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Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali
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Role of repertory in special age group like paediatrics

Basic PediatricsDr. Sandip Kokate.

Hyperkynetic disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Homoeopathic InterventionDr. Rekha Srinivasan 

Muscular disorders in pediatrics Swant Ranjan Sharma

Positive Parenting Dr Sudha Gupta

Managing infants who cry excessively in the first few months of life – Dr Jasmin

Milk Allergy in Infants  – Dr Jasmin

Something about sleep of babies – Dr Jasmin

ADHD and HomoeopathyDr Divya Gopalakrishnan

Cerebral palsyDr Rumsheed

Effects of music therapy in the treatment of children with delayed speech development -results of a pilot study – Dr Ronisha T

Histiocytosis syndromes of childhood : a case seriesDr Midhun Ramesh

A Study to determine the clinical parameters of favorable outcome in P ediatric seizuresDr Midhun

Apnea of prematurityDr Midhun Ramesh

Approach to limping childDr Midhun Ramesh

Approach to a case of atypical GenitaliaDr Midhun Ramesh

Difficult adolescent Dr Midhun Ramesh

Interesting Pediatric Cases Dr Midhun Ramesh

Growth monitoring and growth charts Dr Midhun Ramesh

Histiocytosis Syndromes of Childhood: A report of four casesDr Midun Ramesh

Neonatal management of Asphyxiated Newborn Dr Midun Ramesh

Neonatology Dr Midun Ramesh

Neonate with urea cycle disorder Dr Midun Ramesh

Vitamin A supplementation to prevent mortality  Dr Midun Ramesh

Is my child too short? Theresa A. Allison

Overview of growth monitoring in countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region Dr. Kunal Bagchi

CDC Growth Charts 2000

Growth Chart Thrishna Chandran

Caribbean Workshop on the WHO/UNICEF Global Strategy for Infant Young Child Feeding and the New WHO Child Growth Standards

IAP Growth Monitoring Guidelines for Children from Birth to 18 Years

Growth Performance of Affluent Indian Preschool Children

Iraq Experience in Use of Growth Chart

Growth Monitoring and Promotion:Intervention or Platform for Action – UNICEF

Pakistan: Implementation of Growth Curves

Neonatal oxygen therapyDr Midun Ramesh

RhombenchephalosynapsisDr Midun Ramesh

Respiratory disorders in children with management  – Dr C Ajith Kumar

Adolescent Mental Health– a restructuring of issues – Dr Maya Menon

Introduction to  Abdomen examinations

Adolescent Care Counselling Services Dr M K C Nair

Adolescents Dr Mridula R Nair

Behavioral Counseling in Adolescence Dr M S Indira

Common dermatological problems in children Dr Carol Sara Cherian

Infant and young child feedingDr Carol Sara Cherian

Adolescent Health Problems & Behavioral Modification -A Repertorial ApproachDr Mansoor Ali

Pediatric disorders and Homeopathy

Cardiac failure in infancy and Homoeopathy – Sevar

ADHD and Homoeopathy – Bolognani

Essential revision notes in Pediatrics

Reflex in newborn

Infant feeding – Homoeopathic approach

Management of common pediatric conditions – Dr.Jyoshna Shivaprasad

Common tumors of childhood

Meningitis in children

Mental retardation

Autism – management

Neonatal jaundice

Neonatal seizures

Neurological examination in pediatric – Dr Victory

Newborn care

Healthy Parenting & Concepts of Children – Dr N S K Chaitanya

What’s New in Newborn Screening

Infection in newborn – management – Dr Victory

Paediatrics Today – Micronurients in Paediatric Practice

Pediatric case taking – Dr Jayadeep

Pediatric dermatology

Pediatrics rheumatology

Pattern of childhood epilpsies in sangamu,Nigeria – Dr.Binymol Aney Kurian

Paediatric critical care

Pediatric immunology – Dr H Victory

Pediatric Cardiac Emergencies – Gavin  Greenfield,Peggy Thomsen

Pediatrics at a glance

Perinatal infection

Neonatal care – Dr Gauri

Iron deficiency and infection – IJP

The Relationship Between Effective Engagement and Developmental Age in Children with Autism – Abby Ramser

Planning in Reverse, Sharing Social Secrets & 18 Additional Ways to Support, Include, & Teach Students with Autism – Paula Kluth

Seizures in children – Dr H Victory

Healthy parenting & hygiene

Sleep and Epilepsy in Childhood – Lawrence W. Brown

Newborn – abnormal – Dr Srividhya

Pediatric neurological examinations 3 months – Dr Srividhya

Pediatric neurological examinations 6 months – Dr Srividhya

Pediatric neurological examinations 12 months – Dr Srividhya

Pediatric neurological examinations 18 months – Dr Srividhya

Pediatric neurological examinations 30 months – Dr Srividhya

The term new born infant

Tuberculosis in children

Urinary management in children – Dr Chaithanya S K

Vomiting in newborns and Homoeopathy

Comatose child – a clinical approach

Graphitis children types

Hemorrhagic disease of the newborn

Malaria in children – Dr Hemachandran T D

Congenital malformations in newborn

Neonatal Seizures & Febrile Convulsion – Dr Gauri

Treating the childhood Bipolar Controversy – Dr A S Mridul

Perinatal infection ii –

Perinatal infection III

Common  psychological problems in  children – Dr. Leena  Jasmine.T.S

Taare  Zameen par – Dyslexia

Autism-Homeopathic approach

Delayed mile stone – Homeopathic approach. Part.1 – Dr.Satheesh Kumar

Delayed mile stone – Homeopathic approach. Part.11 – Dr.Satheesh Kumar

Neonatal Jaundice & Homoeopathy

Neonatal Szeiures – Dr.Bharat Chougule

Pediatric critical care – Dr. Sr. Binymol Aney Kurian

Fluids, Electrolyte, and Nutrition Management in Neonates – N. Ambalavanan MD

Autism and the amygdala Chris Ashwin

Child  remedies in Homoeopathy  Dr.K.Shiva Kumar

Skills in treating the new born

Childhood Cutaneous Vasculitis : A Comprehensive Appraisal – Dr.Sr.BinymolAney Kurian

