO42HgO

Mercury group of medicines in Homoeopathy

Mineral  Kingdom,  Noble Metals, Other Metals – Dr Bipin Jian

Mezerium – Vegetable mercury

Mezerium – features

Mineral kingdom and chemicals in Homoeopathy

How to teach minor drugs – Dr L K Nanda

Cobra in Homoeopathy

Natrum Sulphuricum

Natrum group of homoeopathy remedies– Dr Vivek N patil

Natrum remedies – Dr Saiprakash Pawde

Nitric acid – overview

Nux vomica – poison nut

Nux vomica – personality

Nosodes – overview


Periodic table – Mineral kingdom – DR. Bipin S. Jain


Phosphorous – picture

Phosphoric acid

Physostigma venenosum


Picric acidum (picric acid)

Platina personality

Platina mind

Plumbum metalicum in Homoeopathy

How to teach poly crest drugs – Dr L K nanda

Hidden treasures of potash

Hydrastis Canadensis

Chelidoneum majus

Materia medica therapuetics for psoriasis


Pulsatilla nigricans and comparative remedies

Radium Bromatum

How to teach rare drugs of Materia medica – Dr L K Nanda

Rheum palmatum

Rhus toxicodendron


Sambucus nigra

Sanicula  aqua   & antimonium  crudum child Dr H Victory

Sarcodes in Homoeopathy

Sarsaparilla root


Sepia officinalis  & carbo vegetalis – delayed development  – Dr H Victory

Sepia in Homoeopathy

Solanaceae family – potato or tomato – Dr Poornima G

Spongia tosta – roasted sponge


Sulphur – Dr Poornima G

Syphlinum – King of antisyphilitic

Syphilinum – leuticum

Syzygium Jumbolanum

Tarentula hispanica

Taraxacum officinale

The important of psychology in study of homoeopathic materia medica – Prof.(dr.) Rajesh d. Sanja

Thuja occidentalis


Urtica urens

Variolinum – a nosode

Veratrum album

Vipera Berus – Comparison

Vinca minor

Viburnum opulus – comparison

Hypericum Perfoliatum

Bromium Child

Carcinocin  – Dr Jayasree

Children type – capsicum annuum

Children type –  Causticum

Chemistry of halogens Pooja Goel

Halogens in Homeopathy  Dr C R Krishn Kumari Amma

Remedies from animal kingdom  Dr Nagendra Babu

Iodium – Dr Ramya K R

Iodium and Abrotanum

Lachesis mutus –  Dr Jayadeep


Liliacaea family – Dr Akhila G S

Periodic table of elements – Dr. Winston Vargheese

Thou are the salt of the earth – Dr. Winston Vargheese

Helonias dioica – Dr Anisha T J

Natrum Group of Homeopathy Medicines – Dr Nisha C N

Nosodes – Dr Ravi M Nair

Nosodes in homoeopathy

Petroleum Child

Sarcodes  & imponderabilia – Dr Winston Vargheese

The acids pollutant?

Vegetable kingdom and homoeopathy

Zincum metallicum children type  –


Acids in Homoeopathy – Prof.Dr.Shreepad Hegde

Aconite Napellus – Dr Guruprasad

Drug of the month- Aconitum Napellus

Actaea Recemosa (cimicifuga)

Agaricus – Dr K R Remya

Cedron-Simaruba Ferroginea

Cedron -photgraphs

Drug of the month – Tarentula hispana

The carbon group

China officianalis

China- Peruvian bark 

Chamomilla – pictures

Black hellebore

Benzoicum  Acidum Proved  By Jeanes

Aloes Socotrine

Drug of the month – Lycopodium

Drug of the month – Thyroidinum

Cicuta Virosa

Ambra Griesa

Cactus grandiflorus

Caladium seguinum

Calcarea flour

Chelidoneum – Constitution

Calcarea Carbonicum – Dr Poornima G  

Ammonium Group of Homeopathy remedies

Anacardiaceae- cashew family – Dr Poornima G

Animal Kingdom – taxonomical classification – Dr Ravi M Nair

Natural experiments & documents are the base of homeopathic meteria medica Dr.P.K.Mukherjee


