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Homoeopathic case taking in mental diseasesDr Vineet Sinnarkar

Chronic miasms in homoeopathy and their cure with  classification of their rubrics/symptoms in Dr.Kent’s repertory- Dr Sreenath B 

Phatak Repertory – Terminology,Rubrics and Medicines  Part 2 – Dr Sreenath.B

Phatak Repertory – Terminlogy Part 1 Dr Sreenath B

Applied aspect of Kentís Repertory in cases with more common symptoms Dr Rakesh Parashar JHA

Geriatric case takingDr. Sneha Lade

Modern repertories in homoeopathy  – DR (MRS.) Neeraja Kshirsagar

Regional clinical repertories

Case taking in acute cases – Dr Jasmin

Repertorisation by Boenninghausen – Dr Jasmin

Relationship of remedies- BTP – Dr Jasmin

A reportorial approach to effects of radiationDr Rajaneesh Kumar Sharma

Comparison of Abdomen Chapter In Kent With BTP,BBCR,Synthesis And MurphyDr.Ronisha.T

Case taking in acute diseases Part-1Dr Divya Gopalakrishnan

Case taking in acute diseases Part-IIDr Divya Gopalakrishnan

An approach  to case taking in homoeopathy Dr Sreelekha

Appetite ,thirst chapter in BBCRDr Divya Gopalakrishnan

Terminologies in BBCR explainedDr Jumana

Evaluation of symptoms  BoenninghausenDr Divya GK

Boger’s contribution to symptomatologyDr Abdul Jaleel

Card repertoryDr Namita S

Hahnemannian  method of   case  takingDr Divya Gopalakrishnan

Case taking in bedridden patients – Dr Narjis

Case taking in mental diseasesDr Soumya Mathew

Case taking and management of intermittent diseases – Dr Namita S

Chapter Review- Kent’s Generalities – Dr Namita S

Chapter Throat and External Throat In Kent’s Repertory – Dr Narjis

Chronic Case taking & difficulties in taking chronic case – Dr Sapna

Classification of repertories Dr Namita S

Clinical Application of Clinical Repertories on Special Condition – Dr Ronisha T

Comparison Of Chapter Mouth in  Kent, TPB  & BBCRDr Narjis

Concept of Totality By Stuart Close, H.A Roberts &  Richard HughesDr Ronisha

COUGH in Synthesis  repertory  – Dr Soumya Mathew

Ear and  Hearing in Kent’s repertory

Face Chapter In Kent’s Repertory and Its Comparison With Btp, Bbcr,Synthesis  Murphy’s Repertory  – Dr Divya

Comparison of fever chapter Dr Anju C Raj

A study on the utility of repertorium homoepathicum sytheticum in the management of haemorrhoids – Dr Anina 

Generalities Chapter  KentDr Divya G

History of evolution of REPERTORY – Dr Anju C raj

Repertorial representations of diseases of upper respiratory tract – Dr Jumana

Interpretation of mind rubrics in Kent’s repertory – Dr Jumana

Larynx and Trachea – a reviewDr Soumya Mathew

Murphy chapter – kidney – Dr Anju C raj

Children’s Chapter in Murphy Repertory – Dr Namita D

Chapter review pregnancy in murphy repertoryDr Jumana

Relationships of remedies in Boenninghausen’s  therapeutic pocket bookDr Sapna M

Repertories based on generals to particularsDr.Divya Gopalakrishnan

Repertorisation by Boenninghausen – Dr Divya Gopalakrishnan

Repertorisation by  M L TylerDr Ronisha

Repertorization: Advanced technique – Dr Nishant Nambision

Repertorisation- Harvey Farrington – Dr.Namita.S

Repertorization Method by C.M. Boger – Dr Sapna M

Sleep chapter in Kent’s repertory – Dr Sapna M

Synthetic repertory book review – Dr Soumya Mathew

Technical Terminologies – Dr Anju C Raj

Terminology in synthesis repertory

Urinary organs’ in Kent’s repertory – A study and comparisonDr Sapna M

Constitution  a comparison of rubrics in MURPHY SYNTH & BBCRDr Anju Unnikrishnan

An illustrated repertory  of pains in chest, sides and back  – Dr Nisha C N

Comparison of nose and face chapters in different repertoriesDr Nisha C N

Intermittent  fever with repertory of Boeninghausen– Wells – Dr Nisha C N

B and C rubrics in repertoriesDr C V N Prasad

Organizing the Repertories: Purpose, Emphasis, and Form

Arrangement & construction of Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica – A new Perspective – Dr Aji Punnen

