PSYCHOLOGY – PowerPoint Presentations & Lectures

Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali
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FrustrationNilpa Odedera

HypertrophyDr Sarita Bodkhe

Emotions – Dr Meenu Priya

PositivismDr Meenu Priya


Specific personality disorders Dr Fathima Rahim


Intelligence Definition, Development, Assessment, Application D Sreeja KR

Introduction and methods of psychology – Dr Sreeja KR

Memory &forgetting :process,types,causes of forgetting , methods to improve Dr Chandini Raj SN

Realism and existentialism Dr Nisha C N


Stress Dr Bhagyasree 

Communication, counseling & psychotherapyDr K Gireesh

Marital discord concepts, causes and management M S Indira

Suicide: Identification of Intent and ManagementDr Basheer Kutty

Hypnotism and Mesmerism

Thinking – Riyas H Sullad

Learning – recall – Dr Shilpa Sharma

Math Anxiety & CBGT

Meditation – Dr A S Mridul

Memory remembering

Memory loss

Hypnotism & Mesmerism

Methods of  psychology

Mind and homoeopathy – Dr Smita Brahmachari

Motivation and Hygiene

Motivation – facts


Personality disorders

Expanding your personal power

Psychoanalysis of  Dr Sigmond Freud – Dr Jayadeep

Psychosexual disorders

Psychology introduction

Psychology personality – Dr Shipa Sharma

Psychosocial effects of alcohol abuse and drug dependence

Somatoform disorders

Somatoform disordr2

The importance of psychology in study of homoeopathic materia medica – Prof.(dr.) Rajesh d. Sanja


Frustration stress

Impulse control disorders

Relaxation techniques – Dr A S Mridul

Let’s tot up our Personality – DR. Pratik Bhattacharya

Mood disorders

Perception and illusion

Organization of blood and blood forming organs 

Anxiety – somatization disorders

Cognitive behavior therapy

Biological basis of Behaviour


Communication, Counselling & Psychotherapy – Dr Gireesh K

Marital Discord Concepts, Causes and Management – Dr M S Indira

Suicide: Identification of Intent and Management – Dr. A Basheer Kutty

For the Record: The Misinterpretation of Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience

Development of mental makeup a journey from womb to tomb  – Dr. Bullal  Gupta

Emotion – features

Commentators in 20th century

Introduction to psychology – Dr.Sr Temy Thomas

A study on emotions -Dr.Pratik Battacharya

Behavior – Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Alfred Adler’s concept regarding personality development – Dr.Smitha.R.Menon

Personality – theories and percepts – Dr.Partha.P.Ray

Psychology basics

Psychosocial problems faced by palliative care patients – Dr.Uhus G Menon

Concept of Sigmaund Freud

Mesmerism and Hypnotism – Dr.Smitha Velayudhan

Intelligence – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Motivation, Will, Drive: Kentian Model in the Light of Modern Psychology – Dr.Anand Kaspe

Concept of organic whole – Dr.Ranjit Chandra

Perception – Dr.Ranjit Chandra


Concept of mind -mesmer  Dr.R.Rejikumar

Positive attitude – Dr.M.Premachandran

Psychology- personality – Dr.Shilpa Sharma

Adler’s concept – Dr.Swapna.A.K

Behavior – Dr.Harihara Iyer

Learning – Dr.Asha

Emotions – Dr.Binuraj.T.K

Karen Horney – Dr.Deepa.T.B

Intelligence – Dr.Safna

Memory – Dr.Swapna



Existentialism – Dr.Jaseela

Jung psychology or analytical psychology

Psychosomatic disorders – Dr.Manju K Xavier

Raymond Cattell – Factor Analytic Trait Theory – Dr.Sujaya Nair

Schools of psychology – Dr.Jaseela

Sigmund Freud

Stress – Dr.Navas

Mental health and Homeopathy – Dr. B.P.Sharma

How to teach psychological materia medica – Dr. K. M. Dhawale 


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Medical  Education & Training


Homoeopathy Books & Journals

Homoeopathy Pharmacy

Homoeopathy Therapeutics

Homoeopathy Softwares

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Organon of Medicine & Philosophy

Pioneers of Homoeopathy


Leisure & Fun

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