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Atrial Septal defect

Coarctation of aorta

Congenital heart disease Dr Rohini P. Makwana

Malposition of heart Dr Rohini P. Makwana

Patent ductus areteriosusDr Rohini P. Makwana

Persistent ductus areteriosusDr Rohini P. Makwana

Pulmonary stenosis and atresia –  Dr Rohini P. Makwana

Tetralogy of fallot

Transposition of arteriesDr Rohini P. Makwana

Tricuspid atresia and stenosis Dr Rohini P. Makwana

Valvular heart disease –  Dr Rohini P. Makwana

Ventricular septal defectDr Rohini P. Makwana

Lymphomas Dr Preeti Singh

Leukemia Dr Appu Gopalakrishnan

Bleeding disordersDr Harshavarthini.M

Multiple sclerosis Dr Jagruti

Rheumatoid arthritis Dr S R Bharath Kumar 

Cell Injury – Purvang H Gajjr

Acute Kidney Injury Dr Anil NM 

Sideroblastic and aplastic anemias Dr Kavya KS

Lymphoma D Kavya KS

Valvular heart disease Dr Kavya KS

Atrophy in pathology Ganatra Nirav 

HaemoglobinopathiesDr Bhagyasree B 

LeptospirosisDr Bhagyasree B

Pathology Review Cancer questions

TrypanosomiasisDr Bhagyasree B

Neoplasm Dr Jasmin

Cell Injury, Inflammation and Repair

Kumar  Practice Pathology .Review-Cell Injury, Inflammation and Repair

Salmonella infections – Dr Soumya Mathew

SyphilisDr Ronisha

UlcersDr Anju C Raj

Aplastic anemia Dr Midun Ramesh

Blood groups and blood transfusion Dr Nisha C N

Cancer OvaryDr Nisha C N

HydrocephalusDr Nisha C N

Cancer ProstateDr Nisha C N

Cholycystitis Dr Sandanraj

Tetanus – Dr Harshid Gupta

Endo metriosis – Dr Sandanaraj

Hepato-Biliary diseases

Lymphatic/Hematopoetic System IPM 2Scott E. Smith

Pheochromocytoma Dr.Sandhanaraj.S

Cerebro vascular accidents (or) stroke – Dr Raja Chanda


Inflammation – Dr Shalini G Unnithan

Inflammation pathogenesis

Glomerualr Abnormalities

Haemolytic anemias

Leprosy and eye

Lichen planusDhole 

Peptic ulcers

Peptic ulcer

Teaching neoplasia

Intrinsic hemolytic anemias

Hematology/hematopoiesis – introduction

Pathology of Hepatitis & Cirrhosis – Venkatesh Murthy Shashidhar

Jaundice – Munshid

Jaundice Homoeopathy

Jaundice – Dr.N.S.K.Chaitanya

Neonatal Jaundice

Japanes Enchephalitis

Congenital anomalies – neural tube defect

Sickle Cell syndrome

Chronic renal failure


Esophagus – pathology – Dr Sharika

Esophagus – Dr Shalini G Unnithan

Pancreas Disorders – Klaus Gottlieb

Pancreatitis – Dr Karan Wadhwa

Parkinson’s disease

Pathological gambling & CBT

Relationship of surgery with Pathology

Pathology of Pneumonia Dr. Venkatesh M. Shashidhar

Pathology of Cerebro-vascular Disease – Stroke

Pericarditis – Dr N C Dhole

Pleural effusion and mediastinum – Dr Muhammed Fayis


Pneumonias – organisms

Pneumonia – Dr Victory

Systemic pathology : respiratory system – Dr Poornima

Poliomyelitis – Dr Sandhya

Renal failure pathophysiology

Teaching neoplasia – Part 1 – Dr D Basu

Space occupying lesions

Wilson’s disease – Dr Bharat Praveen

Baseline investigations in pathology – Dr Sankar

Neoplasms of lung

Caricinoma Esophagus – Stomach

Co- artication of aorta  Dr T D Hemachandran

Congenital anomalies of excretory system & neoplasms of kidney – Dr Salini G K

Derangements of hemostasis & haemodynamics – Dr. Zubaida Salam

Extrinsic haemolytic anemias

Hydrocephalus  Dr Jayadeep B P

Intrinsic hemolytic anemias

Intestinal tuberculosis

Leukemia and homoeopathy – Dr Anju Unnikrishnan


Tetralogy of Fallot

Thrombosis – Dr. Zubaida Salam

Ventricular septal defect Dr.T.D.Hemachandran

Wound healing – Dr Athul baburaj 

Adrenal Gland disorders

Thyroid disorders

Cancer of stomach

Chagas Disease – Surya Isaza

Carcinoma cervix

Thalassemia Syndrome

Lukemias – types

Cell injuries

Cerebellar ataxia – Dr Jayadeep

The Lymphomas

Thrombocytopenia and Platelet Dysfunction

Cerebral Palsy – Brain Paralysis

Disorders of coagulation

Budd chiari syndrome – Dr Bharat Praveen

Buerger’s Disease


Bullous Diseases – Dr.Letha K Robin

Sjogren’s  Syndrome – Krystal Odom & Kelly Starling

Genomic diversity in Trypanosoma cruzi : Evolutionary and pathogenetic implications

Diseases of the spinal cord

Activated charcoal – Dr Gouri

Cirrhosis of Liver – Dr N.S.K.Chaitanya.

