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Homoeopathic therapeutics of multiple sclerosis – Dr Vaibhavi Bhartiya

Eczema and Homoeopathy theapeutics Dr Vivek N Patil 

Rare homoeopathic medicines and its indication – Dr Soumya Thomas

Rare homoeopathic remedies and its homoeopathic indications – Dr T. Surekha

Rare remedies in clinical practice – Dr Soumya Thomas

Therapeutics of migraine

Therapeutics of PCOS

Therapeutics of psoriasisDr Naznin

Vomiting remedies in Homoeopathy

Homeopathy remedies for UTI

Cerebrovascular accidents and its homoeopathic therapeutics – Dr.K.Ram Kumar

Therapeutics in renal disorders Hanan Siddeequa.P

Therapeutics in Gynaecology  Lamees T T

Therapeutics of gonorrhoea – Meghana Sekhar

Therapeutics of syphilis – Musthabshira T

Therapeutics for Renal Calculi – Dr Praveen Kumar Rai

SLE – Homeopathic Therapeutics – Dr.C.S.Shuba Pradha 

Cervical spondylosis and homoeopathy – Dr.Pradeedp Kumar.K

Asthma our mission is to cure  Dr.Bharat

Homeopathic therapeutics of Urinary tract infection – Dr.Divya Sanal

Therapeutics of fever – Dr.Aisha J Hassan

Allergic rhinitis and homoeopathy – Dr.Dinsha Murali

Therapeutics of LBA

Management of disease with homeopathic mother tincture – Dr.K.P.Sudhakaran Nair

Homeopathic therapeutics of cardiac diseases – Dr.Dinesh.R.S

Therapeutics of diabetes mellitus

Ulcer and homoeopathic therapeutics – Dr.Rema Devi

Homeopathic therapeutics of warts – Dr.Uma.V 

Fever therapeutics – Dr.Reshmi.N.E

Fibroid with Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Therapeutics of female infertility

Classical Therapeutics – Dr.Sundram Shrivastava

Common GI ailments and its homeopathic therapeutics – Dr. A.K. Mishra

Homeopathic therapeutics for migraine – Dr.Valavan

Migraine and Homeopathy – Dr.Tewari

Rare mother tinctures in Homeopathy

Homeopathic management of sunstroke – Dr. A.K. Mishra

Homeopathic therapeutics

A study on tumours with  homeopathic therapeutics

Therapeutics of arterial ulcer

Therapeutics of alopecia

Some bleeding remedies – Dr.Mohammed Mirshad.C.K

Therapeutics of dermatitis – Dr. Kamlandra Tyagi

Therapeutics of atopic eczema

Materia medica therapuetics for psoriasis

Influenza – therapeutics

Therapeutic Management of Sub-Clinical mastitis using homeopathic formulation – C. K. Patel ,R. M. Patel , K. M. Jadhav and H.H.Panchasara

Eczema and its therapeutics  Dr Vivek N Patil

Glomerulonephritis and Homoeopathy

Glomerulonephritis therapeutics – Dr Smitha Madhavan

Therapeutics of fever

Therapeutics of peptic ulcer

Opthalmology Homeopathy therapeutics

Pneumonia – Homoeopathy therapeutics

Psoriasis – homeopathy therapeutics

Eczema and its therapeutics  Dr Vivek N Patil

Cancer & It’s Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Dr Poornima G

Leucorrhoea and its homoeopathic therapeutics – Dr Poornima G

Polycystic Ovarian Disease Homoeopathy Therapeutics

Therapeutics of female infertility

Fibroid with Homoeopathic Therapeutics

Carcinoma Cervix – therapeutics

IBD – therapeutics

Tumor – therapeutics 

Sexual Dysfunction homoeopathy therapeutics


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