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Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali
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A good leadership – Gen Collin Powel

Conflict among systems (Malayalam) – Dr TV Sajeev

A small gesture – inspirational

God’s Clinic

10 Habits You Must Quit to Be Happy

Paradox of our times

Leadership is not position but action

Achieve dream A to Z

Time – bank account of life

Be positive is a tough job

Please don’t complain

Conflict management

Conflict negotiations

Change the management

Build stronger team

Crisis management

Dear Son and daughter

Discover 9/10 principles

Do not act like an elephant

Don’t wait for smile

Emotional bank account

Flight geese

GOD Wants to be

Good team building

Future events

Lead grand rounds

Public relations

Why Poor we are

Story of frog

Story of pencil

Stress management and health

Importance of self awareness

‘A’ TO ‘Z’ of stress management

Public relations

Self-awareness  Ajit Menon

Don’t complain  Ajit Menon

Health and stress management

Dear son, dear daughter…please

Discover 90/10Principles – Stephen Covey

Prospects of mind – Emotional regulation

A butterfly’s lesson

About money – Chinese method

Lest We Forget

How Nuclear Energy Works

Against Media terrorism

A lesson from Ghees – Tommy Window

8 lies by mother – must read

Unbelievable Photos

Louder than words

Happiness is voyage

India Sacra

Prostration …must read

Seeing Good in All – Haroon Yahya

Aircraft careers


First climb at Burj Khalifa

Friendship is friendship

Historic photographs

Must read

My mother


The song of birds

The three stories

What we are looking for?

Who is rich & poor?

Water disaster

Smile always – really inspirational

Are you really happy

Photo Journalism

Humour in life and its benefits – Dr.Asokkumar Dantkale

Personality development notes

Thirteen phrases for living

A tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

Electronic voting machine – Election Commission of India

Whatever happens today is under control of God

Guinness book of records – Engineering

India is my country

Remember the 5 simple rules to be happy

Good Karma & Mantra

A dozen useful information

Do you know these facts?

Few principles of life

Hitler Jewish Comparison

Ice Creams

Mathematics of life

Mind blowing company

My favorite philosophy

Rare photos of Indira Gandhi

Really inspiring – Chetan Bagath

Shopping carts – be careful

Techno park -Kerala

The great India

The truth in life

Attitude is everything

Happy couple

Life cycle of Mercedes Benz

M F Hussain paintings

Positive approach

Who made Google logos?

What is cadership?

Your life success or failure??

Voted the best Email of the year

Did you know.  .good luck

Ten things God won’t ask on that day

1947 August India

A letter from 2070

Autographs of Indian Legands

Chakde India

Colors of India

Creative Antismoking advertisement

Don’t trust people

Don’t waste food anymore

Four candles

Gaza…white Phosphorous attack

Great Quotes

Happy Republic day

India 100 years Back

Intimates of Prabhakaran

Look after your parents

Love your Mom

Mahatma Gandhi

Mother is mother

Never Waste Water

Nice lesson to all

Nice words

Nothing is impossible

Pardha Banned…what happened..??

Philippines Photos

I want to tell the world a story

Reason to like woman – Dr.R.Valavan

School after summer vacation

Still there is life on earth because

Story of Eagle

This speaks itself – cruelty on Palestinians

True Love

Twins in Kodinhi Village

Why China wins

Your Death Really thoughtful

Read Alone…..especially the Poem

Four things you cannot recover

Beauty of life – just think

Discover the discovery

Interesting personality test

Say No to cell phone

Song bird – Life can be hard

The Art of Being Well – Dr. Dráuzio Varella

Don’t love someone because of who they are

Autograph of Indian legends

Budget planner

A Butterfly’s Lesson

Only true friends will leave footprints in your heart

The Blue Day Book

A lesson for a new life Vivian

Management Lessons

My dad – really thoughtful

The Most….. in your life

Think it over…

Not yet…

4 square questions

Second thoughts

Three things in life once gone never come back

Welcome 2009 GHMC Calicut

Abortion – worst crime

About India – the great

40 expressions of advice

8 don’ts after a meal

Anything is possible

The argument against arguments

The bank account of life

Beautiful Quotes To Live By

Be- strategic – New Story of the Hare and Tortoise

Chinese proverb about money

Corporate lessons

Quotes from Dali Lama

Rules of decision making

Enhancing Relationships

Look at this and think

Great success comes through failure in life

How to succeed in life

Inspiring you for a better tomorrow

Investment proposal

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Life is beautiful

Live A Life That Matters

Love your country

Good mantras for life

Mind – something interesting

Mobile phone tips

Mother Teresa

The numbers

For what reason are we in favor of peace

Never waste food

The real love

Reap what you saw

Your good friend

Success And Happiness – Key to good communication

The ant – a fable

The Beauty of Mathematics

The pillars of self-mastery

Give it a thought for sure

Karma and Mantra


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Pioneers of Homoeopathy


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