Cirrhosis of the Liver and Liver Failure – Cheryl McConnell RN MSN

Progressive Cirrhosis of Liver

Aneurysms – basics

Aneuyrsm- classification

Anthrax /Wool Sorter’s Disease

Biological Terrorism  – Anthrax

Valvular Heart Disease-  Aortic Stenosis

From mice to men and bench to bedside a personal story of connectivity – D Vinay Kumar


Atherosclerosis  facts

Atherosclerosis – Dr Temy Thomas


Brucellosis,undulent fever,malta fever,abortus fever

Cystic Fibrosis – Dr N C Dhole


Correlation between General and Systemic Pathology– Dr. Zoya Joao

Anatomy  in relation to pathology and clinical aspects with reference to copd – Dr. Asha chowdhry

Gangrene  Dr Jayadeep

Glomerulonephritis and Homoeopathy

Glomerular nephritis – Dr Ancy Abraham

Glomerulonephritis therapeutics – Dr Smitha Madhavan

Glomerulo nephritis pathology – Dr A S Mridul 

Liver pathology – Dr Sinhasan

Atherosclerosis& monckberg’s medial calcific sclerosis – Dr Sinhasan

Carcinoma Stomach, Carcinoma Colon, Pleomorphic Adenoma – Dr Sinhasan

Pyelonephritis & renal cell carcinoma – Dr Sinhasan

Endometrium – Dr Sinhasan

Thyroid – Grave’s disease and Papillary Carcinoma – Dr Sinhasan

Bone tumors – Dr Sinhasan

Lymphomas – basics – Dr Sinhasan

CVC Liver Lungs and Thrombs – Dr Sinhasan

Breast – fibroadenoma,carcinoma,seminoma testes – Dr Sinhasana

Tuberculosis – basics – Dr Sinhasan

Testes – Pathology – Dr Sinhasan

Tumors of the Small and Large Intestine – Dr Sinhasan

Malnutrition – Pathological aspects  – Dr Sinhasan

Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumor

Neoplasms of lip

Protein Energy Malnutrition  – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of Penis – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of Prostate – Dr Sinhasan

Diseases of Kidney – Dr Sinhasan

Acute Glomerulo Nephritis – Dr Sinhasan

Nephrotic syndrome – Dr Sinhasan

Membraneous Glomerulo Nephritis  – Dr Sinhasan

Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis – Dr Sinhasan

Tubulo Interstitial nephritis – Dr Sinhasan

Diabetic Glomerulo Sclerosis – Dr Sinhasan

Urolithiasis – Dr Sinhasan

Clinical Manifestations of Renal Diseases – Dr Sinhasan

Deep Mycosis – Dr Sinhasan

Rhinosporidiosis & Actinomycosis   – Dr Sinhasan

Oral Cavity – Salivary Glands – Dr Sinhasan

Dermato pathology – Skin tumors – Dr Sinhasan

Tuberculosis and Leprosy – Dr Sinhasan

Benign tumors of Skin – Dr Sinhasan

Characters of Malignant Tumors – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of lung – Dr Sinhasan

Inflammation – Nature heals, physician assists – Dr Sinhasan

Basic concept of immunity – Dr Sinhasan

Cell injury – major concepts – Dr Sinhasan

Circulatory disorders – Dr Sinhasan

Diseases of blood vessels – Dr Sinhasan

Hematology- Anemia Introduction – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of liver disorders – Dr Sinhasan

Lung structure – introduction – Dr Sinhasan

Neoplasia – basics – Dr Sinhasan

Pediatric tumors – Dr Sinhasan

Structure of DNA– Dr Sinhasan

Phagocytosis – Dr Sinhasan

Leukemias – UG level – Dr Sinhasan

Uterine corpus – Dr Sinhasan

Vascular changes in Inflammation  – Dr Sinhasan

Aneurysms of blood vessels – Dr Sinhasan

Alcoholic liver diseases – Dr Sinhasan

Embolism – basics – Dr Sinhasan

Hypersensitivity reactions – Dr Sinhasan

Iron deficiency anemia – Dr Sinhasan

Mendelian Disorders – Dr Sinhasan

Necrosis – types and features – Dr Sinhasan

Neoplasia- Good vs Bad – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of Tuberculosis – Dr Sinhasan

