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Drug DiscoveryDr Ayesha Naaz

Packaging, Milling And Size Separation/Grading Of Powders Mixing And Homogenisation Dr. Ayesha Naaz

Common Indian plant poison and homoeopathic remedies Dr Neha Shendre

Preparation of homoeopathy medicines – Dr Krupali Parmar

Homoeopathic pharmacy in relation to national economyKanwal Sandhu

Pharmacy Act, 1948 [4th March, 1948]- Dr. S P Singh

Plant kingdom – Dr K S Gopi

Relevance of plant kingdom in Homoeopathy – Dr Hitesh Purohi

Vehicles for Dispensing of Homoeopathic medicines

Semi solid vehicles

Uses of chromatography

Report on GMP manufacturing units and institutes – Dr D S Bhar  

History of High Potency Machines in 19th Century America

Impact of GMP on the quality of homoeopathic medicines  Dr. R. Valavan

Drug and Magic remedies act 1995 – Dr Ram Jyothish

Good Manufacturing Practices in Homoeopathy – Dr Raja

Introduction of homeopathy in the pharmacy – Dr Fruzsina Gábor

Quality Control and Standardisation of Homeopathic Medicines – Dr. Beena Srivastava

GMP applied to homoeopathy a critical evaluation – Dr. R.N. Wahi

Safety issues in the preparation of homoeopathic medicines.- Prakash Joshi

How to achieve factory hygiene?

Drugs (Prices Control) Order, 1995 Dr. S P Singh

The Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) – Dr Ram Jyothis

Various constituents in plant substances – Dr.Muhammed Safeer & Dr. Sooraj.K.V

Role of drug proving in the homeopathic concept – Dr.Anand.R

Problems & perspectives in the identifying of Homoeopathic medicinal plants – D.Suresh Baburaj

Good manufacturing practice in homeopathy and legal issues – Dr.Prakash Joshi

Microscopic study of triturations – Dr.Dilip Panakkada

Homeopathic pharmacopia India – monograph Part.1- Dr.Manisha Sarkar

Homeopathic pharmacopia India – monograph .Part.II– Dr.Manisha Sarkar

Significance of microscopic and macroscopic studies in Homeopathic pharmacy – Dr.K.S.Gopi

Quality control- change in face of homeopathic pharmacy – Dr.P.N.Verma

Some common medicinal plants and preparation – Dr.Vipin Sharma

Applied aspects of different potencies in Homoeopathic pharmacy – Dr.A.K.Mishra

Recent Advances in Homoeopathic Pharmacy

Quality control or standardization of drugs – Dr.Cyriac Thomas

Relationship between pharmacy, chemistry and Physics – Dr.K.S.Gopi

Changing face of Homoeopathic Pharmacy – Different pharmacopoeia(s) – Dr. P. N. Varma

Relationship between homeopathic pharmacy and national economy

Homeopathic pharmacy and Homeopathic philosophy

Relationship between repertory and homeopathic pharmacy – Dr.S.K.Tiwaeri

Relationship between homeopathic pharmacy and botany – Dr. Dilip Panakkada

Recent Advances in Homoeopathic Pharmacy – Dr. Pravas K Pal

Role of Pharmacy in homeopathic medicine Dr. Vivekananda V Vernekar

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