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You can use these slides as such without any modification. Please give the authors the credit they deserve and do not change the author’s name. Compare your own slides before you are going to present a seminar  with the slides given here.  

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Epistaxis – Dr Jitendra patel

Vertigo – Dr. Jitendra  Patel

Mastoiditis – Dr.Pramod

Neoplasm of salivary gland – Dr Victor Mashamba

Chronic ottitis media with MCQs – Dr.Jitendra Patel

Ear and its applied anatomy – Dr.Shamna B.N

Acute Ottitis media – Dr.Jitendra Patel

Acute Bacterial Ottitis externa – Dr.Jitendra Patel

Diseases of auricle – Dr.Jitendra Patel

Foreign body in ear – Dr.Jitendra Patel

Otomycosis – Dr.Jitendra Patel

Wax in ear – Dr.Jitendra Patel 

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