Child psychiatry – Dr Punithan

ADHD and its homoeopathic management-  Dr. Deepti S. Nathani

Community pediatrics and National Health Programs – Dr. Sr. Binymol Aney Kurian

Ethics in pediatric care – Dr. Sr. Binymol Aney Kurian

Children with special health needs – Dr. Sr. Binymol Aney Kurian

Learning disorders: Autism and ADHD

What does the brain look like in autism? Ed Bullmore

Aetiology of autism

Children types – IV Chamomilla & Cina

The art of history taking in paediatrics

Children types

Autistic spectrum disorders – Dr. Sr. Binymol Aney Kurian

Practice Parameter: Screening and Diagnosis of Autism – American Academy of Neurology

Autism – A history  Dr. Thomas G. Ryan

Childhood autism – Dr A Mridul

Understanding case taking in paediatric (neonatal) age group – Dr Salini G K

Iron Deficiency and Infection 

Asphyxia Neonatorum

Common dermatological problems in children – Dr Carol Sara Cherian

Common Pediatric Conditions – Dr.K.Varadaraj Shenoy

Nutrition for kids

Infant and Young Child Feeding – Dr Carol Sara Cherian

Pediatric Resuscitation – Dr.N.S.K Chaitanya

Eczema of children and homoeopathy

Febrile seizures – Dr Gauri

Fever management in children – Dr.N.S.K.Chaitanya

Fever and Rash In Children  – Dr. K. Varadaraj Shenoy

Glandular fever  What is glandular fever?

Glaucoma – Anjali Fernandez

Growing healthy with homoeopathy

Growth chart –

Growth & development  in a child– Dr. Sr. Binymol Aney Kurian

Healthy Parenting & Concepts of Children – Dr N.S.K.Chaitanya 

Healthy Parenting &Hygiene –  Dr N.S.K.Chaitanya 

Care of the  Newborn &  Infants  Dr.Sanjeev Rai B

Indian journal of pediatrics

Effective newborn care – must read – Dr.C.Sureshkumar

Effective management of learning disorders in children (malayalam) – Dr. Leena Jasmin

Neonatal seizures – Dr Laxman S Sirur

Functional constipation in child  Dr T D Hemachandran

Paediatric clinical cases – Dr. Shaeli Mishra 

Pediatric constitution – Dr.Shahadi.E

Some cases from pediatric practice – Dr.D.P.Rastogi

ADHD – Evaluation and treatment – Dr.Edward J Coll

An Overview of Common Childhood Illnesses and Infectious Diseases – Dr.Santhosh T Soans

Homeopathic medicines in newborn condition – Dr.Jyoshna Shivaprasad

Neonatology – Dr.Santhosh T Soans

Role of homeopathic medicines in pediatric care – Dr.Jyoshna Shivaprasad

Promoting Hahnemannian homeopathy in pediatrics

Newborn care – Dr.Bennytexelom

Respiratory distress in infants and children

Efficacy homeopathy-autism children – Dr Uma

Growth and developments – Infancy to adolescents – Dr.Bennytexelom

Management of acute respiratory disorders in children – Dr.Saveesh Kumar.S

ADHD Through The Life Cycle – Humberto Nagera

Autism in Children – methodology in management

Child Psychiatry – Prof. MUDr. Jirí Raboch

Diseases of young infants – Dr.B.Venugopal

Gastrointestinal disorders in children – Dr.Rajamohan

Diarrhoeal Diseases of Children – Dr.M.P.Prakasan

Sinusitis in children

Jaundice children – Dr Vasudevan

Fever in children- homeopathic approach – Dr.M.P.Prakasan

Skin disorders in Children – Dr.P.Vijayakumar

Neurological Problems – Dr.D.Kalpana

Common psychological problems in Children – Dr.Mansoor Ali

Newborn Care – Dr.C.Sureshkumar

Problem child and homoeopathy – Dr. C S Pradeep

Respiratory disorders in children – Dr.B.Vijaya Kumar

Homeopathy in childhood anxiety disorders- Dr Veera Balaji Kumar

Illness of young infants – Dr Aamar Fettle

Common Skin & Urinary Disorders in Children – Dr.Saveesh Kumar

Child remedies – Dr.K.Shiva Kumar

Danger signs in new born

Care of a newborn baby: a mother’s perspective – Dr.Arti Maria

Feeding of healthy new born

How to manage hypothermia in children

Neonatal Jaundice

Kangaroo Mother Care

A Better Child Health Homeopathic Perspectives – Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Management of Low Birth Weight Babies

Anxiety disorders and ADHD in children Dr Arti Maria

Bronchitis and sinusitis in children

Care of a normal newborn

Newborn Health Challenge in India

Neonatal sepsis

Homeopathy in pediatrics – Dr.Rajat Chattopadhay

Integrated management of neonatal childhood illness – Govt. of India Part.I

Integrated management of neonatal childhood illness – Govt. of India – Part. II

Post -resuscitation management of an asphyxiated neonate

Homeopathy management of fever in children

Promoting Hahnemannian Homoeopathy in pediatrics

Homoeopathy in pediatrics

Practice in pediatric diarrhoea

Sweet pills for happy childhood

Homeopathic approach to pediatric ailments – Dr.Reetha Krishnan

Homeopathic approach in neonatology

Homeopathy in pediatrics Dr Kushali Gambhir 


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