Anatomy PowerPoint Presentations & Lectures

Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali KR 

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CerebrumDr Sreekala C

Table of common anatomic derivatives

Educational Objectives Of Anatomy At U.G. Level MD Anwarul Haque.

Arches of foot – Dr Nisha Shah

Clavicle – Dr Varsha Sharma

Human Brain – Dr.Jasmin

Blood vessels – abdomen and pelvis – Dr Jasmin

Basal ganglia Dr Namita S

Midbrain –anatomy & physiology – Dr Namita     

Pancreas Dr Namita S

Pituitary Gland Dr Namita S

Development of arch of aorta & its congenital abnormalities – Dr Jitendra Kumar

Development of cardiovascular systemDr Midhun Ramesh

Development of the central nervous systemDr Midhun Ramesh

Development of gastrointestinal tractDr Midhun Ramesh

The knee joint

Knee joint applied homoeopathy

Gray anatomy – images

Hip joint anatomy

Movements of ankle joint

Surface anatomy of heart & pericardium – Muhsifa Fathima

Neuro anatomy & Neuro physiology

Pituitary gland – Dr Smitha Madhavan

Clinical anatomy of the hip joint

Need of Anatomy in Homoeopathic undergraduate course – Dr A G Jagadeesan

Relationship of Anatomy with Surgery – Dr E S J Prabhu Kiran

Role of anatomy in understanding health – Dr V K Khanna

Right atrium & ventricle – Dr Muhsina

Shoulder joint

The spine

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and Intracranial Disorders

The spinal cord

Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves and Somatic Reflexes

Systemic embryology

Development of the heart

The knee joint

Thyroid gland

The foot

Mouth, Teeth, Tongue, Salivary Glands – Anatomy and Applied Anatomy – Dr Dhanya D M

Spinal cord – anatomy and functions  Dr Dhanya D M

Structure of liver & extra biliary apparatus – Dr Jitha V R

Larynx applied anatomy – Dr K R Remya

Pharynx and oesophagus- anatomy and physiology – Dr Amritha R


Thyroid gland

Ventricles of brain and csf – Dr Anju Unnikrishnan

Anatomical and Physiological Basis of Understanding Neurological Diseases

Cranial bones

Embryology  Dr Sr Binymol Aney Kurian

Spinal cord and Spinal nerves

Foramina at the base of the skull

Ventricles of brain – Dr Bincy

CNS– Anatomy, Lobes, Divsion  – Dr.Munshid.N.T

Scalp layers

Scalp Nerve Supply

Pterygoid muscles

Stomach – Anatomy,Gastric  Secretion, Gastric Function Test – Dr. Rekha Rajagopalan

Eye Rotation

Extrinsic muscles of tongue

External carotid artery branches

Foramen Ovale Contents

Cavernous sinus contents

Embryology of heart

Superior thyroid artery branches

Internal jugular vein: tributaries

External jugular vein: tributaries

Carotid sheath contents

Innervation of Skull

Foramina of the base of the skull

Surface anatomy  Anterior abdominal wall Dr P S Aithala

Anatomy Mnemonics

Palmar Aponeurosis –  Dr. H. Victory

Anatomy myology flexor and extensor of forearm – Dr.Pranesh kumar singh

Embryology  an overview – Dr Sarthchandran

Anatomy and physiology of the ear – Dr Jitha V R  

Introduction to ankle joint

Movements of ankle joint

Ligaments of ankle joint

Aorta –Dr Jayadeep

Movements of knee joint – Dr Arun

Ligaments of knee joint – Dr Arya

Table of common anatomic derivatives

Need of anatomy in undergraduate studies – Dr V K Chauhan

Anatomy in relation to pathology and clinical aspects COPD – Dr Asha Chowdary

Embryology, developmental stages in relation to disease progress – D M D Anwarul haque

Role of anatomy in understanding health

Role of anatomy in understanding health – Dr Muhammed Qasim

Irving’s Anatomy Mnemonics

Diencephalon – anatomy & physiology

Need of Anatomy in Undergraduate Courses – Dr V. K. Chauhan

Anatomy in relation to pathology and clinical aspects with reference to copd – Dr. Asha chowdhry

