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You can use these slides as such without any modification. Please give the authors the credit they deserve and do not change the author’s name. Compare your own slides before you are going to present a seminar  with the slides given here.  

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Biography of HahanemannDr Rakesh Parashar 

Life and contribution of  Dr JN KANJILALDr Abhinav Raj

Happy birth day to  Christian Friedrich Samuel HahnemannDr.Nikunj   Trivedi

John Martin HonigbergerDr Kaushik D Das

Pioneers of Homoeopathy –    Dr. Jyoti J. Mallick

Tribute to Dr. Hahnemann Dr RN Wahi

Hahnemann sir LifeRishabh Kumar

Life Sketch of  L.D Dhawale and  M.L Dhawale – Dr Suhana P Aziz

Life and works of Dr Schussler Dr.Jayadeep B P

Dr.Constantine herring  Dr Amritha R

James tyler Kent-life history and contributions Dr Suhana P Aziz

Life history of Dr. James crompton burnett -Dr.Pranesh Kumar Singh

Dr. John Henry Clarke, M.D

Joseph lister

Pioneers of Homoeopathy


Life of Fr Muller

HC Allen & TF Allen

Life of Richard Hughes

Wilhelm Henrich  Schuller

Contribution of Dr Baburajendralal dutt to Homeopathy

Dr. Adolp Lippe

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and his works

Dr.Henry C Allen

Dr.Cyrus Maxwell Boger

Dr. Alfred Pulford

Clemens Maria Franz von Boenninghausen – life & works

Dr.Constantine Hering – father of homoeopathy in America

Life and works of Dr.J.T.Kent – Dr.Joby

Life and works of Kent

A tribute to Dr.Samuel Hahnemann – Dr.Vijay Patel

Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann – Dr.R.Rejikumar

Contributions of Dr.J.H.Clarke – Dr.Ranjith Chandra

Life and Works of  Dr.C.M.Boger – Dr Jayadeep

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  1. As on date Dr LM khan has intuitive mind.hepar bends head back malicious releases bad energy.such tips must for mind symptoms.

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