Antimonium arsenicosum


Drug of the month – Sepia


Drug of the month – Phosphorous


Drug of the month – NuxVomica


Argentum a group study – Dr Poornima G

Drug of the month – arnica montana

Arum triphylum

Asterias rubens – Common starfish

Atropa Belladonna

Aurum – a group study

Aurum metallicum – Dr Bipin Jain

Drug of the month – Aurum Metallicum

Baryta Carbonica & Aurum metallicum – Dr. Sr. Binymol Aney Kurian

Drug of the month – belladonna

Drug of the month – Cantharis

Drug of the month – Stramonium

Beladonna – Pictures

Bellis perennis

Drug of the month – Lachesis

Natrium carbonicum Hahnemanni

Bromium – bromine

Bryonia alba in detail

Calcarea & Silicea Children Dr.N.S.K.Chaitanya

Calendula Officinalis

Cancer & It’s Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr Poornima G

Cannabis Indica

Cannabis indica – Part 2

Cannabis sativa- European or American Hemp

Cannabis sativa origin

Cannabis Sativus

Carbon remedies – Prof.Dr.Shreepad Hegde

Coffea – pictures

Comparative study-phosphoric acid – Dr Poornima G

Compositae family – Dr Poornima G

Compositae family remedies


Conifer group homoeopathy remedies

Crotalus horridus


Cuprum metallicum

Diascorea villosa

History of homoeopathic materia medica with recent advances in materia medica literatures Dr. S.P. Mishra

How to teach drug portrait  – Prof.(Dr.) L.K.Nanda

Drug proving – By H.A.Roberts

Why we should study sources of drugs? – Dr Jawahar Sha


Euphrasia Officinalis

Understanding of pathological materia medica

Ferrum group homeopathy

Ferrum group of homoeopathy medicines

Benzoic acid – Dr.Biswajit Basu

Fluoric acid A Comparative Study

Fungi group of homeopathy remedies

Gelsemium sempervirens- Carolina Jessamine

Glonoine indications

Golden seal  – Hydrastis Canadensis

Halogen group of homeopathy remedies

Group Study of Heavy Metals – Dr Bipin S Jain

Hydrastis pictures

Hydrastis presentation

Hydrocotyl asiatica

Hypericum perforatum

Ignatia amara

Importance of Clinical subjects in teaching materia medica  Dr. Navin S Pawaskar

Need of materia medica – Dr.Arvind Kothe

Evolution of materia medica  Dr. Bipin Jain

Importance of psychology in teaching materia medica – Dr.Dhaval Mody

Importance of psychology in teaching materia medica – Dr.Dhaval Mody

Role of Homoeopathic Materia Medica in Orthopaedics – MLD Institute

Different types of materia medica – Dr.Leena R Naik

Importance of para clinical subjects in teaching homeopathic materia medica – Dr.Zoya Joao

Relationship of materia medica with Organon – Dr.Srinath Rao

Sources of Homeopathic materia medica – Dr.Susheel S Neogi

Comparative study of Phosphorous – Dr.Susheel Neogi

Correlation of Homeopathic Materia medica & Repertory – Dr.Nitila Desai

Understanding the reflection of miasmatic attribute of drugs in Allen’s Key notes Dr.Partha P Ray