Pediatric Pathology – Dr Sinhasan

Tuberculosis of female genital tract 

AML – Leukemias UG – Dr Sinhasan

Auto immune disorders – Dr Sinhasan

Decompression sickness and Barotrauma – Dr Sinhasan

Cytogenic disorders involving sex chromosomes – Dr Sinhasan

Hemolytic anemia due to extrinsic factors – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of hepatitis – Dr Sinhasan

Carcinogenic agents and their cellular interactions – Dr Sinhasan

Chronic myeloid leukemia – UG – Dr Sinhasan

Vascular tumors and CHD  – Dr Sinhasan

Apoptosis – Dr Sinhasan

HIV versus AIDS – Dr Sinhasan

Bronchiectasis – Dr Sinhasan

Chronic inflammation- facts  – Dr Sinhasan

Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation – Dr Sinhasan

Experimental animal models -– Dr Sinhasan

Cardiomyopathies -– Dr Sinhasan

Microbial Carcinogenesis -– Dr Sinhasan

Everything on Ovaries -– Dr Sinhasan

Plasma cell neoplasm – Dr Sinhasan

Viral hepatitis – facts – Dr Sinhasan

Intra cellular accumulations -– Dr Sinhasan

Amyloidosis -– Dr Sinhasan

Diseases of breast -– Dr Sinhasan

Cellular aging  -– Dr Sinhasan

Tissue Repair -– Dr Sinhasan

Emphysema- COPD -– Dr Sinhasan

Diagnosis of Genetic diseases -– Dr Sinhasan

Molecular basis of Cancer -– Dr Sinhasan

Shock and management -– Dr Sinhasan

Tumors of liver  -– Dr Sinhasan

Myelodisplastic syndrome  – Dr Sinhasan

RHD and Valvular heart diseases – Dr Sinhasan

Neoplasms of the lung – Dr Sinhasan

Cutaneous wound healing – Dr Sinhasan

Gall bladder pathology – Dr Sinhasan

Ischemic Heart Diseases – Dr Sinhasan

Clinical features of tumors – Dr Sinhasan

Fracture healing – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of Urinary Bladder – Dr Sinhasan

Bleeding disorders – Dr Sinhasan

Blood  smear examinations – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of Bone tumors – Dr Sinhasan

Differential staining in peripheral smear – Dr Sinhasan

Peptic Ulcer – Dr Sinhasan

Stomach Tumors – Dr Sinhasan

Gastritis – Dr Sinhasan

Granulation tissue & necrosis – Dr Sinhasan

Importance of Hemoglobin – Dr Sinhasan

CNS Infections – Dr Sinhasan

Leprosy – Hansen disease  – Dr Sinhasan

Lymphomas – Practicals – Dr Sinhasan

Osteomyelitis – Pathology & Clinical features  – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of CNS tumors – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of diabetes – Dr Sinhasan

Pathology of female

Nephrolithiasis – Munnu Das.D

Shock – Clinical features– Dr.Vasudha.S

Tumors of the floor of the mouth – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Haemostasis, coagulation and platelets – Dr.Sharika

