PowerPoint Presentations on Community Medicine

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Homoeopathy in the treatment of epidemic diseasesHpathy 

Community Medicine Old terminologiesDr Rakesh Parashar

Non Communicable DiseasesDr Midun Ramesh

Objective Criteria to determine Community Spread of Pandemic Influenza A H1N1

Gujarat state health plan

Nutritional status assessment and analysis

Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases

Malaria – vector

Malaria – features

Malaria and Homoeopathy

Preventive Medicine  Saudi Aramco Services Organization

Measles, Mumps & Rubella – Dr. Joy D’souza

Measles and Homoeopathy

Measles features

Recognizing and preventing Occupational asthma and lung diseases – Moira Chan-Yeung

Mumps Outbreak, United States 2006 – Larry J. Anderson

Mumps Outbreak in the Midwest:  Implications for College Health

Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

The New Pyramid – Nutrition

Nutrition – steps to healthier

Hunting drug/vaccine targets for Lymphatic filariasis  Dr. S. L. Hoti

Rabies features

Rubella – Dr Sandhya

Helminths – schistosomiasis

Small pox – Dr Aneesh Kumar

Variola – small pox

Evaluation patients for small pox

Observations on the Mexican Flu 2009

Testing Blood Donors for Chagas Disease

Infectious disease Surveillance-SDCMC model – Prof.(Dr).Thomas Mathew

Epidemic Preparedness & Response  Dr Sara Varghese

National programs related to control of communicable diseases – Dr.N.S.K.Chaitanya


Occupational lung disorders

Community pediatrics and National Health Programs – Dr. Sr. Binymol Aney Kurian

Control and prevention of STD – Kerry Kenney

Taking homoeopathy to the grassroots through community health volunteer (CHV) programme  –Dr Bipin Jain

Status & role of AYUSH & local health traditions under the national rural health mission Survey report

Community based model outreach programme in mother and child care  through  homoeopathy.  Manoj Patel 

Organizing Homoeopathic services for the Mother and Child in a tribal  community: Defining the Structure and Function of a Community  -Dr Chandrasekhar Goda

Public health and Homoeopathy – a model for primary care physicians – Omar Matuk Villazon

Evolving and sustaining Tripartite PPPs Central and State Governments with a Homoeopathic NGO) p for establishing successful Community based Health Programmes through Homoeopathy  Dr. Anoop Nigwekar

Homeopathy in primary health care in South Africa –  Dr Izel Botha

Sustainability of homoeopathic community health worker (chw) programme to carry through preventive, curative and mobilization work in the community: ways and means

Chikungunya fever – Dr Sandeep Kumar am

Chikungunya – Homoeopathic perspectives  Dr Smitha Madavan

Chikungunya  Fever  in India – Dr. R.V.S.N.Sarma

A common effort: Controlling the risk of Chikungunya – Information to healthcare practitioners

What the heck is Chikungunya?

CHIKUNGUNYA FEVER – social facts

Concept of Community Health – Dr. J.P. Majra

Dengue fever/break bone fever – Dr Sandhya

Dengue – Origin

Concept of social medicine in homoeopathy – Dr. Sunny Mathew

Food and health – Dr Vivek N Patil

Lymphatic Filariasis (LF)  Program – Dr. B. Shivnauth

The Global Alliance to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis

Filariasis and Homoeopathy – Dr sandhya

Filariasis – basics – Dr Sandhya

Filariasis – management

Homoeopathy prophylaxis

Strengthening the immune system of the new citizens of the world through homoeopathy – Dr. Poornnima.G

Relationship between Community medicine and Hanemannian concept of health Dr Praveen Raj

Communicable disease – Dr.P.R.Jaya

Emerging & re- emerging diseases – Dr.Thanooja.S.S

Epidemiology of dengue & Chikungunya – Dr.Thanooja.S.S

Waste Management

Environmental Diseases – Dr Sinhasan

Aims and objectives of feedback study – Dr.Sheela.A.S

Conceptual image of the genus epidemicus – Dr.Joby Johny

Epidemiology of prevailing epidemics – Dr.Sheela.A.S

Feedback study – its imperativeness – Dr.B.S.Rajashekaran

Feedback study – Dr.Joby.J

Feedback – integrated disease surveillance project

NRHM – Operational guidelines – Dr.Ajith Prasad.K.K

NRHM Kerala an overview – Dr.P.K.Jameela

Communicable diseases – prevention and care – Dr.R.Jaya

RAECH – Rapid Action Epidemic Cell Homeopathy – Kerala

Epidemic Case Taking – Dr.B.Parthasarathy

Conceptual image of the genus epidemicus – Dr.Joby Jhony

Epidemiology and prevailing epidemics – Dr.A.S.Sheela

Primary prophylaxis in Homeopathy – Dr. Sanil Kumar. M. C

Study report on epidemic fever 2007 Kerala – Dr. Roy Zachriah

Role of Professional Organization in RAECH  Dr.Manilal

Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases in Kerala Context

Non communicable diseases

Non communicable diseases. II

Water and vector borne diseases

Zoonotic diseases

Community Medicine

Concept of social Medicine in Homeopathy – Dr.Harikrishna Pillai

Concept of social Medicine in Homeopathy – Dr.Sunny Mathew

Eating habits in our community

Community Medicine and Homeopathy

National Health Policy – Dr. J.P. Majra

National Health Policy – Dr Prasanna Kumar K

Importance of preventive and promotive care in general

Recent concepts in Community Medicine

Role of Homoeopathy in Prevention Of Disease & Promotion of Health – Dr. Shashi Kant Tiwari

Water and Development – The Importance of Irrigation in Developing Countries – Karina Schoengold and David Zilberman

Epidemiology and Epidemics



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