Prophylaxis & repertory Dr Aji Punnen                 

Unique rubrics of Boger’s repertory Dr Aji Punnen

Use of Repertory by Harvey Farrington Dr Aji Punnen

Mind rubrics – A – Dr C V N Prasad

Concordances – Knerr repertory

Interpretation of mental symptoms – miasmatic approach – Dr Mansoor Ali

The  Psychiatric Mental Status Examination

Examination of patient

Symptomatology – Stuart close

Synthesis repertory

Towards mechanization in homeopathic repertory – Dr.Rakesh Parashar Jha

Comparison of repertory to the symptoms of intermittent fever by HC Aallen & fever

Comparison of stomach and abdomen chapters in repertories – Dr Amritha R

Comparison of mouth and larynx chapters  Dr Nisha C N

Seminar on‘DOUGLASS SKIN DISEASES’  with comparison to Synthesis repertory – Dr Jayadeep

Effective utility of repertories in management of acute diseases  Dr Jayadeep

Essential evolutionary totality– Dr Jayadeep

How to study rubrics  easily – Dr Ambrish P Uke

Indian contribution to repertory – Dr Jayadeep B P

Jugal Kishore’s Card Repertory – Dr Gauri

Chapter tissues 0f repertory of herings guiding symptoms of ourmateria medica by CALVIN.B.KNERR Dr.Suhana.P.Azis

Comparison of nose and face chapters in different repertories – Dr Nisha C N

Comparison of sleep and dreams chapters in synthesis, bbcr and btp  Dr Anju Unnikrishnan

Synoptic card repertory – Dr Gauri

Towards mechanisation in homeopathic repertory – Dr.Rakesh Parashar Jha

Therapeutics of fever

Clinical repertory

Introduction to repertory

An Introduction to Therapeutic Pocket Book

Analytical Repertory of the symptoms of mind

Applied aspect of Kent’s Repertory in cases with more common symptoms – Dr.Rakesh Parashar Jha

The art of interrogation by pierrie schmidt

Repertory – Unbaised & Reliable Tool in the management of difficult (Neurology) cases.- Dr. Vikram Chouhan

Bell’s Diarrhoea – therapeutics

Complete repertory to the homeopathic materia  medica  diseases of the eyes – E.W. Berridge

Boericke’s repertory  – Dr Preethi A John

Introduction to BBCR and its importance in pediatrics

Life and Works of  Dr.C.M.Boger – Dr Jayadeep

Boger’s repertory – Dr Anju Unnikrishnan

Life and works of CM Boger – Dr Anju Unnikrishnan


Boger’s Synoptic Key to Materia Medica – Dr Shiva Kumar

History and evolution of repertories – Dr Jayadeep B P

Case taking – Hahanemannian approach

Gentry- concordance repertory

Case taking by Elizabeth Wright

Examination of the patient by Dr J T Kent

Life and works of Dr J T Kent

Some rubrics from mind chapter

General approach to the patient

Role of Gentry’s  Concordance Repertory in Clinical  Practice

Card repertory – Dr.Arpana S Pareek 

An Overview on Card Repertory with special emphasis to Kishore’s Card – Prof.Krishnendu Maity 

Case processing – Dr.Arpaana S Pareek

Case taking – Aphorism 83-104 – Dr.Arpana S Pareek 

Complete repertory – Dr. Aisha J Hassan

How to teach repertory – Dr.S.K.Tiwari 

A concise idea about repertory – Dr Arpana S Pareek

Method of working out a case with Kent’s Repertory  Dr Arpana S Pareek 

Interpretation of Mind Rubrics in Repertory  Dr Arpana S Pareek

Prescribing Symptoms – Dr Aparna S Pareek

Puritan repertories – Dr Arpana S Pareek 

Question Paper Pattern – MUHS Nasik -Repertory – Dr Arpana S Pareek 

Distribution of the topics as per guidelines from CCH syllabus (Repertory)  Dr Arpana S Pareek 

Symptomatology – Dr Arpana S Pareek

Terminologies in Boerick’s repertory  Dr.Aisha J Hassan 

Different terms used in the Repertory  Dr Arpana S Pareek

Case taking in Homoeopathy – $ 83-104 – Dr.Sr Temy Thomas

Case taking by Elizabeth Wright – Dr.Sr Temy Thomas

Utility of repertory in pediatrics – Dr.T.Austin Jose

Boger Boennonghause’s repertory  Dr.Sreeraj.R

Patient based approach in imparting principles of repertorisation – Dr.M.K.Sahni

Relevance of children chapter in Murphy’s repertory – Dr.Aisha J Hassan

Relationship between repertory & Pharmacy – Dr.M.K.sahni

Comparison of W.A.Allen’s intermittent fever with fever chapter in Boger’s repertory Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Repertory – its relation with Organon & Materia Medica – Dr.Sreekala.M