Anatomy and physiology of the ear – Dr Jitha V R  

Embryology – facts

Embryology: an overview – Dr. Sarathchandran

Embryology – views

 Arches of feet

Hepatobiliary system

Clinical anatomy of hip joint

Hip joint introduction

Hip joint – Relationship

Movements and muscles producing movements at the hip joint

Hip – articular capsule

Hip joint – blood supply

Role of Anatomy in Understanding Health – Prof. Mohammad Qasim

Lobes, the Cerebral Cortex, and Cortical Regions of the Brain – Deepthi P K 

Anatomy of Kidney – Arathy.C.P

Cranial fossa and meninges – Dr Shalini G Unnithan

Cranium – Dr Shalini G Unnithan

Stomach applied anatomy Dr Bharat Praveen. S

Anomalies of aortic arch – Dr.Aswathy Chandranath

Anomalies of aortic arch – Dr.Aswathy Chandranath

Anomalies of aortic arch – Dr.Aswathy Chandranath

Anomalies of aortic arch – Dr.Aswathy Chandranath

Anomalies of aortic arch – Dr.Aswathy Chandranath

Peritoneum – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Prostate Gland – Dr.Rumsheed Necholi

Shoulder Joint – Dr.Soumaya.U.S

The tongue

Cranial nerves – applied anatomy – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Cranial nerves v,vi,vii – Dr.Sharika.K.U

Larynx – applied anatomy – Dr.Aruna Parvathy.L

Larynx – clinical anatomy DD of dysphonia stridor with investigation – Dr.Smitha.R Menon

Liver and Liver Function test  Dr.Sharika.K.U

Nose applied anatomy – Dr.Aruna Parvathy

Aorta – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Basal Ganglia – Dr.Aruna Parvathy

Cerebellum – Dr.Bharath Praveen

Circle of Willis – Dr.Shamna

Duodenum Dr.Asha V Sasi

Anatomy of Eye – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Renal system – Dr.Bharath Praveen

Applied anatomy of ovary – Dr.Soumya.U.S

Prolapse of uterus – Dr.Aisha

Thymus – Dr.Aruna Parvathy 

Air Sinuses – Dr.Shalini G Unnithan

Anatomy of the face – Prof.Padmakumar

Brain -applied anatomy


Diaphram and its appendages

Neck-applied anatomy – Dr.Sajan

Female Gonad – Ovary applied anatomy – Dr.Soumya.U.S

Applied anatomy of respiratory system – Dr.Adeline Jerald Paul.J

Small intestine – applied anatomy – Dr.Venmoni

Testes – the male gonad -applied anatomy – Dr.Soumya.U.S

Thyroid – Applied Anatomy

Relation of anatomy with homeopathic philosophy – Dr.Roshan Pinto

Diaphram and phrenic nerve  Dr.Arun Krishnan

Applied anatomy of Gall Bladder – Dr.Suja Pillai

Anatomy of heart and coronary circulation – Dr.Divya Sambasivan

Role on anatomy in understanding health – Dr.Praveen Raj

Need of anatomy in homeopathy undergraduate courses

Applied anatomy of cubital fossa – Dr.Ranjith Chandra

Anatomy of trigeminal nerve – Dr.Nadira A

Use of anatomy in Homoeopathy

Brachial plexus – Dr.Arunkrishnan

Embryology & developmental stages in relation to disease progress– Dr.G.Pandian

Applied anatomy of esophagus – Dr.Hema K Kartha

Cranial Nerves – 3&4 Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy of scalp

Anatomy and applied anatomy of glossopharyngeal nerve – Dr.Navas

Anatomy of renal system – Dr.Navas

Applied anatomy of arteries

Anatomy & Physiology of eye – Dr.Binuraj.T.K

Liver & Gall bladder – Dr.Sujaya Nair


Applied anatomy of spleen – Dr.Binu Raj.T.K

Applied anatomy of vagus nerve

Applied anatomy of thyroid gland

Applied anatomy of trigeminal nerves

Multiple Choice questions & Clinical anatomy of Lowerlimb

Relationship of Anatomy with Surgery – Dr E.S. J. Prabhu Kiran

Multiple Choice questions & Clinical anatomy of Upper limb

Anatomy Mnemonics

Table of Common Anatomic Derivations

Applied Anatomy – Performance, learning and Knowledge – Dr.Hari singh

Lesson plan in Anatomy – Dr.V.K.chauhan

Need of Anatomy in undergraduate course – Dr.V.K.Chauhan

Objective structured practical exam in Anatomy – Dr.V.L.Patnakar

Educational objectives of Anatomy at UG level – Dr.Anwarul Haque.M.D

Embryology – an over view – Dr.Sarathchandran

Embryology and developmental stages in relation to disease progress – Dr.Anwarul Haque.M.D

Introduction to Human Anatomy – Dr.Chirag Tamboli

Educational objectives for Anatomy – Dr.Gautam Ash

Role of Anatomy in Understanding Health – Dr.V.K.Khanna

Anterior pituitary

Wrist and palm – Dr Pramod Kumar 


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