Cell Pathology – Dr. Mahendra gaushal

Pathology – Recommended books for BHMS

Urinary Bladder -applied pathology

Appropriate use of blood and blood components – Dr.K.R.Anandan

Blood smear examination in day to day practice

Cell injury and aging – Dr.G.Sreenivaslu

Circulatory disorders

Differential staining in peripheral smear

Glomerulonephritis – Dr.Aruna Parvathy

Granulation tissue and necrosis

Applied aspect of lymphoma

Pathology of tuberculosis – Dr.Venkatesh

Leprosy slides

Benign tumors

Characters of malignant tumors

Pathology of Lung – Dr.Sinhasan

Pathology of Liver – Dr.Sinhasan

Pathology of endometrium

Thyroid grave’s disease and papillary Ca

Bone tumors- Dr Sandhanaraj

Chronic venous congestion of Liver Lung & Spleen


Cytogenic disorders involving sex chromosomes

Breast fibroadenoma, carcinoma, testes seminoma

Hypersensitivity applied aspects – Dr.Ranjith Chandra

Anatomy related to pathology – Dr.G.Saravanan

Platelets hemostasis and coagulation – Dr.Ranjith Cahndra

Enterobacteria salmonella – Dr.Suja Pillai 

Disease affecting arteries

Red Cell disorders

Disorders of blood vessel – Dr.Suja Pillai


Polyarteritis nodosa – Dr.Navas

What cause rheumatic fever

Enterobacteria salmonella – Dr.Suja Pillai

Prescription in a pathology case

Urine analysis 

Bleeding disorders

Red cell disorders

Blood smear examinations

Cellular Injury & Ageing – Dr.Srinivaslu

Circulatory disorders

Clinical hematology images

Leukemia’s – Dr.Sinhasan 

Disease – pre clinical and clinical phase

Embolism – Dr.G.Srinivaslu

Embolism – Dr.S.S.Hiremath

Oedma – Dr.Ashok Shailesh

Gangrene and embolism – Dr.Hiremath

Gangrene – miasmatic study and therapeutics – Dr.Ajeeta M Prabhu

Gangrene – Dr.G.Srinivaslu

Granulation tissue and necrosis

Group task in pathology

WBC disorders – Dr. Venkatesh M. Shashidhar 

Reactive proliferation of lymph nodes

Necrosis & Edema – Dr.R.Thamilselvi

Homeopathic approach to immunity – Dr.E.Rathinasabapathy

How to teach inflammation & healing

Hyper sensitivity reaction

Hyper sensitivity reactions – 11

Immunology – Dr.C.Bharat

Hypersensitivity reactions


Transplant rejection

What is edema

Iron deficiency anemia

Chronic leukemias

Lymphomas – images

Necrosis – Dr.Farhat.C

Neoplasias – Dr.Dayanand S Biligi

Neoplasm Homeopathic approach – Dr. Shivaprasad. K

Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas (NHL)

Homeopathic remedies for organ affinity

Plasma cytoma

Plasma cell disorders

Plasma cell dyscrasia

Pulmonary edema

Deep mycosis

How to teach thrombosis and infarction – Dr. Udaya Kumar.M

Sjogren’s syndrome

Autoimmune diseases

Acid fast stain of mycobacterium tuberculoses

Benign tumors

Character of malignant tumors– Dr.Sinhasan

Tuberculosis and cancer of lung – Dr.Sinhasan

Pathology of Liver – Dr.Sinhasan

Atherosclerosis & Monckberg’s medial calcific sclerosis – Dr.Sinhasan

Carcinoma Stomach,Carcinoma Colon,Pleomorphic Adenoma – Dr.Sinhasan

Pyelonephritis and renal cell carcinoma – Dr.Sinhasan

Endometrium – Dr.Sinhasan

Thyroid, grave’s disease and papillary carcinoma Dr.Sinhasan

Bone tumors – Dr.Sinhasan

Leukemia’s – Dr.Sinhasan


CVC, liver, lung and thrombosis

Cytogenic disorders involving sex chromosomes – Dr.Sinhasan

Teaching – Homoeopathic approach in Thrombosis & infarction – Dr.R.Y.Nadaf

Homoeopathic approach to Thrombosis & Infarction – Dr.R.Y.Nadaf

Myelodisplastic syndrome– Dr.Sinhasan

Plasma cell neoplasam – Dr.Sinhasan

Leukemias – Dr.Sinhasan

Myeloproliferative disorders – Dr.Sinhasan

Leukemias – Dr.Sinhasan

Advances in Pathology – Dr. P. M Subramaniam

Bedside lab tests – Dr.R.Thamilselvi

Gross and microscopic pathology

Body fluids – Dr.P.G.Konapur 

Pathology of female genital system – Dr Sinhasan

Clinical correlation and interpretation

Comparison & contrast between germ theory and concept of miasm – Dr.P.K Sudhir

Importance of clinico pathological correlations

Relationship between pathology & homeopathic philosophy Dr.G.Srinivasulu

Equipment’s in laboratory medicine – Dr.A.G.Prathab

Preparation and use of various culture media in various microbiology laboratory – Dr KS Seetha

Ethics in laboratory

Group task in pathology

Pathology – an introduction  Dr.G.Srinivasulu

Susceptibility and immunity in relation to pathology and disease

Relationship between pathology and materia medica

Laboratory etiquette and protocol – Dr.M.Prakash Kumar 


Atypical teratode

Bone tumors

Bordotella – Dr Smitha R Menon

Cell injury – Dr Shalini G Unnithan

Cell Injury 2

Cell Injury 3

Cirrhosis of Liver

Diseases of esophagus

Leprosy – Dr Sharika


Neoplasm of lip


Cancer of cervix – Dr Shabna

Cirrhosis of liver


Congenital kidney


Pathology of neoplasia – Dr Divya 

Pathology branches

Gall stone pathology – Dr Adiya K Hamza

Pathology of gonorrhea– Dr Hanan

Pathology of hepatitis – Dr Temy Thomas

Lymphogranuloma venerum

Pathology of renal neoplasm Dr Faseela

Pathology of renal tuberculosis – Dr Hafza

Pathology of retero version

Pathology of syphilis 

Acute appendicitisDr Rumsheed Necholi 


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