Terminologies in Clark’s Clinical Repertory – Dr.Resmi.M.R

The real portrait – Dr.Divya Sanal

Case taking methods by Dr.J.T.Kent – Dr.Resmi.M.R

Case taking methods by EB Nash – Dr.Aisha J Hassan

Rubrics representing mood disorders in Synthesis – Dr.Aisha J Hassan

Relevance of chapter ‘Ankle’ in Murphy’s repertory – Dr.Shamna

Relevance of chapter ‘Arm’ in Murphy’s repertory – Dr.Resmi

Terminologies in Boerick’s repertory – Dr.Resmi

Methodology of case taking by C.M.Boger – Dr.Preethi A John

Methodology of case taking by Dr.Dunham – Dr.Sreekala.M

Complete Repertory to the eye – Dr.Basavarajeshwari

Mind chapter in Synthesis repertory – Dr.Arun Krishnan

Taking the case – Dr.C.M.Boger’s view

Epidemic case taking – Dr.B.Parthasarathy

Hahnemannian method of case taking – Dr.Sreekala.M

Abdomen chapter in Murphy’s repertory – Dr.Sreekala.M

Aphorisms related to case taking

Case taking in homeopathy – Dr.Kent’s directions

Miasmatic repertorisation – Dr.Sangeetha Balakrishnan

Interpretation of mind rubrics – 1

Interpretation of mind rubrics – II

Basic concept of psychiatry thro mind rubrics – Dr.Divya Sanal

Introduction to Synthesis. 9 – Frederik Schroyens

Synthesis Treasure Edition 2009 – Frederik Schroyens

Essential Synthesis – Frederik Schroyens

Fever chapter in Boger’s Repertory – Dr.Makudam Thampy

Introduction to case taking – Dr.Suhan P Aziz

A short trip through repertories – Dr.Harikumar.S

Case taking method of H A Robert – Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Relationship of anatomy with repertory – Dr.Kannan

Interpretation of mental symptoms – miasmatic approach – Dr.Mansoor Ali.K.R

Interpretation of mental rubrics – Dr.Satheesh Kumar

Card Repertory – Dr.Suja Pillai

Epidemic Case Taking – Dr.Parthasarathy

Case taking – ICR method

Case taking in homeopathy – Dr.Shivprasad Yadav

The Basics of Repertory and Methods and techniques Dr.A.Shanthakumar

Eliciting Mental Symptoms to build up a Totality – Prof.(Dr.) Niranjan Mohanty

Concept of analysis and evaluation of symptoms in Homeopathy

Principles of logic and analysis – Dr Nimish V. Mehta

Case taking – A repertorial approach – Dr.K.R.mansoor Ali

Dr. H.A. Robert’s Views on Case taking and Case Record

Case taking – Hahnemannian directions

Dr.Kent’s direction on case taking in Homeopathy

Application of case taking methods in different clinical situations – Dr.Chandrashekar Goda

Dr. C. M. Boger’s view on Case taking

Boenninghausen’s view on case taking and case record

Clinical & regional repertories available in various softwares –Their Structure and Application in Clinical Practice – Dr. Vidyadhar R. Khanaj

Concept of Unprejudiced Observer and methods to operationalize it – Dr Anand Kapse

Case taking in community, clinic and ward with demonstration of cases – Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan Mohanty

Demonstration of Application of Case Taking techniques in Clinic, Ward, Community – Dr. Shivaprasad K

A workshop on Case Receiving – Dr Manoj Patel

Hahnemannian case taking – Dr. S. Shantha Prabhu

Knowledge of illness in general and disease in particular

Integration of mental state in homeopathic prescribing – Dr. Sunil D. Bhalinge

Scientific Methodology of Repertorisation – Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Interpretation of Mental Rubrics An easy method – Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Paediatrics – A Repertorial approach – Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Use of repertory in clinical practice – Dr. D.P. Rastogi

Effective case taking techniques – Dr. Ashok Kumar Dantkale

Utility of pulse chapter in Murphy’s repertory – Dr.Sunila.R

The proper use of repertory – Dr.Srinath Rao

Relationship between repertory and homeopathic philosophy

Relationship between repertory and homeopathic philosophy – Dr.M.P.Arya

General principles of repertorisation – Dr.M.P.Arya

History of repertory – Dr.S.K.Tiwari

Relationship between repertory, pathology and clinical disciplines – Dr.Rita Chakraborty

Evolving format of interview evaluation for perfecting the art of interview Dr. Nityanand L. Tiwari

Problem definition in repertory

Document evaluation

Case taking :in Homoeopathy- Principles and Practice – Dr. M. P. Arya

Miasmatic repertorisation – Dr.Sangeetha Balakrishnan

Standard case record Performa – Dr.Eswara Das

Standardized case Record: Concept and Application – Dr. Anand Kapse

Effective and instant prescriptions through repertory – Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Case taking in mental illness

ROTP Curriculum repertory

Patient based approach in imparting principles of repertorization 

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