Cyclamen – Dr Praveen Kumar Rai

Magnesium group – Dr Praveen Kumar Rai

Scope of homeopathic materia medica

Sources and evolution of homeopathic materia medica – Prof Ravi M Nair

How to teach & learn materia medica – Dr Ravi M Nair

The aurum group – Dr.Arun K Krishnan

Lycopidium – Dr.Arun K Krishnan

Methods of teaching polychrest medicines – Dr.S.K Bhattacharyya 

Chamomilla – a review  Dr.Arun Prasad.K.P

Lachesis Mutae – Dr.Amit Pandey

Comparison of Chamomilla & Cina baby – Dr.Sesha Jayaraman

Argentum Mettalicum – Dr.Sandeep Kumar Ram

Hyosciamus niger – Dr.Sandeep Kumar Ram

Lycopodium clavatum – Dr.Sesha Jayaraman

Natrum Group – Dr.Krishnendu Maity

Pottassium group – Dr.Sreeraj.R

Sepia – the Rock – Dr.Venmani

Agaricus Muscaris – Dr.Sandeep Kuar Ram

Cruciferae – Dr.Sandhanaraj

Rananculaceae – Dr.Rajeev.O

Natrum Phos – Dr.Sandeep Kumar Ram

A comprehensive study of Baryta group – Dr.Resmi

Magnesia Phosphorica in malarial fevers – Dr.Sebabrata Roy

Solanacea – Dr.Aisha J Hassan

Utility of bowel nosodes in homeopathy – Dr.Praveenkumar.S

Crotalus Horridus

Phylum coniferophyta

Spider remedies in Homoeopathy – Dr.Sreekala.R

Magnesium group of homeopathic remedies – Dr.Krishnendu maity

Bungarus Fasciatus

Nebulisers in homoeopathy

The ophidia group of homeopathic remedies – a beautiful presentation – Dr.Arun

Arachnida group of homeopathic remedies – Dr.G.Ramadevi

Croton tiglium – Dr.Uma.V

Causticum in homeopathy

Rananculacea family of remedies in homeopathy – Dr.Preethi.A John

The sands of life silicia through the ages – Dr.Femina

Staphysagria – Dr.Bipin Jain

Ammonium Group – Dr.Roy Zachariah

Calcarea Group – Dr.Roy Zachariah

Kali groups – Dr.Roy Zavhariah

Magnesium Group – Dr.Roy Zachariah

Natrum Group – Dr.Roy Zachariah

A study on sepia – Dr.Abhisha

Personality of plants – Dr.Roy Zachariah

Ferrum Group – Dr.Roy Zachariah

Graphitis – Dr.Hema Kartha

Lachesis and Sepia – Dr.Roy Zachariah

A study of Nosodes – Dr.Roy

Metals – Personality traits – Dr.Roy Zachariah

My way or else

Application of study of personality in building materia medica – Dr.Bipin Jain

Rananculacea family – Dr.Rajeev.O

Relationship of Sepia – Dr.Sheetal Pawar

Sepia from source books

Sepia from clinical materiamedica

Staphysagria – a brief study

Application of pharmacy in materia medica – Dr. K. S Gopi

Application of repertory in materia medica – Dr.C.Jaya

Fish group Homeopathic Remedies – Dr.Krishnendu Miaty

How to study materia medica Dr Daisy P. Idicula

Relationship of homeopathic philosophy to materia medica – Dr.Nisha Paul

Relationship of Materia Medica with Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Psychology. Part.IDr.Winston Vargheese

Relationship of Materia Medica with Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Psychology. Part.IIDr.Winston Vargheese

Study materia medica in relation to toxicology – Dr.Cyriac Thomas

Scope & evolution of homeopathic materia medica – Dr.Ravi M Nair

Carbon Group – Dr. Krishnendu Maity

Teaching materia medica temperaments – Dr.P.K.Sudhir

Group study of medicines – Dr.Krishnendu Maity

Remedies in Compositae Family – Dr.Nirupama K Desai

Tarentula Hispana

Applied Materia Medica – Dr.Arun Prasad.K.P

Mental state of rananculacea family – Dr.Bipin Jain

How to study homeopathic materia medica – Dr.Bipin Jain

Evaluation of mental state – a case

Staphysagria – Dr.Bipin Jain

Sepia from source books

Study of materia medica – Dr.Bipin Jain

Mental state of Sepia

Staphysagria – miasmatic correlation

Pulsatilla – structure

Staphysagria – evolution – Dr.Bipin Jain

Staphysagria from commentators – Dr.Pankaj

Guiding symptoms of our materia medica Hering

Anacardiacea – Dr.Sivaranjini

Mental state of Anacardium

Anger with different remedies

Anaholinum Lewini – Dr.George Loukas

Apocynacea – Dr. Abhijeet Chatterjee

How to teach temperament materia medica – Dr.L.K.Nanda

Approach to study materia medica- Aurum metaliccum in depression – Dr.Anita Bajaj

