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Chest x-ray – interpretations

Brain injuries in CT – Dr Rakesh Vallittayil

Cervical spine injuries – Dr Rakesh Vallittayil

Chest x-ray revealed  – Dr Rakesh Vallittayil

CT perfusion training  – Stroke Team

Coronary angiography – Dr Vipul Gandhi

Pneumaonia – radiological features

Magnetic resonance Imaging

Radiology – artificial limbs – Dr Ajith

MRI – basics 

Understanding ultrasound in the background of embryology – Dr.B.Prasannakumari 

Orthopedics – Pathology and X-ray for medical students

Urology X-rays

Cardiac CT

How to read chest x-rays – M C Alraise

How to read musculoskeltal x-rays – Dr.Mahesh Kumar.M.S

Common imaging modalities in diagnosis – Dr.Saveesh Kumar

Radiological anatomy and imaging – Skull base

The plain abdominal radiograph – Interpretation

Interpreting Chest X-rays

Diagnostic imaging – current concepts- Dr.Shaji.

Interpreting chest x-ray – reviewing the basics – Dr.T.Kesavan

X-ray of bones

Two dimensional echocardiography – Dr.Manoj Abhang

An overview of CT & MRI

Computerised tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging – Dr.Manoj Abhang

MRI of Knee – Dr.Deepak Patkar

Radio diagnosis – An overview

Ultrasonography – Dr.Manoj Abhang

Role of color Doppler in the evaluation of ovarian masses – Dr. Jasmine Bakshi

Radiological techniques for diagnosis of internal diseases – Dr.P.Rajan

Radiology of Genito Urinary Tract – Dr.P.Rajan

Radiology of Gastro Intestinal Tract – Dr.P.Rajan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Dr.P.Rajan

Advance of CT scan in Diagnostic Imaging – Dr.P.Rajan

Advance of USG in Diagnostic Imaging – Dr.P.Rajan  

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