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ECG basic guidelines & interpretation

Module 1 ECG basics

Module 2 ECG – How to analyse the rhythm

Module III  Normal Sinus Rhythm

Module IV a – Sinus Rhythms and Premature Beats

Module IV b – Supraventricular and Ventricular Arrhythmias

Module IV c -AV Junctional Blocks

Module V – Acute Myocardial Infarction

Module VI – Advanced 12-Lead Interpretation

Module VII a – Reading 12-Lead ECG’s

Module VII b -Reading 12-Lead ECG’s

Heart sound, applied ECG and clinical application – Dr Jitin Rajan

ECG – the basics – Dr.Divya V K P

Electrocardiography – Dr.Rejikumar.R

ECG made easy – Dr.Arunkrishnan

ECGs – deciphering the funny rhythm – Dr.Amit Vora

ST segment elevation in ECG – a practical approach – Dr.K.U.Natarajan

ECH – A comprehensive approach – Dr.Satheesh Kumar

ECG – Dr.Jerald MD

Introduction to ECG

12 Lead ECGs: Bundle Branch Blocks & Hemiblocks – EMS Professions Temple College

Essentials of 12 Lead ECG Interpretation – EMS Professions Temple College

Electrophysiology and ECG Basics – Rate & Axis

Electrocardiography and the Prediction of VO2max From -Sub-max Data

ECG: understanding accelerated conduction – Dr. Krishnendu Maity

12 Lead ECGs: Axis Determination & Deviation – EMS Professions Temple College

Clinical ECG – Dr.Hemanth Das

12 Lead ECGs: Injury/Infarct Imposters – EMS Professions Temple College

What is ECG

ECG strips

Introduction to ECG – EMS Professions Temple College

ECG interpretation

EKG Self Study Guide

Jeru’s ECG

ECG simplified – Dr.V.S.Ampadi

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