Berberidacea – Dr. Manglaya Maria D souza

Comparative study of Bryonia and Pulsatilla – Dr. S.P.Roy

Clinico pathological materia medica – Dr.Hitesh Purohit

Ignatia by commentators – Dr.Bipin Jain

Lachesis by commentators

Comparative materia medica – Dr.Pankaj C Dev

Benefits of Psychodynamic study

Constitutional materia medica

Cuprum metallicum – a brief study

Differential materia medica of depressive disorders – Dr.K.M.Dhawle

Different  types of materia medica and their utility – Dr.S.Praveen Kumar

Therapeutic approach to homeopathic materia medica – Dr.S.K.Battacharya

Different shades of Motivation, Will, Drive & their reflections in Materia Medica images Dr.Anand Kaspe

Ferrum met state

Fungi group  Dr.Sahana

Grief in materia medica – Dr.S.Praveen Kumar

Hep. Sulph by commentators

Methods of studying homeopathic materia medica

Homeopathic practice through materia medica

Study of materia medica

Ignatia – structure

Mental state of Ignatia

Importance of psychology in study of materia medica – Dr. G. Janardhan Reddy

How to teach psychological materia medica – Dr. K. M. Dhawale

Training  for teachers in study of materia medica – Dr.Bipin Jain

Liliacea family – Dr.Shivaranjini

Loganacea family – Dr.Sandeep Kumar ram

Exploring the utility of knowledge of Key note in teaching – Prof. (Dr.) S.M. Singh

How to study materia medica

Hepar Sulph from source books

Mental state of Mercury

Mental state through case study

Mental state of Lachesis

Psychodynamics of case

Mercury constitution – extract from Hahnemann,Kent, Hering & Rajan Sankaran

Mercurius – Mind

Mercury by George Vithoulkas – Dr.Nazia Raja

Mercury by M L Tyler – Dr.Nazia Raja

Mercury by Philp m Bailey – Dr.Nazia Raja

Mercury by Dr.Rajan Sankaran – Dr.Nazia Raja

Understanding homeopathic materia medica – Dr.Suja Pillai

Mental state of Ignatia

Personality traits of the Polychrests – Dr.Janardhan Reddy

Building materia medica portrait through understanding Key notes – Prof.(Dr.) S. Z. Khan

Nosodes – A brief study – Dr.S.Praveen Kumar

Phenomenological Study of Materia Medica – Dr.Bipin Jain

Plumbum Metallicum – George Loukas

Rare remedies in materia medica – Dr. Ashok Kumar Dantkale

Study of Hering’ guiding symptoms by dividing mental symptoms – Dr.Muhmmed sayyad

Pulsatilla in Clarke’s materia medica

Pulsatilla in Guiding symptoms of materia medica

Rare Mother Tinctures – Their Indications and Scientific & Clinical Establishments

Relationship between pathology and materia medica

Materia medica live with comparison – Dr. G. Janardhan Reddy

How to teach physiological materia medica – Dr Anand Kapse

Medorrhinum – A comprehensive study

How to teach comparative materia medica thro psychosomatic and psychodynamic studies Dr.Bipin Jain

Portrait of materia media – an integrated approach – Dr. Ami Majmundar

Understanding of pathological materia medica – Dr.Hitesh Purohit

Method of studying Homeopathic materia medica – Dr.N.L.Tiwari

Study of rananculacea

Sepia sucus – Dr.George Loukas

Personal experiences with small remedies – Dr.D.P.Rastogi

Spiral classification of drugs

Application of spiral classification

Stramonium – Dr.George Loukas

Theme based materia medica – Dr.Bipin Jain

To demonstrate the application of Aphorism 6 in building of Materia Medica Images Dr.N.L.Tiwari

Toxicological materia medica

Mental state of veratrum album

Zincum metallicum – Dr.George Loukas

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